A Mother's Joy

AN: So this is chapter two! I just realized how short chapter one was; I'll try to make this one longer. I hope you enjoy

Michael and Nellie lay in their bed and just held each other. Michael's phone buzzed with a text from Blake. From Blake: ON MY WAY BRO, YOU AND NELL BETTER NOT BE UP TO ANYTHING ;). Michael couldn't help but laugh at his best friends' way of putting things. "What's so funny?" Nellie asked. It was the first time she spoke in recent time.

"It's Blake, he's on his way. We better be out in the living room by the time he barges in," Michael replied. Nellie giggled and followed his lead to the living room. To their surprise Blake was already stretched out on the couch. Nellie and Michael's apartment was just like his own apartment.

"It took you long enough to put your clothes on!" Blake exclaimed sarcastically.

"We weren't doing that!" Michael answered irritated.

"Whatever you say, hey I'm going to use the restroom," Blake stated.

"You have to use the master bathroom, the guest one is broken!" Nellie yelled down the hall. Michael looked up at Nellie.

"Nell, the tests are in the bedroom!" Michael whisper yelled. Her eyes got wide with fear as she stood up. Nellie ran down the hall to the bedroom. She yanked open the door and saw a horrible sight. Blake was holding the pregnancy tests!

"What's going on!?" Blake inquired with a hint of a growl. Nellie was like his sister. A sister who was knocked up by… by… his… best friend! "I'm going to kill Michael! Doesn't he know how to use protection?!"

"Blake Please don't!" Nellie yelled. Tears were already starting to leak. To her surprise Blake engulfed her in a hug.

A few seconds later Michael got worried. He made his way to the bedroom, and saw Blake hugging Nellie. As soon as Blake caught sight of him he detached himself from Nellie. Blake charged to him. "What the hell man! Didn't you learn to use protection in health class!?" Blake hollered.

"Blake! It takes two to make a baby!" Nellie retorted. That was true. Blake backed away from Michael and made his way into the living room. Nellie and Michael following close behind. They all sat down on the couch with an awkward silence.

"Sorry Michael, it just kind of pissed me off that you got Nellie pregnant. She's like my sister!" Blake said in calm, yet worried tone. "What's going to happen?" Michael and Nellie looked at each other with an equally worried expression.

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