The Darkest hour

I watched it back and came to the scene where Ben dies and I was sitting there and Vika yells out for him and I'm like why him, why not any of the others and then I had an idea. So here is what I think should have happened if he had lived.

"Ben," I scream as a light tendril comes toward me.

"Vika," he yells back looking up at me.

Taking off his gun he moves forward toward where I'm trapped.

"Vika come on," I hear him say as he reaches out and grab's my arm.

"Oh my God Ben," I whimper as I'm lead to the edge where I jump down beside Sean who stands there ready to get me and Ben.

Looking up as soon as I'm stable I see Ben reach for Sean's hand just as a tendril latches onto his ankle pulling him up and away from us.

Quickly I jumping onto the level that Ben's on and start shooting wildly at the creature as it drags Ben closer and closer to his death.

"Vika" he yells as I shoot one more time killing the creature just as Ben's about to disappear forever.

We all get up and run to him as the creature drops dead.

"I was so worried," I say latching onto him once Sean's pulled him up.

"I would do it all over again, to keep you safe," he whispers in my ear as I pull back.

"Thank you Ben, really," I say as he leans down and kiss's me softly, surprising us all.

"Come on we have to go," Natalie says to soon as we pull back.

Grabbing his hand I break into a run behind the others, and it's not long before we're outside.

"Nice shooting by the way," Ben says squeezing my hand.

"Thanks," I say smiling up at him as I pull him to a stop before kissing him.

"I could get used to this," he mutters smiling down at me before we continue on after the others.

Yes I know there is an age difference so please don't give me shit about it, I just thought that it would be sweet if this was how they ended up.