Rock a Rosalie requested an Asher and Stella/Roan and Neva moment when they were in their teenage years. This also goes with wolf girl 123098's request for a future scene between Roan and his crush!

Here are the ages so you don't get confused: Roan (age 18), Asher (age 16), Neva (age 15), and Hermes (age 8), Stella (just turned 11). This thing turned into a monster, but there are more outtakes at the bottom!

Being the oldest of the brood of children, Roan was used to being saddled with baby-sitter duty.

So here he was, on a Friday night, watching over Hermes, who was now eight and hated being called a baby, Neva, who was now fifteen and argumentative like her mother had been, and his brother, Asher, who was finally coming out of his rebellious faze.

Thank God Sage, Coral and Kai (his Aunt Rue's children) were out with the adults. Any more people to watch and he was sure his head was going to explode.

It was chaos as is; he had managed to get everyone fed and happy, but now, they were bored and had nothing to do.

Was he seriously watching teenagers right now? He felt like everyone around him was acting like they were Hermes' age.

Asher and Stella were sitting side-by-side on a couch, reading books. They were sitting in comfortable silence, like they always had. Roan's father used to joke with his mother that Asher had been convinced Stella had been born just for him when he was younger. Even as they grew older, the two of them remained close, and Stella had always had Asher to protect her from anything, from seaweed that got tangled around her legs to spiders to town bullies.

Neva and Roan were fighting right now though, surprise surprise. Sometimes Roan wondered why his parents insisted that Roan and Neva were meant for each other.

Hermes was ignoring all of them, all of his attention turned to the show on the television which was blaring at the highest volume level.

"Will you please just admit you like her and you're being mean to her because of it!?"

"Jesus Neva, just because I told that girl she had on an ugly shirt doesn't mean I like her! It means she was wearing an ugly shirt!"

"Well, in that case, you're a jerk!"

"How am I a jerk!?"

"You don't just tell a girl what they're wearing is ugly!"

"I wasn't calling her ugly! And she asked me what I thought about it!"

Neva let out a frustrated scream and threw her hands up in the air. Roan had to bite his lip to stop from laughing. He wondered if Mom knew how much Neva looked liked Aunt Clove when she got mad.

"I don't know why I even bother trying to help you at school!"

That stung. He knew he wasn't the most popular kid, not with his tendency to clam up like Dad did in stressful situations - like talking to people - and he didn't know how not to be brutally honest.

"Jesus Neva, low blow."

Neva just glared at him, her hands in tight fists at her sides.

Well, two could play at this game.

"Please Neva, don't pretend that we don't all know about the huge crush you have on Finnick Odair's son, Caleb."

Neva reeled back like she had been punched. Roan immediately felt guilty, but he kept on pushing.

"Talk about needed help. Do you really think Caleb will pay attention to you when he's been in love with Portia's niece Rose since before he could walk?"

Neva went as pale as the snow she was named after, tinged with a green tint that made her look like she was about to throw up.

Asher and Stella looked at him in shock, like they couldn't believe he had said those things.

Roan stood up, his heart in his throat. Neva jerked back from his outstretched hand, and that hurt more than he could say.

"Neva, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

Neva spit out, "At least Caleb has never hurt me like you've hurt me Roan. Out of everyone in this room, or hell, this District, I thought you would be the one who would never use my emotions against me."

And then she spun and sprinted out of the room, into the dark of the night and out of sight.


Roan had taken enough time to bark out that Asher was in charge and to make sure that Stella and Hermes were fine while he went out to look for Neva.

Stella had glared at him, but he had brushed it off. He didn't need to think about what a jackass he had been, he had to think about how he was going to fix this.

He didn't know what was wrong with him, what had made him spew out those poisonous words against the one girl who had stood by him all these years.

Neva had been the one to help him when he was doing poorly in math class. She had been the one to celebrate with ice-cream when he brought home his first eighty nine in that class.

Neva had been the one to stand up to the town bullies when they had picked on Roan for his quiet nature. She had been the one to throw the first punch and then help Roan hide their bloody clothes and lie about it being a fight between the two of them.

Neva had been the one to help him sneak out of the house and go to bonfires. She had been the one to dive in and save him when he had gotten too tipsy and had fallen off the pier.

But then he saw her talking to Caleb Odair, and had seen the blush on her cheeks and the twinkling in her eyes and had felt something seize his heart and squeeze.

Neva was his. She was his best friend and confident. She was his better half, the one who always made him laugh and made the days easier.

And this was how he repaid her.

Well, if there was one thing he knew about Neva, was that when she was upset she would go to the crumbling pier on the other side of the District, close to the boarder of the forrest.

So there he went.

As luck would have it, Neva was sitting here, curled up into a ball and her arms tucked under her thighs. She stared out over the dark water; the moonlight highlighted the tear tracks under her eyes.

That sight made that awful squeezing appear again in his chest.

Roan didn't say anything, just walked over and plopped down next to her and wrapped an arm around her side, pulling her close like they had always done. Neva fought him for a moment, but then let him pull her close.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I just…you're my best friend. It's hard to see you drift away."

Neva scoffed but didn't move.

"You had your chance Roan. I can't keep waiting around for someone who has no idea I'm even female."

"I know you're female, you sent me on the most embarrassing grocery run of all time a couple of months ago."

Neva pinched him, but then sighed.

"Tell me you never thought about it. What we would be like."

Warning lights flashed off. This was an area full of land mines Roan had tried to avoid for years.

He never wanted to look at the emotions he had felt for this girl - a trait he must have picked up from his father if stories were true. He never wanted to change the dynamic of the relationship they had.

Well, he had thought about it. He would be lying if he said no.

He thought about what it would be like to be able to walk up behind her and hug her. What it would be like to cuddle with her on the couch and kiss her lips and hold her close and know that she was really his.

Would it make the aching in his chest stop?

Neva stared at him steadily.

"Tell me now that you've never thought about it. Tell me that, and I'll walk away and we can just be friends for the rest of our lives. But if you don't, please mean it, because after everything tonight, I don't know if I could take it."

Roan opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say. It was like his tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth.

Neva's eyes searched his, and he could see the pain and the shame creeping into her warm irises. She pulled away and made a move to leave, but finally Roan was able to respond. His hand shot out and grabbed hers. He stood up hastily, so quickly he almost tripped and fell over the side of the pier.

"No. Don't go…please…don't go."

Neva bit her lip, almost too afraid to hope.

Roan reached for her and dragged her close. He cupped her face in his hands, tilted their heads in opposite directions, and then sealed her lips with his.

It was everything and more that he dreamed it would be.

She fit right into his arms like she had been made just for him. And he was right, the aching in his chest disappeared, turned into a burning fire that made every nerve ending in his body sing.

He had to lean down a little because he was so much taller than she was, but her arms wound around his waist and her hands pressed him closer to her and her lips were cool and sweet tasting, like the juice she had been drinking that night -

Neva couldn't believe it was happening. Everything she had been waiting for all these years was happening.

She had imagined how it would be to kiss him, what it would be like to burrow himself in his arms and stay there for longer than their average hug was.

This was so much better than she had imagined.

He held her like she was delicate and breakable, but still firmly enough to keep her from moving. He kissed her like it had been something he had dreamed of doing for a long time. When her hands pressed him closer, her just held her tighter back.

It might have taken them years to get to this point, but now that they were there, they were never leaving it.


Asher sighed when Roan left. He knew one of these days his older brother was going to push too hard on Neva and Neva would leave.

He wished Roan knew how much Neva loved him, how long the girl had waited for him.

It seemed fitting though that Neva would try to move on, meet a guy who would actually see her as something more than a friend. He couldn't grudge her that.

He hoped they worked it out in the end.

Stella glared at the door, her arms crossed over her chest.

Stella and Neva had always been close, almost like sisters. Stella had always been pissed that Roan couldn't get his head out of his ass long enough to see what was right in front of him. Stella's mom just to just shrug and say, "He's his father's son."

Asher wrapped an arm around Stella's side and hugged her.

"They'll be okay."

"No they won't. Either they'll finally give into the tension or Neva is going to drown him."

"Well…yeah. You're right."

Some might find it weird that one of his best friends was just an eleven year old girl - and some might find it creepy - but it wasn't like that with them. To Asher, Stella was the little sister he knew he was supposed to have and never got.

To Stella, Asher was her protecter, her older brother. Aunt Katniss had said it was kind of how Uncle Gale and her had been best friends forever, a deep bond that connected them and made them the best of friends, but there was no romance involved.

Asher stood up and stretched, peeking over the edge of the couch to make sure Hermes was okay - he was, he didn't even bat an eye at the fighting that had been going on around him - and then turned to Stella.

"Come on, let's go eat."

Years later, they would look back on that day and laugh at how things had changed. At Neva and Roan's wedding, Stella - holding her little baby girl, named Eve - and Asher would laugh at how they had finally gotten together. Asher would dance with Stella, ever the best friend to him, and then turn to go dance with his own husband - something that had shocked the family, but had been quickly accepted - and their adopted daughter.

Stella would hand Eve to her husband and dance with Roan, and Thresh and Clove would be in the corner by the drinks, smiling as they watched their only daughter live out her fairytale.

Gale would be there with Sage, the little boy now almost a man. Gale would get his heart healed by a pretty schoolteacher named Margaret, one who looked an awful lot like their old friend Madge from before the war. Prim would be there too, with her now husband and her adopted twin babies, cradling both of them in her arms and still managing to eat her cake at the same time.

Marvel and Athea would be there with their whole passel of kids, Hermes now the older brother to two other boys and a girl.

Cinna and Glimmer would be laughing in the corner, still designing things with Portia.

Rue and Finn would be scolding their mischievous children - Kai and Coral - and then singing with them up on the stage to the bride and grooms first dance. Rue would still look like a delicate little bird and Finn would still look at her like she was the best thing that ever happened to him.

And Katniss and Cato would be in the middle of the dance floor, swaying gently together, ever the protectors of their small family.

They really did get their own little happily ever after.

This is a request from Firework 7 for a scene about how Gale felt about Katniss selling herself, finding out about the baby, birth and how she came back. I love this idea SO MUCH thank you for submitting it!

Gale never felt so furious.

That was saying something. Gale had been furious when he had received the news about his father and his uncle being killed in the mine explosion. He had been furious when his younger siblings became eligible for the Reapings. He had been furious when Katniss had slipped into the woods to hunt with him when he had explicitly told her she couldn't.

But this…this went beyond anything he had ever felt before.

For the longest time, his father and his uncle, Katniss' father, had joked that Gale and Katniss were soul mates. When he had made a face, thinking that soul mates got married, his father had explained it to him.

"Gale, a soul mate does not have to be romantic. A soul mate is someone who understands you better than you understand yourself, someone who is like an extension of you. You can be best friends or family or lovers. You and Katniss are soul mates; you would never be able to play and talk to each other like this if you weren't."

And Gale had taken that to heart. He had looked after her like she was the extension of his soul. He had looked after Prim as well, the two families all but living together.

But now, when he came out into the forrest to see Katniss and saw her bruised, battered and bloody, moving like it cost her great pain.

He knew.

He knew.

He knew what she had done.

Katniss had stared up at him with blank and glassy eyes, and all the anger he had been feeling drained from his chest. He just dropped to his knees besides her and cradled her to his chest, let her sob out everything.

When she calmed down about an hour later, she whispered out, "I got enough money to last us this week if we keep hunting. We need to save some of it in case there's an emergency. Gale, you can't tell anyone, okay?"

And even though it broke his heart, he agreed.


Of course though, the one day that Gale hadn't been there to protect her was the day that everything went to hell.

Prim came tearing into their house, her hair still mused from sleep. She had cried out that Katniss hadn't come home by the time she normally did, and she was getting worried. Katniss had insisted that Gale get sleep that night, as he had ended up taking and extra shift at the coal mines that day.

So Gale had bolted out of the house, still in his pajamas but still in the right frame of mind to grab his boots. He tore through the town, making his way through the quiet streets to Cray's house.

Of course, the one time that Gale hadn't walked Katniss there and waited to help her back home was the day that this happened.

Hunters instincts lead him through the town square, but then he picked up a familiar smell; the smell of blood.

Heart in his throat, he followed the smell and came across a gruesome sight.

A familiar town boy - Peeta, he thinks his name was - was laying in a pool of blood. The brother of Peeta was sprawled out on the group, the bump on his head enough to tell Gale that he was unconscious, not dead.

There were three other boys, all of them thrown around like there had been a brawl.

And Katniss was sitting in the middle of all of the carnage, Peeta cradled in her arms. Her clothes were ripped, her hair was a mess and there was blood everywhere.

Oh no, Katniss…

When he walked closer, he pulled off his shirt, and wrapped it around her shoulders.


She didn't say anything, just kept staring blankly down at the dead boy laying in her lap and cried silently.


After Rye had handed Gale the little baby, he had turned a left, tears in his eyes. Gale could only imagine how hard this was for him, knowing what had happened the night the little baby was conceived.

Gale stared down at the little baby and had to smile. The boy was a carbon copy of his mother, not a trace of his father in him.

Roan Peeta Everdeen had not been expected, that was for damn sure.

But he was a good thing nonetheless. In a way, it had given something back to Katniss that had been lost. And Gale was all for anything that would put a smile back on Katniss' face.

It had been a long, hard haul. With Katniss out for the count and him working double time to bring in money, it had been a rough winter and then a rough couple of months afterwards. But they had made it, as they always did.

And as Gale held the little baby close to his chest, he prayed that eventually they would be in a world where things like this - where the Hunger Games and starvation and fear - didn't happen, or didn't happen often.

Maybe it was a dream, but it was a nice dream to hold onto.

This is a request from hgismylife379 to hear about what happened to Katniss' attacker (Roan's biological father, remember, genetic testing told us that it was not Cray). The second part is her second request for more Cato, Katniss and Roan!

"Based on the evidence brought forth, I hereby sentence you, Robert Thorne, to life in prison, on one charge of murder and one charge of first degree rape."

The sound the gavel made on the wood rung throughout the room. Katniss let out a long, low breath she didn't know she had been holding. Her large shirt hid her growing stomach. The last thing she wanted was for Thorne to know about what had happened based on the last night.

Thorne, now not as scary as he had seemed in the darkness of the alley, just glared straight ahead. Katniss had to admit grudgingly that he was brave, or just stupid.

Gale squeezed her hand to one side, as did Rye on her other. The two of them had been a great support system throughout this and it really helped when the trial got too hard.

Thorne shot her one dark look before Peacekeepers lead him out of the courtroom and out to the train, where he would then be transferred to a work prison outside of District Two. It would be a long, long time before Throne would see - if he ever would - a friendly face.

And it would be a long, long time before Katniss stopped looking over her shoulder for his face.


Cato knew that on this certain day that Katniss would be unreachable.

News had finally come through after the war had ended that all of the prisoners that had been in working prisons outside of District Two had been let loose in a bombing. They were having a hard time rounding everyone up; Haymitch had personally gone to look, and came back to tell Katniss grimly that Robert Thorne wasn't one of the dead or found.

Katniss had shut down. She sat in their room with Roan curled in his crib next to her, her hands clenched on a knife.

They weren't foolish enough to think that Thorne didn't know about Katniss and Roan. The Hunger Games had been played for them, and Katniss had told her story when the Arena was still up and running.

And now all they had to do was wait and see if Thorne would come after them.

Cato felt furious. Katniss and Roan were his family, what was he going to do to protect them? What could he do against an enemy he had no idea was located?

So he just sat there with them. He sat with Katniss on his lap facing him and Roan cradled in between their chests. He had his sword - one he hadn't brought out since the end of the war - and gun on the bedside table when they went to sleep and he carried it with himself when he went out. Days went by as they waited for news.

And then came the day it happened. When they received word that Thorne had been caught and killed in the struggle that followed. He had been in District Twelve looking for Katniss and his son.

Gale was the one who told them, his face stormy and happy all at once.

All he said was, "I wish I had been the one to pull the trigger."

That night, Cato just stood over Roan's crib and watched the toddler breath. And when Katniss peaked in to check on them, she just walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

Cato just dropped hand to squeeze hers.

"We're fine now Cato."

"I wish I could have protected you back then."

"But then we wouldn't have Roan. There were a lot of bad things that happened Cato, but that doesn't mean we should change them. If we didn't have them, then who knows what good things we would have lost."

And the two of them stood there in the darkening room, standing vigil over the little piece of perfection they had.

A little piece of perfection that they would protect at all costs.

This is a request from Heyo My Fellow Readers 101 to have the birth of Katniss and Cato's son. This is the birth of Asher Rye!

Cato had been in many life-threatening situations. He had been trained to withstand all kinds of pain, mental, physical or emotional. He had gone through the Hunger Games and a war.

But now, with Katniss sweating and in pain, he felt like his fragile control was going to snap.

Was this how Katniss felt when she was healing from the tracker-jacker poison?

She had been in labor with their baby - their child - for going on ten hours. The baby was slow to arrive, but Katniss had been in pain for all those long, drawn out minutes.

Clove and Glimmer were watching over Roan and everyone else, keeping vigil outside the room. Prim was there acting as the midwife, smiling and calming down the chaos that was occurring around her.

"You're doing great Katniss. You're almost there, just hang on for about four more contractions and then you're going to be ready to push."

"This hurts a lot more than I remembered it," she gritted out through her teeth.

Cato just ran his free hand up and down her back, his other hand intwined with hers. He would never admit to it, but her grip was so tight he was sure that there were a couple of bones broken.

But then the baby was there, and a loud wailing filled the room.

He froze, his eyes locked on the tiny, squirming shape in Prim's hands.

"It's a boy!"

A boy.

Cato felt like he had been shocked.

Katniss collapsed against him, panting and exhausted. Automatically he arranged himself so he was sitting behind her and she was sitting between his legs and was propped up by his chest.

Prim handed the baby over as soon as he was clean, and Cato peered over Katniss' shoulders to look down at their baby.

Oh God…their baby.

He was a good sized infant, with wide shoulders with length to him. He already had thick black hair on his head, but it curled a little near the ends like Cato's did when he let it get long. His eyes were closed, so they couldn't tell the color, but he was able to pick out minute features; his own jawline, the shape of Katniss' eyes, her cheekbones, his nose, and ears that were kind of a cross.

"He's perfect…"

Katniss bit her lip hard, but tears still did pour over.

This pregnancy had - ironically - been frought with more anxieties than her pregnancy with Roan. She had been terrified about what the (very little, but still) venom in her blood would do to her baby, if she and Cato were really ready for this…and all the other fears that normal mothers faced.

But now, when he was in her arms, it all kind of fell into place. Cato rested his arms underneath hers so it was like they were both cradling the baby.

"What are we going to name him?"

Cato thought for a moment.

One of his friends - well, if you could really call him a friend - from before he was in the Game's name was Ashlyn. Ashlyn had been too soft for the academy, had been too empathetic. He had made it to year five - when he was ten years old - before he was killed. But he had been the one friend Cato had that had some humanity that shined.

"Asher. How about Asher?"

Katniss smiled.

"Yeah. Asher Rye. Come on, let's get the others in here."

As soon as the door cracked open a bit, Roan was in and climbing up onto the bed next to his mother.

"Hey buddy," Katniss whispered, freeing one of her arms to wrap it around the toddler's shoulders and pull him close.

Cato whispered an apology out to the others in the hall, but they let him slip back in. They knew that this was an important moment for their little family.

Cato slipped back to them and climbed into the bed next to them, careful not to jostle them too much.

"Mommy, baby? Brother?"

Katniss smiled down at her son.

"Yeah buddy. Brother. His name is Asher."


"Yeah, Asher."

"Brother, mine?"

Cato would deny it, but there was a threat of tears coming at that.

Katniss wasn't faring much better, not with all the hormones racing through her body right then.

"Yeah Roan. He's your brother. Protect him, okay? He's gonna look up to you."

"I protect. Protect Asher."

And as Cato watched his little family, he felt something expand in his chest. A tight feeling that rushed with fierce protectiveness and love.

Roan, who was his son in every way that mattered. Asher, newborn Asher, who was another precious gift he had been given.

And Katniss…Katniss, his angel, the one who had burst into his life and broke down his walls, dragged him away from the dark place that he had been in.

They were his family. And he would protect them with everything he had.

So Cato just cradled the three of them close to his chest and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of family, something he never thought he would ever have.

Even though he thought he would never have it, he was so immensely, eternally, overwhelmingly grateful for it.

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