The Booted Beauty Chronicles
A Symbiotic Boots Spin-Off
Chapter 1: The Avenging Angel
by Boofka

"Hello, and welcome to TalkNYC, New York's favorite talk radio program for all the latest happenings. I'm your host, Danny Foster, and today we're talking Booted Beauty. It's been a month since her triumphant return, and many questions remain about her. Is she host to the escaped Oscorp symbiote? Was she the symbiote that attacked the Oscorp building? And if so, how is it she is back from the grave? Well, a lot of those questions don't really seem to matter that much anymore, because since her return, she has waged a one-woman war on crime against women in this city. She has stopped rapes, assaults, trafficking, and exploitation of young women and underage girls. She has waged a war on prostitution on this city by attacking the city's pimps. Her new emphasis on crimes against women is why she has earned the nickname "The Avenging Angel." Now, does she fear Spider-Man? We know the Booted Beauty is so far only active in areas where Spider-Man isn't, and at times when he is busy with other things. Does the Avenging Angel have something to fear from our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? We'll be taking your calls all afternoon here on TalkNYC!"

Mary Jane Watson smiled to herself as she heard the report on the radio set up on her kitchen counter. She was about to run to rehearsal to the new performance of "Hamlet" where she played Ophelia that was about to open off-Broadway. Indeed, things had been going really well since she had injected her symbiotic boots with a serum that eliminated the presence of Venom's personality. She had gotten a new job performing Shakespeare. Things with Peter were going great. But it was her work as the Booted Beauty that made MJ the proudest...

Ever since she prevented the rape of Tyrone Jackson's girlfriend in Harlem that first night after she became aware of her symbiotic boots, she knew that she had to be committed against violence and crimes against women. Immediately after her return on the scene as the Booted Beauty, she did the normal superhero thing. Saving people from burning buildings, preventing robberies, that sort of thing. But she felt most invigorated after stopping crimes against women, and eventually it became the majority of what she did. And the public of New York really embraced that. Leave the superheroics to Peter, she thought. The Booted Beauty had committed herself to helping make New York a safer place for all women.

Peter. It had been tricky having him in the dark about her life as the Booted Beauty. He came close to catching her at least once. MJ had decided to keep it a secret from her boyfriend, because he would say things like that he didn't want her in danger and that the symbiote was dangerous. He would also be able to put two and two together and discover that it was her who attacked the Oscorp building. Maybe one day, MJ would let him in on her secret. But for now, he was in the dark. Occasionally, MJ saw Peter searching online or reading the newspaper about the latest exploits of the Booted Beauty, trying to determine if she was helping things or another villain he needed to reprimand. Eventually, he came to the conclusion she was trying to do good, but couldn't for the life of him figure out why she never approached him, or that she stayed confined to areas in the complete opposite direction from where Spider-Man was either patrolling or fighting crime.

Several times, Peter would question MJ about what she thought about the Booted Beauty, and MJ would politefully change the subject or decline to comment, though she did tell Peter how much she admired her emphasis on helping endangered women.

So far, the only person to know MJ's secret was Jake Thompson, and she hadn't spoken to him since Felicia Hardy broke into his safe in the Oscorp building to get her boots back a month ago. She wanted to reach out, but was afraid that doing might break their understanding that Jake would never reveal her secret identity.

She was getting ready to leave when she heard the radio talk show come back after playing a song.

"Hello, New Yorkers. Danny Foster here, and again, the topic of conversation for today is the Booted Beauty. Well, we have a man on the line here who says the Booted Beauty isn't doing enough for the women of this city. Sir, could you please tell us your name."

"My name is Joe."

"Now Joe, you say that the Booted Beauty failed in stopping a crime against your own daughter?"

MJ turned up the volume on the radio.

"Yes, she did. My daughter, Ashley..." the man calling on the radio was obviously in grief, hesitating as he was being choked up. He nevertheless continued. "She was found dead in an alleyway two nights ago. She had just graduated college... She and a friend had... been to a club... and some chemical must have been used against her, because that body... didn't look like my daughter. Where was the Booted Beauty? If she is so committed to stopping acts like these, why didn't she save my daughter...?" the man calling trailed off, overcome by grief.

MJ turned off the radio, distraught. It made her upset to not only to think that two innocent young women died, but that one of their fathers believed the Booted Beauty could've done something about it. It was then that MJ ran to her closet, picked up her two tall rubber rain boots, and put them in her backpack. Maybe she couldn't stopped the murders of these young women, but she was sure she could at least bring the person responsible to justice. She left her apartment with the backpack and hailed a taxi for the theater, realizing she had quickly lost track of time.

After rehearsal in the theater and saying goodbye to the cast and the director, MJ scurried into the bathroom. Locking the door of the bathroom behind her, she began taking off her clothes, starting with her shirt and skirt, and eventually her bra and panties until she was completely naked. She didn't know why, but somehow, she always felt better being the Booted Beauty in the buff. It made it her feel sexier. But somehow, it also felt like being naked gave her a greater connection to the symbiote. Plus, the symbiote knew just how to touch her in just the right way. She stuffed her clothes in her backpack.

Putting the boots on, she again admired how glossy and rubbery they were. They still had that distinct rubbery smell from the first day she bought them.

With the boots comfortably secure on her feet, she said the phrase to begin her transformation: "Booted Beauty."MJ's boots dissolved into a goopy black mess on her feet. The white spider symbols, absent when she wasn't wearing the boots to avoid Peter's discovery, popped up. The goo released tendrils that engulfed her legs in a warm goo that was both silky and rubbery. As it had done before, a tendril came up from the black mass and penetrated MJ's pussy, while another penetrated her asshole. It took all of MJ's energy to not scream because of how insanely good it felt. MJ climaxed, the pleasure spreading over her body in waves for a few seconds. The tendrils retracted from her two pleasure holes, and continued spreading over her body.

The black goo began to cover her stomach and her breasts, the warm goo massaging her nipples just the way she liked. This made MJ coo quietly, still not trying to attract attention. Finally, all of her body covered, the tendrils spread to her face. Her new, improved eyesight took over, and she saw herself as the now complete Booted Beauty in the mirror. The white spider-symbol still adorned her chest, her boots still adorned her feet. Her asscrack was still very visible, just the way MJ liked it. Her red hair still popped up out of a now-blackened skull.

A feature of the symbiote she had discovered shortly after her return on the scene was the art of camouflage. However, it had taken her a long time and a lot of practice for her to master it. Her symbiote suit could render her completely invisible to the naked human eye, which made getting out of public places like where she was now a lot easier.

Focusing all her mental energy, she forced her symbiote suit to turn her invisible. She could only do it one body part at a time, so she started with her feet, then her legs, then her torso, then finally her head and hair. MJ looked in the mirror and saw nothing there. She ran over to the door, unlocking it, and put her backpack in a locker backstage. She then ran out of the back exit of the theater. Still invisible, she attached her hand to the theater building and climbed up. When she reached the roof, she willed the symbiote to make her visible again.

The next symbiote power she used was her enhanced hearing, so that she could pick up the police scanner to find out where the crime scene was. It took a lot of time to focus, and she heard a lot of things that didn't matter to her in the process of listening for the police scanner. Finally, she found it, and after a minute or two, heard the information she was looking for.

"Officer Kearn, are you still at the alleyway on Jones Avenue, next to Club Razzle?"
"Keep a look out, Officer, we think the murderer is targeting young women going to the club. Any suspicious activity?"
"None at this time. Over."

Certain this was the place where the girls were killed, MJ made her way to Club Razzle. She had been there once, and knew the area roughly, and it was pretty close to the theater. After making her way there, she landed on the roof of the building overlooking the alley. Looking down at her feet, she saw her boots transform into clawed, symbiotic versions of her own feet, which means she could crawl down.

She crawled down the building, and looked down the alley. Sure enough, there was a cop car at the entrance to the alley. Crawling down, MJ used her enhanced sight to look around the crime scene. The police had already done the white outlines of how they found the bodies. Initially finding nothing, MJ willed the symbiote to turn on thermal vision, which also resulted in nothing. Still clinging to the wall, her enhanced vision zoomed around the crime-scene, until it picked up the slightest thing.

Jumping down, MJ walked over to the object and picked it up. It looked like some reptile skin that had been shed.

There was no indication that any chemical or acid had been used, because MJ didn't see any stains or anything that would point to that. Suddenly, she heard the door of the cop car shut, and the police officer come out.

He began to speak. "Booted Beauty, you are wanted for questioning for your possible role in the attack on the Oscorp building. Either you surrender or..."

MJ quickly scaled up the building, jumped on the roof, and spun a web leading her away from the crime scene before the cop could finish his sentence.

MJ sighed. She thought she could provide justice for these girls, but there was no evidence, nothing she could use to figure out who killed them. Except for snake skin...

On a rooftop facing the crime scene, a beautiful young woman held binoculars up to her eyes, looking at the Booted Beauty leave the area of the crime scene.

"Well, it looks like we found her weakness. Our heroine is a sucker for saving poor, innocent women..." the woman whispered to herself in thick, European accent.