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[Twins POV]

As we slowly approached the newly hatched dragon, with our hands out-stretched, it approached and stretched it's neck toward us. When one of our hands was closer, the dragon would retreat or growl slightly. We both touched the dragon's head and in that same instant, we both felt as if somebody poured molten metal in our veins, then we fell asleep...

[Normal POV]

"Neln! Shelia! I'm home! ...Children?"

Slightly frantic, the mother looks for her children then, she remembers that they like the barn "My children... Are you ok?" The twin's mother says as she enters there 'hiding spot'. She then sees the small slightly slimy baby dragon. "It's a dragon! I thought that there was only the red, blue and the black one..." The dragon growls and stumbles in front of the children the mother then realises that the small dragon seems to be trying to protect the children from her. "Shh, it's ok, I will not harm them, I would never want to." She said to the little dragon, and at her words the dragon seemed to relax a little. "Now, let me bring them inside, they will be safer there." The dragon let her approach so she could pick up her children and bring them inside, Then it trailed after her and it's new partners

[Dragon POV]

I was very hungry but I did not want to move to far from the small humans so curled up halfway on them both and explored our new bond as I slept.

I woke up between them and they were waking up so I tried to show them that I was hungry.

[Normal POV]

While the children got up, fed and played with the dragon, some elves approached the house and knocked. When the mother opened the door she was mildly surprised to see the elf friends at the door and beckoned them in. "So, what brings you here Throm?"

"We felt a surge of magic and wanted to make sure you were alright. Where are your children?"

"They are upstairs, why?"

"Can we check to see if they are ok?"

The mother, thinking that it would be better for them to not know about the dragon yet, quickly replied. "No, I don't think there is any need. They are sleeping anyways, and need their rest."

Throm bows the elven way and says "As you wish, good day." He then leaves and the worried and tense mother relaxes.

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