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It is about the winx clubs kids.

Cameron(Short blond hair blue eyes and new keeper of the dragon fire son of Sky and Bloom)

Crystal(Long blond hair with hazel eyes power of the sun and the moon daughter of Stella and Brandon)

Ryan(Short brown hair and brown eyes power of water son of Layla and Nabu)

Lilly(Long light brown hair and green eyes power of nature daughter of Flora and Helia)

Liam(Short medium blond hair and hazel eyes power of technology son of Tecna and Timmy)

Violet(Long blue hair with dark brown eyes the power of music daughter of Musa and Riven)

It dose mention the winx as well but mostly their kids.

Chapter 1

Just another day at school

Many years have past and the winx are all grown up but this story is not about them this story is about there kids.

It was Friday the 5th of October, Crystal's 17th Birthday. She awoke to the sun shining brightly on her beautiful face even though it was her birthday she wasn't to excited.

"Good morning princess happy birthday ," Said one of the maids who worked at the royal palace

"Good morning," she replied as she made her way down to the dinning room. The whole palace had been decorated because tonight she was having a ball to celebrate everyone her parents new were going to be there, that made her a little nervous.

"Hello darling did you sleep alright?" asked her mother.

"Yes mom," replied Crystal

"And did you pick out you out fit for tonight?"

"Yes mom,"

"Did you do your homework?"


Most mornings started out this way, her mother would ask a load of questions and she would just say yes to all. She finished her breakfast and left for school.

To get to her school she had to walk through a forest but it didn't scare her anymore it did when she was younger though, every night she used t hear strange noise's coming form the forest and once she saw a dark figure in the forest, but now she thought it was amazing. The trees leaves were a beautiful golden colour just like her eyes and when they fell it looked like they were dancing.

She went to Magix High a school for girls and boys. Each student had there own power Crystals power was of the sun and the moon she inherited it from her mother.

When she arrived she went to her locker and got her things then she headed to her first lesson Math. "Oh math on my birthday," she thought "oh well."

The end of the day came quicker than she expected School was over.

When Crystal got back to the palace she saw several maids putting up the last decorations

"Hello how was school?" Asked her farther while signing some papers

"oh and school was great," she lied school was not great she was all alone at school she had no friends.

After a small talk with her farther she went to her room to get ready.

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