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Erika was standing in front of her apartment. Her entire apartment is full of hidden cameras. She was ready for her next wish. She had another set of condoms and lube. All she had to do was wait for her subjects. Having the doorbell ring made here jump for joy. She swung open the door and standing there was Walker and Dotachin.


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Dotachin was over Walker while Erika was watching. This was her other wish. She wanted to watch them make sweet yaoi, and they said that if they can do it they will. Walker opened his legs to give Dotachin more room to prep him. Dotachin needed to ask Erika what to do so he wouldn't hurt Walker.

"Uh… Erika, what do I do next…?" Dotachin was looking at anything but them.

"Hee hee I'll show you." She reached out, grabbed his hand, lathered his fingers up with the lube, and pushed his hand to Walker's hole.

"Go ahead Dotachin! Walker's waiting~!" Dotachin pushed in his first finger causing Walker to groan. Erika was giggling like the crazy fangirl she is. "Look for the spot that makes him mew!" Dotachin started twisted his finger around making Walker squirm. "No! Twist up! You'll find it if you twist up!"

"Ahh!" His back curled up. Erika started bouncing in her spot.

"You found it! Put in another finger and start scissoring!" Walker squirming turned into moaning in a matter of seconds. Dotachin didn't have to wait to be told by Erika to push in another finger. "Looks like you don't need my help anymore~!" Walker grabbed Dotachin hand and pulled out the fingers.

"Stop that. No more fingers." Erika tossed Dotachin the lube and he lathered himself up, picked up Walker's legs, placed them on his shoulders, and pushed in slowly. Walkers eyes widened, and his toes curled.

"It's tight! Walker, you okay?" Walker nodded and Dotachin pushed in deeper. He slowly pulled out and back in. He kept a slow steady pace as to not harm Walker.

"Damn it, faster Dotachin!" Walker was ready to start whining for the pace to quicken. Speeding up the pace, Dotachin was panting and Walker was moaning. The thrusts started grazing his prostate and the speed was doubled. The warmth in their stomach started to grow until each was calling the others name and releasing.

Erika looked proud of herself, she had seen wonderful yaoi, and she had video evidence of both times. She left her friends in the bliss of their afterglow, and headed to the computer to upload her creations. Today was a great day!

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