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Previously in Knight in Shining… Wetsuits:

Kensi wasn't ever called a optimist. If anything Deeks called her a pessimist, always looking on the down side. And right now she wasn't seeing the silver lining on any of this. She was basically naked, no one knew where she was at the moment, she had a large cut on her forearm that surely needed stiches, a rather nasty bump on the back of her head that was making her vision swim, the blood loss from her multiple other cuts certainly weren't helping make the room stop spinning, and her shoulders were screaming at her in agony. For once Kensi acknowledged that she needed a hospital and that was saying something…

And Deeks, poor Deeks. He was probably beating himself up non-stop because he thought that her getting kidnapped was his fault. She would set him straight once she got free.

That was if she got free.

Chapter 9: Good Boys Gone Bad –

Ops didn't have windows. They were covered to make the room dark on account of the amount of computers. Time after time Eric lost track of time, letting the hours slip until he really had to pee. Sadly that was the only reason he left that room a good majority of the time.

Today Eric wasn't letting time slip by. Oh he hadn't left Ops in at least 24 hours but the entire time he had his eye on the clock silently ticking down on the corner of one of his screens. Statistics of missing persons and the probability of finding them were flashing through his mind.

But the thing in the forefront of his mind, the thing that was the reason he couldn't eat or sleep, was one thought. Or rather one promise. A promise to not let this turn out like it did with Dom. Eric would be damned if Kensi was missing for the same amount of time Dom was and there was no way in hell she was going to be shot during her rescue mission.

Everyone had been devastated when Dom went missing. He was a green agent and to them, almost like a little brother. However cruel it may sound, Eric knew that it would be different if the same thing were to happen to Kensi. Kensi was for sure the little sister of the team. Callen and Sam teased her all the time but when it came down to it they would take a bullet for her and they would shoot multiple for her. Both of them also owed their life to Kensi for at times, she had the gentlest touch of the team. Eric knew they would beat themselves up because of what happened.

Hetty was famously without family – her team was her family. So Kensi was like the daughter that she never had (or possibly had… Hetty was quite tight lipped about her past). Like every other agent on the team, Kensi had been found, acquired, and trained by Hetty. When she was a green agent in the FBI she caught Hetty's eye and it was a done deal after that. Hetty reacted badly to every team member she lost and Eric knew this would be no different. She would probably try to resign again, causing Callen to pick pocket the director of NCIS again.

Eric knew that both he and Nell would also react badly. All day everyday they stayed up in Ops watching everything play out on little electronic screens. Because of their jobs, Nell and Eric had to lie to basically everyone they knew. Their team was the only ones who knew the truth. Nell and Eric, lost nerds who, after years of hell and mocking, finally found a place. Kensi was like a sister to Eric, always giving the right advice and constantly trying to help him with his love life. For a second Eric entertained the notion that Kensi would never get to hear about him and Nell going out (something that he was going to do – if he ever found the courage, like Kensi was so often telling him to do). He shook his head of that thought.

However the main reason that Eric knew Kensi being missing for a long time would break the team was Deeks. It had only been a day and honestly Deeks looked like complete and total crap. Eric could only imagine what Deeks must be feeling. The "thing" between Kensi and Deeks was famous in the office. Everyone knew about it even though the two involved denied it with everything they had. Eric knew the way Deeks felt about Kensi was the same as how he felt about Nell. Suddenly even more pity went through him. He really couldn't imagine how Deeks was feeling… If something like this happened to Nell – Eric didn't even want to think about.

Knowing what Kensi meant to the team, Eric was renewed in his search. Nothing was going to make him leave this room without information, no matter how badly he had to pee.

As usual, to get anything solid Eric had to sift through a whole lot of nothing. While he was doing this he shuddered numerous times realizing how much effort Deccan must have put into his plan to get revenge on Deeks.

It took 4 hours, 2 Advil, and a raging headache before Eric possibly found something. The new information revitalized Eric (something that rarely happened without at least 3 doses of caffeine). He raced outside and almost skid to a stop. Damn that sun was bright, especially when he hadn't seen it for a day. But he raced on, reaching the stairway and letting go a loud whistle.

Callen and Sam looked up from their computers and Deeks looked up from his hands. Once again Eric realized how hard this had hit Deeks. But when they realized that the whistle meant information they ran up the stairs with Eric on their heels.

"What do you got Eric. And tell me you got something and didn't just whistle to get us out of the bullpen."

Eric looked insulted for a few seconds before moving on to the more important things. "I didn't notice it at first because it seemed so unimportant. After all what was unusual about Deccan having a slight addiction to Sal's Pizza. I imagine that his diet wasn't the best in prison so it wasn't that surprising that he had an addiction to foods filled with saturated fats. I also imagine that he wasn't that conscious of his cholesterol levels –"

"Eric, you're rambling. Get to the point please."

Eric cleared his throat. "Right, sorry! See I went through every number Deccan called and it appeared that they all checked out. But after getting no hits on Deccan and Kaleidoscope still working on finding what vehicle Deccan took Kensi in, I was getting desperate. So I checked a little deeper into the numbers Deccan called, starting with the ones most often called. A lot of dead ends but I hit jackpot at the pizza place. At first glace, hell at second and third glance, it appears to be a legitimate business."

"But it's not?" Sam asked.

Eric smiled (kind of) and answered "Oh it is. At least it is as close to a real business as a fake business can be. It's run by Sal Monroe who I have happened to trace back to Deccan's days of moving Mexican girls cross boarders. Sal was a low worker who tried to get out and apparently succeeded… On paper. I think that Deccan was calling for something other than a double cheese, double mushroom."

Deeks looked confused. There was no way that it was that easy. Could Sal be the key for finding Kensi? And the question of how Deccan knew where Kensi lived still hadn't been answered.

Eric saw the look on Deeks' face and continued speaking. "I know you guys are thinking how could Deccan have let this be found. The answer is it almost wasn't. I couldn't trace the video because it was bouncing off too many proxy servers and it ended before I could follow them all. And he thought that this little tidbit of information was hidden. The backstopping on this place was almost rivaling ours. I had to go deeper than I ever have before to find out that it wasn't real. I don't want to sound like I am bragging but if it were any one else looking they would not have found it."

Callen and Sam turned towards the door but stopped when they heard Nell speak.

"I got something for you guys too. We know Deccan had Kensi's name so I have found that he hacked into the DMV records and got Kensi's address off the servers. Unfortunately NCIS requires all agents to have a driver's license that is all true – fake addresses or aliases… The server is supposed to be secure but we know how that usually turns out."

Hetty appeared behind Sam and everyone but Callen jumped at the sound of her voice. "Gentlemen please go talk to Mr. Monroe. Mr. Beale, Ms. Jones, look into properties that Mr. Monroe owns and also keep looking for a vehicle near Ms. Blye's apartment during the time of the abduction. And team? We will bring Kensi home."

The three guys nodded and went off to have a talk with possibly the only person who could lead them to Kensi.

Sal Monroe was in the back room of his house drinking some Smirnoff and watching the International Poker Championship – in his boxers. To say he was surprised when three armed men broke through his door would be an understatement. He shot up in the air knocking over the bottle of vodka.

"What the hell man?"

Callen pushed the pieces of broken glass with his toe. "Drinking from the bottle at this time in the morning? Classy."

"Whatever your accusing me of, I didn't do it."

"That sounds a little suspicious. That sounds a little suspicious doesn't it Deeks?" Sam asked.

"I think it does Sam." And then Deeks continued his role of most intimidating interrogator by leaning really close. "This is how it's going to go Sal. I'm going to ask a question and you're going to give me a straight answer, no bullshit."

"And why would I do that?"
"Because I have had a really shitty day and you do not want to try me right now."

Who knows what it might have been. It could have been the tone in his voice or the gleam in his eye. But something Sal saw in Deeks made him crumble with almost no resistance. "Fine, what's the question?"

"Tyler Deccan."

Sal gulped. "That wasn't a question."

Deeks glared at Sal. "What did I say? Do. Not. Test. Me."

Sal glanced around and saw Deeks reaching for his gun. He knew that while this guy may have been a cop (the shield on his belt said as much) he would not hesitate to kill Sal if given the chance.

"Fine, fine, don't shoot! I'll tell you everything that I know."

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