They work together as a team.

As sky and water do the same.

Flyer and swimmer coming to terms of who and what they are.

Cooro, the eyes of the sky.

Husky, the body of water.

Eyes of night and day work as one, to bring the world in order.

"Husky? You up?"

"What is it this time?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"You already did."

"No, something else."


"No matter what, Husky, will we always be friends?"

Water and sky, forever friends, forever lasting.

"Nothing has made you think otherwise?"


"Then good back to sleep."


Water and sky, different in many ways.

But similar just the same.

It is how a friendship works.

Being different is an likeness that never goes away.

Yin and Yang,

Got nothing on,

Water and Sky.