He didn't expect to get this offer.

Coming over to Satordi's he knocked, soon entering and heading right to the music room.

"Satordi," he saw his friend playing on the harpsichord, "you will not believe what has happened."

Satordi stood, "What happened?"

Didier sighed nervously, "Remember the opera?"

Satordi made a face, "Of course, Didier. How could I forget?"

He handed Satordi the letter, "Some men from Paris came on the third night and came every night afterward," Satordi took the letter, "They are offering me a job."

Satordi was speechless. He looked up, "As a composer?"

"And as a performer," Didier shrugged, "It pays wonderfully, but I-"

"Take it," Satordi handed the letter back to him.

Didier cocked an eyebrow, "What?"

Satordi grinned, "Didier, you are young man with a talent that people would kill for. You are a gift sent from God…and you shouldn't spend all of it in Blois.

"Go to Paris, live your life, and be the success you were meant to be," he placed his hand on Didier's shoulder, "Your destiny awaits."

Crying, Didier pulled Satordi into his grasp, hugging his true friend.

Yes, envy seeped into Satordi's veins. Yes, he wished he had been offered this marvelous position. Yes, he would murder to have Didier's success…

But something about this young man stopped him.

Something about this young man forbad him.

Something about this young man changed him.

And whatever it was, it made him change as a man.

He would always be jealous, but he would not let it get the better of him…

And that was different.

That is what Didier changed.

Satordi had changed Didier as well.

Years of being flaunted and adored no one had ever dared to challenge him in his life. No one wanted to see him make a mistake, for if he did, they would be crushed, and he would no longer be god's gift.

Satordi showed him, through helping him with music and with Princess Helene…

That he is only human.

Musicians aren't perfect.

But, everyone presumed Didier was…

All except Satordi.

The hug disbanded, the two smiling at each other.

There was a knock on the door and Satordi answered while Didier wiped his eyes, "Oui?"

The servant came in, "Monsieur, Madam Aubreé is at the door."

"Aubreé?" Satordi questioned, "Bring her in!"

The servant nodded and headed out of the music room, Didier taking his letter.

"I am to leave by Monday," Didier said, "I shall see you before then?"

"Of course." Satordi smiled. Didier smiled back and kissed Aubreé's hand as he passed her on his way out.

"Aubreé," Satordi closed the door to the music room, "What a pleasant surprise."

"I knew I would be," she said, "I always am."

He smiled, "And on what special occasion do I owe this surprise to?"

She smiled. Coming closer to him her eyes reflected flawlessly off the light from the window. Her hand touched his cheek, soon her lips on his cheek, and then they were on his lips.

Wrapping his arms gently around her waist the gentlemen had been waiting for this. He had been in love with Aubreé from the moment he saw her.

Pulling her closer her hand left his cheek and they simply remained together, their lips pressed.

They separated, their noses touching.

He was flattered, "Aubreé…"

Her hand felt the powder on his face, "You are a wonderful man, Satordi," she looked at the clock, "I must part for my vocal lesson, but I shall see you this evening."

He was confused, "This evening?"

She opened the door, stopping to turn back at him and smile, "That wasn't a question."

Closing the door behind her, all three of them saw wonderful days ahead.