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Chapter 24


Six weeks after the Last Battle of Geonosis

Admiral Nechayev strood into the small meeting room in the main Senate building. She was to meet with various Senators and the Chancellor to formalize the Federation/Republic Treaty. As she walked in she saw several other Starfleet officers and some Klingon officers as well. They were speaking with Senators and Jedi. Captain Picard spotted her and waved her over.

"Admiral Nechayev, this is Master Windu. We were just discussing the future of the Jedi order and the Galactic Republic's military." said Picard

"I see." she replied

"Captain Picard has suggested that we progress from a Clone Army to an all-volunteer military. I do prefer that idea to leading genetically engineered troops. The fact that they had a command to essentially execute the Jedi Order implanted in them speaks of their vulnerability." said Windu

"I agree. I know of several Starfleet officers who expressed misgivings about serving with the Clone army." replied Nechayev

"Since the Jedi served as senior officers in the Republic Army, I have also suggested that the Republic establish an officer academy for permanent officers. I know the Jedi are...uncomfortable in a military role. The Jedi will now serve as a reserve officer corps. The younger Padawans will serve some time in the army to get experience then return to the Jedi Temple for further training." Picard continued

"Speaking of training how is Anakin doing?" asked Windu

"He's doing well. He will begin Academy classes in a month. His application was accepted almost immediately. His wife Padme' has been assigned as Republic Ambassador to the Federation." replied Picard

"What is his major?" asked Windu

"Starship Engineering and Design. Once he graduates he'll probably be assigned to either a design team or an actual starship. And because of his experience as a Jedi and military commander he'll probably graduate a rank or two above Ensign." replied Picard

"That's good news. I believe he will do well in Starfleet." said Windu.

Chancellor Organa approached the group from behind. "Admiral, Captain, Master Windu, how have you been?" he asked

"I've been well Chancellor thank you. Now that the war is over, the only enemy I have is paperwork..." Nechayev said with a smile.

"You think it's bad as an Admiral? Try being a Head of State." the Chancellor replied with a chuckle.

"With a formal treaty between our governments. Technology trading can begin in earnest. Especially along the Outer Rim." said Nechayev.

"Speaking of the Outer Rim, Several Senators from Outer Rim worlds have come to me expressing a desire to enter the Federation." said the Chancellor

"I hadn't heard that." replied the Admiral

"Yes, several worlds have expressed...displeasure with the Republic's ability to safeguard their planets. They feel Starfleet and the Federation will do a better job." said Organa.

"I'll have to look into the situation, it could strain relations between our governments." said Nechayev.

"I don't think so. Our governments are too close to get all riled up about something like that. In fact, the Outer Rim is so poor that it might be good for those worlds to join the Federation. With Starfleet assistance we can crack down on piracy in the Outer Rim where it is prevalent." said the Chancellor

"Starfleet is certainly willing to help with pirate problems." said Picard.

"Before the war began the Republic had several projects aimed at exploring the unknown parts of the Galaxy. As explorers, I'm sure Starfleet is eager to explore those areas as well." said the Chancellor.

"Indeed, several ships have been assigned to explore the edges of the 'Unknown regions'. said Nechayev

"Any word on that starship you lost in the badlands? what was it called...Voyager?" asked the Chancellor

"No, no word as of yet, though we have ships searching for it." replied Nechayev.

"If you need any assistance, I'm sure the Jedi would be willing to assist." said the Chancellor

"Indeed Admiral, I will look into assigning a Jedi to assist your recovery efforts." said Master Windu

"Thank you Master Windu. It's much appreciated." replied Nechayev.

The time came for the delegates to be seated and the document was passed around. Each of the delegates signed the document cementing diplomatic relations between the Republic and the Federation.

Admiral Alynna Nechayev (Starfleet)

Captain Jean-luc Picard (Starfleet)

Chancellor Bail Organa (Republic)

Commander Cody (Republic Army)

Mace Windu (Jedi Order)

Obi-wan Kenobi (Jedi Order)