Summary: Katniss Everdeen has given up everything for her sister. But she gained something. A darling baby boy.

But she couldn't stop the reapings.

Thrust into the Hunger Games, Katniss will do anything to win. Even joining an alliance with the Careers.

But she didn't plan on Cato.

And she sure as hell didn't plan on the Rebellion.

The story of Katniss' son, Roan Peeta Everdeen (WILL BE EXPLAINED!) will come out in the middle of the story when she's bonding with Cato.

This is going to be the 74th Hunger Games, but Prim will only be 11. She's not in the reapings yet. Katniss is still 16, and all the other ages are the same, except Gale is now nineteen, and out of the reapings. He really is her cousin in this story.

Katniss is softer almost now, more protective and motherly, but still strong, stubborn, and determined.

Also, she delved more into singing since Roan was born, and even began writing her own songs.

I think the movie really spawned the Cato and Katniss romance. Alexander Ludwig, in my opinion, did a fantastic job portraying Cato. In the movie, Cato was interested in Katniss, for her bravery or her score, I don't know, but that spawning this idea…like what if the circumstances were different then they were in the actual book?

Thank god for FanFiction :)

EVERYTHING is going to be in Katniss' POV. EVERYTHING! EVERY chapter. Just wanna put that out there.

"Sometimes love sneaks up on you. And sometimes it rears up and punches you in the face."


The morning of the reaping dawned clear and blue. It was deceivingly nice.

I woke up before everyone else.

My baby son, Roan, who was only two months old, was on his back next to me on the bed. I had given up my pillow to keep him from rolling off the bed. It was only a temporary situation. I was working on getting game good enough to get a little crib for him.

For a couple of moments, I laid on my side next to him, rubbing my hand gently up and down his side, seeing his little chest fall up and down rapidly.

His short black hair, which was just starting to grow in, was so soft. His eyes, now a gentle gray like mine, were shut, his eyelids a soft purple color, like the sunset.

Reluctantly, I slid out of bed, and went and tapped Prim's shoulder. She knew then to go and lay in bed with Roan while I was out, to make sure he was safe. I kissed the both of them on the head, and then headed out.

Almost no one was up. I knew Gale was sleeping in now, since he had to work in the mines. He rarely was able to hunt with me, and I missed it.

Gale and I were cousins. Our father's were brothers. The day I lost my father in the mining accident, I lost my uncle as well.

I slipped out of the meadow and through the fence. Once in the forest, I was able to let out a sigh of relief. I was free here.

I couldn't wait for Roan to be old enough to bring into the forest. I knew he would love it; he needed to know color, not the drab white, gray and black of our district.

Pulling the bow string back automatically, I kicked a rock into the trees, taking down four birds without trying.

After taking a couple of rabbits from my snares, I picked a small amount of strawberries and headed back to the house, my game bag heavy on my back.

When I got there, Mom was awake, helping Prim into her dress.

"Hey Mom." I said, kissing her on the cheek.

Ever since Roan was born, she and I had somewhat repaired our fractured relationship, from when she conked out and left Prim and I to fend for ourselves. Now that I was a mother, I can understand how an unexpected tragedy could render you almost dead. If I lost Roan…I don't know what I would do.

I still didn't know if I could conk out so badly to abandon my child, but I was trying to understand her.

"Hey sweetie. Leave the game in the hidden cupboard, and there is a bath ready for Roan."


I stowed away the game for trading later on tonight, and then picked up Roan from his little cocoon of pillows he was resting in.

"Hey big boy! Mommy's going to give you a bath now, OK?"

Roan gave me a wide, gummy smile that lit up his whole face, and my heart just melted.

He was learning how to maneuver his hands and everything, and to my absolute horror, he liked sucking on his fingers. If it weren't for all the coal dust, it would be fine, but I was terrified he would get poisoning and die.

Roan had a grand ole time in the tub, Mom helping me support him as I washed his hair and arms, before wrapping him in our best towel.

His eyelashes were clumped together and his liquid eyes were big and bright.

"I love you big guy!" I whispered into his ear, putting on one of his diapers and then pulling on the shirt and pants Mom had made for him.

Gently drying his head, I then handed him off to Prim, who gave him 'belly time' on the bed while I dressed in one of our mother's dresses.

Ever since I had given birth to Roan, my chest had been considerably…larger. Most of my clothes had to be altered because of that.

Right now, I was wearing one of Mom's old white dresses, with just a white ribbon holding the front up, the rest of the material falling around to my knees. I ruined the look slightly by wearing my school boots, but they were comfortable.

Roan was near the edge of the bed, and I knelt down and saw him struggle to raise his head to look at me. When he managed it, I gave him a soft kiss on the forehead and then picked him up.

Prim tugged on the side of my dress and I leaned down to her level, Roan still in my arms.

"You're not going to get reaped, are you?"

I held in a breath. Mom and I had lied to Prim about me taking out a tesserae, to keep her from worrying, but I knew I had a large chance of getting reaped.

This was the one time a year I lied through my teeth for her.

"I'm not going to Prim. I'm not leaving you or Mom or Roan or Gale behind. I promise."

I wish I had known it was going to be a promise I couldn't keep.

"Welcome, welcome! I am now going to announce the girl tribute!"

Effie Trinket hobbled over to the round bowl, her wig teetering dangerously on her head from Haymitch's hug.

Roan was in my arms, since he steadfast refused to be passed over to Gale, Mom, or even Prim, who he normally adored.

I closed my eyes and prayed that it wouldn't be -

"Katniss Everdeen!"

I bit my lip and froze, my heart stopping and then taking off double time.

There was whispering, muttering.

It wasn't fair…a young girl with a son.

But no one would step up and take my place.

Almost everyone in the district knew how Roan had came to be.

Taking a deep breath, my arms automatically tightening on Roan, I walked up to the stage.

Effie Trinket's face went blank with shock when she saw me come walking up. I wished I could glare at her, but this was all being televised.

No one was speaking. I couldn't hand Roan off to anyone, so he just came onto the stage with me.

There were several seconds of silence, punctuated only by Roan's sniffling, but then Effie seemed to get herself together.

"Let's have a big round of applause for our girl tribute!"

To their credit, no one in twelve clapped. They only gave me the three finger salute, which was meant to show respect, love, and loss when someone died, or was going to die.

Effie, seeming to know that she was losing her crowd, turned and tottered over to the bowl for the male tribute.

"Rye Mellark!"

My heart dropped.

Peeta's older brother, Rye, who was now eighteen, stiffened before walking up to the stage. His eyes, the same blue as Peeta's, locked on mine.

Effie turned and smiled at the crowd.

"Well, this is going to be an exciting year! Tributes, shake hands!"

I shifted Roan in my arms so I could extend my hand to Rye's. My hand was swallowed up by his.

We were whisked away to the City Hall, and I was thrust into a room with Roan sleeping on my shoulder.

Surprisingly, Haymitch was the first person to come into the room.

"OK, sweetheart, listen. I can only talk for a few minutes, but here we go. You need to bring Roan to the Capitol."

He cut off my protests with a wave of his hands.

"He is going to win you a lot of sponsors. A teenage girl with a son? It will be a huge hit. I will look after him while you are in the arena."

"Not drunk. You are not taking care of my son when you are drunk."

Haymitch gave me a wry grin.

"Fair enough."

I'm not sure I trusted Haymitch to look after my son, but I know I had no other option. It if meant I would come home and be with them, I would do it.

"OK. I'll let you talk to your mother and little sister. I'll see you on the train."

Haymitch turned around and walked to the door. Before he walked out, without turning around, he said, "I'm sorry."

He sounded genuine, and sober. It was so shocking that I couldn't say anything.

The moment he was out the door, Mom and Prim came barging in.

Mom looked like she was shell shocked; her eyes were wide and glazed, like she couldn't believe what was happening right in front of her face.

Prim's large blue eyes were huge, full of tears, which were streaming down her cheeks.

I wrapped her in a hug, trying to soothe her tears.

"Shh, Prim, I'm going to come home, I promise you that I will."

Prim's eyes were still huge.

Her hands went up to the necklace that she had. It was one that Dad had given her before he died in a mining accident all those horrible years ago.

It was a carved charm on a leather chorded necklace. The charm was of a star, perfectly symmetrical and smooth.

"Take this as your token. And come home!"

I kissed her forehead.

"I will. Roan is coming with me to the capitol, but I promise that we will both come home."

Prim nodded, tears still running down her face.

Mom came over to me, her eyes wide with tears falling down her face as well.

"I…I'm sorry for everything I did Katniss…I'm sorry, but please, please, please, come home!"

My eyes started to prick, but I kept the tears from coming out.

I hugged her, and I realized that this was the first step I had came to of forgiveness since she conked out and left me and Prim when Dad died.

It was a little too late for that.

I hugged her tightly too, but then a Peacekeeper came in, telling them that the time was up.

Prim and Mom were crying, and I was shouting out I loved them, and then the door slammed, and I was left alone with the sleeping Roan and my own breaking heart.

Gale came in three seconds later, hands clenched in fists and his breathing heavy. I wrapped him in a hug, hiding my face under his collarbone, like I did when I was little and afraid.

"Listen, you need to get a bow. If all else fails, make one yourself, but you know more about surviving then they will give you credit for. They will underestimate you, but don't let that hurt…you are going to win, and you're going to come back to us. OK?"

His no-nonsense attitude made me feel a little better; when all else failed, Gale would still be there and still be dependable.

All too soon, everyone was gone and I was alone with Roan.

The fear I was trying to tap down was spring up again.

Roan, ever in tune to my emotions, started to fuss, and I shushed him, trying to keep my 'stoic mom face' on, but it was cracking.

Effie burst into the room, her voice so loud Roan jumped and started whimpering again. I shot Effie a look, but she ignored me, talking in her freaking annoying accent.

Being led to the train was just being stared at, in reality.

Mom and Prim and Gale gave me one more hug before Roan, Rye and I were being thrust into the train, the door slamming behind us.

There was no going back.

I was going to the Capitol.

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