Sabione flicked her jet black hair over her shoulder before pressing her ear to the decorative and luxurious wallpaper of her house in London. She could hear the voices of her parents seep through the wall and held her breath to listen. The voices remained muffled, and she strained her ear further to figure out what her Mother was yelling about. After remaining like this for several heart beats she pushed away from the wall and huffed lightly. She often thought that her parent's cast a spell when they wanted to argue that would allow them to be heard but never understood. Sabione folded her arms and turned to leave the tastefully decorated dining room. She floated through the house with the practised ease of a child who knew that they were there to be seen and not heard. She approached the stairway leading to the safety of her bedroom but as she rounded the corner she was met with the unwelcome site of her towering older brother, Louis.

"Shaming your status with a little s-s-ssnooping are we?" She said nothing and Louis raised an eyebrow; "S-s-s-sabione?" Sabione grimaced as if the voice had covered her in a vile and stinking mucous. Louis never failed to talk down to her, even outside of her lessons he was loathsome. He loved to mock her stutter as well, knowing it made it more pronounced.

"You know," Sabione began tempestuously, "every t-time I see someone doing what you believe to be "proper" I want to get sss-sick." She didn't think she could have stopped herself saying it even if she had tried. She had reached max capacity and had voiced her thoughts, it was a natural human response beyond her control. Still, she felt awash with regret and terror as Louis's eyes narrowed.

"Louis, I…" Sabione began to attempt to defuse the situation but the phrase was like the flip of a switch and there was no turning back. Somewhere in a distant part of the house her Mothers voice had reached fever pitch as Louis gave Sabione a look that made her blood run cold and her words stick in her throat.

She never did apologize that night, and she never would.