Title: Wounded

Author: Constance Truggle

Fandom: Buffy/Fast and the Furious

Rating: FR13

Pairing: early Dom/Buffy

Summary: Buffy was wounded, so Dom and Leon find out what Faith and Buffy really do.

Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or TF&TF.

Word Count: 1494

Author's Note: This takes place a couple of months after my fic Coincidence. And I still can't get The Fast and the Furious out of my head. Ah, well. I think my pizza delivery guy is weird. But nice.

Yes, I do like torturing Buffy. Why do you ask?

It had been one hell of day, Faith decided as she slammed on the brakes in front of the house., parking the wrong way on the street. Absently, she noted that Mia, Brian, Dom and Leon were on the porch, and Brian and Dom had both stood up. But she more important things to worry about – like the reason she left on her bike and returned with Buffy's car instead. She threw open the door, slipped out all eel-like, and yanked open the back door. With a soft grunt, she reached in and awkwardly pulled the bleeding blonde from the back seat. Before she knew it, two pairs of arms were taking Buffy from her, which was good. She needed to make a call.

"Just put her on the table!" she hollered as she dialed. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed the excessively stocked first aid kit while the phone rang and was ripping Buffy's shirt off her when it was answered.

"Wills, I think we need some mojo here."

"It's B. You remember pulling that bullet from her after that Warren prick shot her?" Dom and Brian both looked at her with tense, angry faces while Leon and Mia looked on in a more worried manner. Faith pressed some gauze tightly against the ragged hole in Buffy's torso.

"Yeah, she got shot. Also got stabbed and you know those ones with the poison claws?"

"No, the almost green ones... they've got a hard on for her like you wouldn't believe. So get your witchy ass here and help."

She snapped her phone closed and dropped it uncaringly. "Bri, you wanna grab that orange bottle from the kit? And then you might wanna take a step back. Willow doesn't always care where she lands."

The guys moved back just in time as a green thing started to swirl in the middle of the air next to Faith, who was busy pouring whatever was in the bottle onto some marks that looked like they came from claws. Soon enough, the green swirly thing was big enough and a red head emerged from it. It closed to a pinprick, then actually gave off a pop! when it disappeared. Even Faith stepped back when the new girl's hair turned white while her eyes turned a nasty black, and she thrust a hand out over Buffy's body. She said something that was lost in a rush of sound and suddenly the bullet was hovering over the blonde. She carried another orange bottle with her and she poured that over the open wound and it began to bubble much like peroxide, but it also started to close from the inside out.

Everyone bar Faith was staring at the phenomenon happening in front of them while the dark slayer herself was threading a needle for suturing. The leg of Buffy's pants were torn off to expose the deep wound in her leg, the hilt of a knife still protruding from it. At some hidden signal, Faith pulled the knife free with a squelching sound and Willow poured more orange-bottle-medicine into it. Faith set to with the sutures, stitching her friend back together in her leg and her torso.

When Buffy was finally settled in her room – Dom insisted on carrying her upstairs – everyone settled into the living room.

"Hey, Brian," Willow gave a little wave.

"Hey, Wills. How are you?" he asked, so nonchalantly that both Torettos and Leon were gaping at him.

"What the hell, Brian? Your sister comes in mauled to hell, gets some kind of home surgery that is so instinctual that it's got to have been done many times before, and all you can say is how are you?" Dom exploded.

"Well, yeah. Trust me, Dom. This is nothing, and I bet Faith wouldn't have even worried if it wasn't for the bullet. Right Faith?"

"Nah, Goldilocks. The poisoned claws were way more wigsome. Those things can do some serious damage if the cuts aren't taken care of."

"And then there's the chick walking out of some- some portal and nobody blinks a fucking eye at it! What the hell is going on here?" Dom carried on as if Brian and Faith hadn't said anything.

"Chill, D. B's gonna be just fine, the portal is a normal thing around here," Faith started, then turned to Willow, "although I expected you to 'port in..."

"I was too upset. Didn't want to land somewhere bad. Like the rooftop."

"Gotcha." Faith turned back to Dom, "And besides, you were gonna learn that magic was real one of these days." She finished this little revelation off with a smirk.

"Be nice, Faith. Not everyone handles the supernatural well. I know Buffy threw a tantrum when her first Watcher told her she was the slayer." Willow's voice dropped to a stage whisper here, "I even heard she missed the heart the first time."

Faith snickered and Brian shook his head while rolling his eyes.

"What do you think, Leon?" he asked the quieter man.

"Shit's normal enough. You see some shit when you race, and you see some shit when you make the mistake of visiting a grave at night."

Faith grinned. "Remind me to take you out on patrol, Slim," she said. "Slaying's got side effects, after all, and I'm sure you can help with at least one."

Willow blushed red while Leon asked what these side effects were.

"Well, you know how it is. Go out, slay a few vamps, get into a good rough and tumble with a demon or two... works up a girl's appetites."

Mia made the mistake of asking for clarification. "Appetites?" There was emphasis on the plurality of it.

"Mmm... food and sex is all a slayer needs to keep her happy after a good night out."

"For the love of God, Faith! I don't need to hear shit like that about my sister!" Because, yeah. Brian connected slaying with slayer with Faith and Buffy. And it was not what he needed to know. But the speculative look on Dom's face was an interesting sight for the women. Even Mia giggled at it.

"You knew about this, Mia?" Dom asked softly.

"Yeah. I've known since Buffy saved me from a vampire one night after a late class we had. Been friends ever since."

"You know, that happens a lot with Buff. I mean, she saves you and bam! You're friends. Or, you know, you run away and deny it ever happened, and then pretend that Buff's invisible." Willow noticed the looks she was getting. "What? It's happened. I met Buffy the same way. She saved me from a vamp, and we were instant friends. But I've seen her save other people and they just ignore the supernatural like if they don't believe in it, it doesn't exist or something."

"'S true. Most people ignore what they see because it's easier for them," Faith concurred.

"Sunnydale Syndrome," came a voice from the top of the stairs. Dom was halfway up them before anybody else had even noticed he moved. Buffy gave a long suffering sigh, but let him carry her down and settle her on the couch next to him.

"You okay, babe?" he asked, and the endearment made her smile slightly. They hadn't gotten much beyond a few kisses yet, so it was nice to hear him add that layer to their relationship. Whatever their relationship consisted of at the moment.

"Yeah. Well, I will be, once I've healed all the way. Hey, Wills."

"Hey, Buff. Nice of you to join us."

"Yeah. Nasty shit, that poison. You got it all?"

"Faith did. And the stitches have to stay in overnight. No taking them out because they're itching. You have to leave them in at least twelve hours, 'kay?"

Buffy's smile got progressively wider. "Yes, Mom."

Faith and the guys snickered, and Buffy leaned back against Dom, drifting in and out as they talked. Willow and Faith demonstrated magic and a slayer's more basic abilities along with pulling out a couple of tomes on demon lore for Dom and Leon to begin understanding. The matter of fact way that Brian, Mia, Faith and Willow treated everything also helped. They didn't let the guys even start to freak out, although Leon apparently had a passing knowledge of it, too. When Willow got up to leave, calmer now so able to teleport herself this time, she grinned at Faith.

"Tell Buffy I need vicarious smoochies," she said.

"Woah, Red! Thinking of switching sides?" Faith asked.

"Hey now, missy! I'm gay, not blind!" With that pronouncement, Willow disappeared, leaving Dom to feel like he just dodged a bullet of his own.