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Why am I wet? Everything hurts too… Am I bleeding somewhere? I should go to Shinra's…

"Um… flea… Izaya… Wake up."

Shizu-chan? What's he doing here?

"Wake up dame it!"

Izaya finally opened his eyes and saw a red face Shizuo, naked might I add. He looks down at see that he is naked too.

I remember Erika calling me; I went to the apartment, the needle, and then-

He looked at Shizuo with Determination in his eyes.

"Will You Help Me Kill Erika-chan?"


"What, WHY THE HELL NOT?!" Shizuo looked slightly to the side.

"Erika was here an hour ago to take the chains off… She showed me the tap…" He wouldn't look Izaya in the eye.

"You… She…" Their faces just kept getting darker and darker.

"Izaya, is what she said true?" Izaya visibly flinched.

"Depends on what she said…"

"She said that you like me." He flinched again

"I… Uh… I… Um…" Someone quietly knocks on the door.


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Shinra was standing outside Shizuo's apartment. Erika said that Shizuo needed to be treated for a wound, and that he should knock on the door before entering. He could hear some rustling, so he knew someone was awake.

"Who is it?" Shizuo sounds cautious, why?

"Shinra, Erika-chan called me." More rustling

"Okay let me get dress. I'll be out in a minute."

"Keep you wound uncovered!"

"Okay, I will!" Sound of a door opening and closing, but the rustling occurred again. A minute later Izaya opened the door for Shinra.


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"Izaya?! What are you doing here?"

Izaya just gave his trademark smirk, "Oh do come in! Make yourself at home! Shizu-chan will be out in a moment!" Before any questions could be asked Shizuo came out of his room.

"Izaya! Why did you let him in?"

"Leaving a guest outside is rude!" Shizuo just glared at him.

"Shizuo-kun, were you shot?" He nods his head. No… She wouldn't… Would she? Would Erika?


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Good thing that's done… I can't believe Erika was right… They're fucking… Shinra just shook his head as he walked back to his "Love Nest."


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"You swipe a pair of my pants, open my door, let someone into my house, and now he must think you're my toy! He's going to tell Celty you were here! I'll never be able to look at her with a straight face! Thanks a lot, flea!" Shizuo's face was down while his fist was up. Most likely tying to burn a hole in the floor.

"You're welcome Shizu-chan~!" Izaya trademark smirk was placed on his lips. The quietly walked up to Shizuo and hooked his arms around his neck. Placing his head at Shizuo's neck he kissed it.

Shizuo jumped at the sudden action. "Flea?"

"You saw the video, now you know." Izaya looked up at Shizuo's eyes. "Do you like me back?"

Shizuo's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Yeah… I think so…"

Izaya's smirk was replaced with a real smile. It only lasted a second, but Shizuo saw it.

Now to have some fun~ Izaya slapped Shizuo in the face. Jumping back a few feet as soon as Izaya did so.

"What the hell was that for?!" Shizuo's face twisted as he said this.

"Let's play tag!" Izaya grabbed his jacket and ran out his front door.


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Izaya was so happy when Shizuo chased him home.

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