It's the middle of the night and SSgt. La'Quayrius "Q" portis and his team is sent to sector 12 of all places to rescue some high ranking officials' and there body guards who are being overrun by drones and a few warriors that stop their convoy. SSgt. Q was if you could believe it a sixteen year old that only been in for almost one years he stood at 5'5, about 127 lb., had short black hair, and a well muscular build for a sixteen year old he was streamlined as his friends would say not to muscular just enough for the job.

Him and his team was just dispatched to the current location on their ship once landed him, Sgt. Dave Conners, Cpl. Kim Wallace, Cpl. Adam Williams, Sgt. Amanda Johnson, Pvt. Emily Watson, and Capt. John Kim with three medics and Q's dog/wolf named spirit all got into a armored van capable of fitting all of them plus at least twelve more people comfortably. As they drove of the ship it started to take off back to HQ so no drones could place any "face suckers" eggs in the ship. It would take them ten minutes at the speed the were going to get to the hot zone and to the start of a new legend at the lost of a friend.