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Kristen: do it.

RadioRebel01: no

Kristen: DO I SAY IT NOW.

RadioRebel101: Fine I don't own anything (breaks down into a ball and cry's)

Kristen: thank you that wasn't hard.

Mo's POV

I can't believe what I just saw, Olivia the shyest girl I know, popular how. I looked over at Stella and she looked just as confused but before I could say anything the bell rang and everyone started walking to the school. I fallowed um what's her name oh yea Layne to class and sat down next to her Clair and the band.

"Hey im PJ" said a voice from beside me breaking me from my thoughts.

I turned and saw a blond haired cute boy smiling at me: hey PJ im Mo so you go this school" I asked.

"No im from Colorado what about you" he asked smiling again making me smile.

"I go to Arizona" I answered.

"that's cool I never been there is it cool" he asked just as the pretty committee walked in laughing and talking and sat down right in front of us.

I taped on Olivia's shoulder and she turned around to see who it was and looked suddenly worried when she saw who it was.

She breathed in and smiled collecting herself "yes" she said smiling at me like we never meet.

"Hey Olivia" I said and her eyes flashed with panic and she looked around.

"Im sorry I think you got me mixed up with someone else my name is Kristin and I never saw you before in my life" Olivia said laughing before turning around again to talk to her friends.

I looked at Layne "Hey what are those girls name" I asked looking at her.

"oh the blind haired is Kristen, the red haired is Dylan, the brunet sitting next to Dylan is Massie, and the other brunets is Allissia" she said.

"Thanks" I said just as the teacher walked.


After school in front

I was waiting outside for mom when I saw a girl sitting on a bench alone that looked just like Teddy so I walked over to her.

"Hey" I said and she looked up as I sat down "what up sis" I asked looking at her as she looked panicked and looked Around before talking.

"What are you doing here "she hissed leaning closer making me confused.

"What do you mean" I asked as she grabbed her bag and stood up and left.

"Ok" I said as mom drove up.

I got into the car as Teddy walked past by us and mom opened the door and started talking to her.

Mom got back into the car and Teddy got in beside me looking angry out the window.

Wen's POV

It was after school and we were at the apartment just hanging out besides Olivia it was weird I swear I saw Olivia today in school but when Mo talked to her she said she was Kristen I pulled out of my thought to see the band staring at me "Hu what happened" I asked making them laugh.

"We were saying your name for like 10 minutes" laughed Stella.

"Sorry I was thinking about Olivia" I said making everyone smart at me "no I mean that Kristen Girl looked and sounded just like her" I added.

"Yea she did and when I said her name she looked panicked like I just found out some huge secret" said Mo thoughtfully.

"Well if my opinion count I think Kristen is Olivia acting as someone else at that school and when we came we foiled it" said Stella making us silent thinking.

"We need to talk to Olivia" we all said at the same time and grabbed our phones.

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