Chapter 3


Crystal took the darts of the board and put them away, after that she turned around and saw 5 people stood there.

"Can I help you?" She asked "actually yes," said Violet "can you teach me how to do that!"

Crystals eyes widened "you saw that," she said they all nodded "please don't tell anybody please," for some reason she looked worried the others were confused but agreed that they wouldn't tell anybody.

"My names Cameron this is Ryan and Liam and these are Lilly and Violet who are you?" asked Cameron as he pointed to his friends

"I I'm Crystal Princess of Solaria," replied Crystal. Violet, Lilly, Ryan and Liam all looked shocked but Cameron stuck out his had and said "Nice to meet you. So why aren't you at your party?"

Crystal shook his hand and replied with "I'm not really in the parting mood anyway its just my birthday its not that important."

Snapping out of shock Lilly then said "WHAT YES IT IS!"

Crystal shook her head while saying "I don't see why its so important anyway I don't care," then Ryan asked what school she went "Wait you go Magix High !" Crystal only nodding

"I've never seen you around!" said Cameron, Crystal stopped and stood there still as stone until,

"that's because you don't pay attention to anyone other than yourself, I hope you don't mine but I would like it very much if you just left me alone," said Crystal raising her voice a little as she slammed the door behind her.

"Well that went well," said Liam as they walked away.

They went back to were the party was being held and saw that most people had gone.

"So did you find the princess?" asked King Sky "We sure did," said Ryan "And," said Sky "and Cameron made her mad." said Violet

"Well we should go come on guys" said Liam as he, Ryan, Lilly and Violet walked away.

Cameron looked at them and then back at his dad who looked angry "go and apologise now," said his dad pointing to the hallway they had just came from "fine," replied Cameron as he walked away he knew it was smart not t oget into an argument with his dad.

Cameron walked slowly down the hallway and saw Ryan, Liam, Violet and Lilly all waiting for him

"Hey what are you guys doing here?" he asked

"it's as much our fault as it is yours we just let you take the blame," Said Liam

"Thank you," said Cameron in a sarcastic way then he knocked on the door there was no answer so he knocked again still no answer Suddenly

"What are you doing?" said a voice from behind them they all turned around and saw Crystal stood there holding 5 darts.

"Crystal, we are all very sorry if we said something wrong and for asking so many questions please forgive us." Said Lilly

"What she said" said the others "apology accepted," Replied Crystal "Now." She handed the darts over to Violet

"lets play darts," she looked up at her and smiled then they went into the next room.

After a while of playing there parents started to call and Violet, Ryan, Liam and Lilly had to go,

"Bye thanks for coming," said Crystal to her guests

"So why haven't you gone yet?" asked Crystal as she turned to Cameron "I don't know,"

"you might not of figured this out but I don't like you," said Crystal

"that's good because I don't like you," all of a sudden there parents walked in with news

"Guess what Crystal, Bloom, Sky and Cameron are going to be staying with us for awhile!" Said Brandon

"WHAT NOOOOO" screamed Crystal in her head but she said "Great how long,"

"3 weeks" said Bloom at that very moment Cameron and Crystal turned to each other thinking the same thing "Why me!

Why was Crystal so scared that they would tell some on about her playing darts?

Why are Cameron, Sky and Bloom staying in Solaria?

These questions will be awnsed soon!