Sabione had left Sirius dancing in the dark for months more, but one day, once everything with Remus and Marlene had settled down, and even Lily and James had reached an unhappy accord. Sabione saw something. Sirius was out by the lake, on his own. It was the last day of term, during that weird limbo between the end of exams and the beginning of Summer. It was almost warm out but it was shaping up to be a pretty shitty sunny season. Sirius didn't seem to mind though as he dipped his feet in the icy waters of the great lake. His head was in his hands. She was shocked at herself but she actually wanted to approach him. So she let herself.

"You're crying." She hadn't meant to say it like that but she had been surprised. She was surprised further when he smiled up at her.

"I know," he replied. She frowned. He gestured for her to join him and, God help her, she did.

"Is everything alright?" She asked and she noticed there was a piece of parchment rested on the grass beside him.

"Sort of." He passed her the parchment. She read it.

"Oh." Sirius's Uncle Alphard had died and he had left a sizable estate behind for Sirius. "I'm ss-sorry." He shrugged.

"He did it so I can leave my parents for good."

"What?" she asked, she had heard him perfectly well. Suddenly his smile was radiant in the icy, new, Summer sun.

"I can leave. It's over. All of their rubbish, trying to marry me off, trying to get me to join that murderers cult. It's going to be okay. Look at the letter. Alphard says it. He says 'It's going to be okay.'" She did look, there it was. She returned the letter to Sirius and he traced his fingers over the words reverently. "I'm gonna miss him." then he was crying in earnest and she thought he had never been so attractive as he was in that moment. This was Sirius. Poor, young, raw caring Sirius. If only he could be like this more often, talk to her like she was an actual person. Little did she know that from that point onward he would. It wasn't like when he'd cried over Bellatrix's cruelty and then returned to form. It was like all those glimpses of his hidden depths, he let her dive in, and she let him surround her.

No more undue out of control adulation or drama. He just started to act himself around her and she liked it. She liked him.