A Mother's Joy

AN: This is my first fic! And any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated. It's Michellie, although I do ship both Blellie and Michellie. Enjoy!

Nellie Paced Back and forth looking at the cool tile. She never thought that she would be waiting for the longest five minutes of her life at twenty years old! In five minutes Nellie's world could come crashing down. In five minutes Nellie's life could drastically change. "DING!" The kitchen timer sounded.

Nellie drew in a shaky breath as she walked over to the stick. She squeezed her eyes tight and counted to three. Once her eyes opened tears immediately spilled out. The seventh positive test! Nellie fell; she curled into a ball and cried for a good ten minutes.

Oh no what about Michael? Nellie thought. He just turned nineteen! Not only am I ruining my life I'm ruining his! What will he think? Nellie didn't know what to do. She walked into their shared bedroom and laid on the bed waiting for Michael.

"Hey Nell, I'm home!" Michael greeted as he walked into their shared apartment. Michael didn't get an answer. He walked into the kitchen but stopped dead in his tracks. Seven positive pregnancy tests? Michael picked them up and went to their room. He saw Nellie lying on the bed looking at the ceiling. "What the hell are these?" Michael questioned. Nellie looked up blankly.

"Mike, I'm so sorry, please don't hate me!" Nellie choked between sobs.

"Oh Nellie, don't cry! I could never hate you!" Michael whispered in her ear.

"Michael I just ruined our lives! Our singing careers are just starting out. Plus our parents, oh no, our pare-," Michael cut her off with a gentle kiss.

"You could never ruin my life Nellie, I am more than happy!" Michael replied.

" Really?" Nellie asked unbelievably shocked he was happy.

" Most definitely," Michael answered adding another sweet kiss.

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