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Chapter 1: Long Day…-

"You guys up for a beer?" Callen asked the team. They had just closed up a tough case and everyone was a little worse for wear. Sam had a bullet graze, a car had hit Callen, Deeks was sporting a black eye, and Kensi cracked her ribs, plus everyone had a few new bruises.

Sam imminently agreed to a drink. Deeks also agreed, "Why not? Kens?"

Kensi shook her head. "No thanks. I have a date with an ice pack and some bad TV. See you guys tomorrow." And she walked out of the bullpen. The rest of the guys shrugged and made their way to the bar.

Kensi winced as she sat down in her SRX. She had sworn up and down to Deeks that she was fine, that she had only bruised her ribs. Although judging from the throbbing radiating from her chest, she had re-cracked the ribs the bullet had. Thinking about the shooting caused her old wounds to flare with a phantom pain. She rubbed her scars, remembering. Kensi shook her head to get rid of the painful memories. She had a bad enough day, without thinking about her shooting.

She turned the key and focused on driving home. Walking inside her apartment Kensi made a mental note to clean. When her ribs throbbed again she added, once she felt better. Though with her job that was something rarity.

Kensi walked into her kitchen for some medical supplies. She grabbed some ibuprofen from the cupboard and dry swallowed them. Kensi then pulled an ice pack out of her freezer and poured herself a generous glass of red wine.

"God." Kensi mumbled when she sat down on her couch. She felt as though she had been hit by a car but not today I wasn't, she though wryly. The thought of a hot bath passed through her head but she was honestly too tired and too sore to move. So she just pulled a blanket over herself and turned on the TV. Top Model, perfect to forget a day of troubles.

As many of her night's home, Kensi's mind wandered to Deeks. Her biggest fear was that another man in her life would just up and leave. Yet deep down she knew that Deeks would never do that – at least not willingly. He had stayed every night for months until she got up on her feet after the shooting. He refrained from making a dirty joke when she needed help getting undressed. He cooked meals for her and he even cleaned up the apartment.

Her mind strayed to that one morning…

Kensi rolled out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen. She poured herself a cup of coffee and looked around the room. Where was Deeks? If he were there he would have made a comment on her messy bun or the fact that she was once again wearing nothing but his shirt. Then she noticed the note on the counter, written in Deeks' scrawl.

"Hey Fern, just went out to catch some waves. Be back soon. Deeks x"

Kensi smiled at the little 'x' at the end of the note. She pretended that it didn't send shivers down her spine. Okay so Deeks was at the beach. Kensi got dressed quickly, in a pair of jean shorts and a yellow crop top. She told herself it was because it was the fastest thing but honestly, now her chest bandages were off, and she could go back to getting a reaction out of Deeks.

Kensi locked her apartment door and walked down to the beach. She kicked off her shoes when she reached the sand and smiled. Sometimes she didn't appreciate the little things in life – like the feeling of sand on bare feet. A bark drew Kensi from her thoughts.

"Hey boy." She said as she pet Monty. "Where's your daddy?" Kensi looked up from Monty towards the waves. A blonde head stuck out of the water and unconsciously she smiled.

Deeks saw Kensi waiting for him on the beach and grinned. He caught his last wave and rode it into the beach. Kensi stood up and Deeks' mouth went dry at the sight of her. Kensi's shorts displayed her long legs and her top rode up, showing off her tanned stomach.

When Deeks came out of the water it was Kensi's turn for her mouth to go dry. She knew that Deeks was ripped but this was something on a whole new level. She looked appreciatively at his golden abs, watching water droplets slid down his chest –

Kensi shook her head. This wasn't the first time she thought about that day. When she dreamt about it, the dream didn't stop at Deeks coming out of the water but instead went much farther. Like not for under 18 farther. She shouldn't be having these thoughts about her partner! But after seeing the caring side of Deeks when she was shot, she couldn't get him out of her mind!

Kensi checked her father's watch and realized that it was nearing midnight. As capable of surviving on little sleep as she was, she did need some. So she swallowed the rest of her wine and pulled herself off the couch.

As always, she went through a perimeter check. She put the deadbolt on the door, checked all the windows and then shuffled to her bedroom. Only taking the time too pull her jeans off, she then succumbed to sleep.

Deeks never had been particularly close to Callen or Sam. Callen was a lone wolf and Sam was a team mam so they balanced each other out, it was because of this that they were a very closed off group. However after the past few years of working with the team, after having Kensi's back – who was really like their little sister – they had come to accept him.

After their last case the guys went out for drinks to relax and they were now all a little tipsy. Not drunk by any means – all undercover cops knew that getting truly wasted in public could mean bad things – but they were certainly friendlier then before. Joking, laughing, and singing a horrible rendition of whatever song was playing, the men had no worries. And when they called it a night, still humming that song under their breath, none of them knew what was currently happening only a few blocks away.

A large man, nothing more that a silhouette in the dark, looked around and bent down on one knee in front of the door. There was a glint of silver as her took something out of his pocket and then he got to work.

After years of being an agent Kensi was trained to awake at the slightest sound. It wasn't always the greatest – many nights she was startled awake by motorcycles driving past or dogs barking – but some nights, being a light sleeper saved her life. It was a little after 3 in the morning when Kensi was woken up by a familiar sound, someone was picking her lock. And by the sound of it, not very good.

The thought to alert Deeks – the team (she really had to stop doing that!) passed through her head. But Kensi was able to deal with an armature robber by herself. So she grabbed her gun and crept out of her room.

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