Summary: James Potter was the Man-Who-Lived-Twice, vanquisher of Voldemort. However, when he finally killed Voldemort, the main soul piece didn't die - it went into his unborn daughter, Adelaide, making her of his bloodline. Upon discovery of this, Lily and James are disgusted, and Dumbledore suggests Petunia and her husband taking her in. They treat her the same as they treated Harry in canon, and she lives a bitter ten years of life before she receives her Hogwarts letter. Sorted into Slytherin, and slandered by the Daily Prophet when they discover her to be of Voldemort's blood, Adelaide starts going in the exact direction they thought she would. With the Light side driving her further away, and the ones still loyal to the Dark wanting her to lead them, will Adelaide betray the family that betrayed her first? Or, will she honor her new family, and create an uprising more successful than the last?

Midnight Venom here, previously Levina101. This is my absolutely best story, and I'm gonna rewrite it just a bit! :) It'll be back up and running hopefully really soon. :D Love you, loyal readers!