Hi, this is my first attempt at making a story, I hope you like it. This occurs a week or so before Glaedr and Oromis die.

I am going hunting. Glaedr says.

Just do not take to long. Says Oromis.

Glaedr then takes off and goes towards his secret cave carefully checking to see that none follow. Opon reaching the cave he goes to the back and and moves a piece of the once solid floor to reveal a light purple stone. He carefully picks it up, and cradles the precious stone, lightly humming.

Oh my dear daughter, I have kept you a secret for a long time and you must soon choose you rider.

The egg stirs slightly at the words of her father. Glaedr then puts the egg in the floor once again and seals it. He then takes off to go hunting and makes sure to hide the memory from his rider.

Ok, this is only a trial, please tell me if I should continue or not, thank you reading this and I will lengthen it once I know if I am doing a good job or not. All I need to know is if I kept them in character, if not tell me what I am doing wrong and I will fix it.