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"WHAT?!" Kat shouted, "How can you be my kin?! That's- that's- ugh! You look nothing like me, you delusional Earth-Cat!" He stopped when she swiped her claws in front of his nose with an angry hiss.

"Listen," the female growled, "I am related to you. You cousin was my father."

"Not a chance," Kat laughed, "You look nothing like him! He'd never have some scrawny, furry blue thing as offspring!" He once again stopped when the female lashed out with her claws.

"He would if his mate was an Earth-Cat," the blue feline stated. Kat's eyes bulged at the very idea of something so foul, and he would've hacked up a hairball if he'd had any hair.

The insane blue thing continued, "My mother had light, blue-gray fur, and green eyes. She said that my father had no fur, pure black eyes with crescent-shaped marks near them, and wore a special silver collar, just like yours, just like mine."

Her filthy collar and scraggly dark blue-ish fur made the female look nothing like a Catnipian-Kat. But her large black eyes, dark-colored ears, tall stature, long limbs, and long-ish tail looked similar enough.

Still, for Kat's older cousin to have had an Earth-Cat as a mate? Kat shuddered at the thought of this creepy thing being related to himself.

As if sensing how he felt, the blue female growled, "So. Do the rest of your kind hate half-breeds as much as most Earth-Cats?"

"Uh," Kat mumbled, "Why... why would you think that Earth-Cats hate ...h-half-breeds?" He nearly choked on the word.

The female's dark eyes narrowed as she growled, "Take a wild guess." Kat realized that most of the female's old scars looked like claw-marks and bite-marks.

From cats.

There were four long gashes down her right eye, with no fur growing near them. Her right ear had a huge, bite-shaped chunk missing from one side. There were four more long claw-marks with little fur down her right shoulder, another three on her right front paw, four deeper ones on her left side, and some bite-marks on the middle of her tail.

There were also some smaller, more recent scratches on her front legs and face, probably from the giant-mice.

"Well..." Kat said slyly, thinking that maybe he could trick her into helping him, "Why don't you untie me, and I'll help you get back at those cats who hurt you?" The female looked unimpressed with his deal, and her ears flattened backwards aggressively.

"What?" Kat asked nervously, and the blue feline retorted, "I can tell you're not interested in assisting me, more like the other way around. Your ears went down and your tail twitched, you were faintly smirking and your voice was sneaky. You want my help with something."

Kat's jaw dropped in shock. How could this Earth-Cat, possibly half Catnipian, know that?!

"Well, if your plans have anything to do with harming humans or certain other Earth-Cats," she continued cheerfully, her tone darkening and a red-stained smile emerging, "Then I'm in."

"Here," the female stated, pushing the dumbfounded Kat's collar towards him. Then she unwound Kat's tail from his tied-up legs and nudged him to his feet. "You're free, kin." And she promptly sat down in front of him, completely passive.

Kat hesitantly sat up, surprised at the sudden change of events. The blue half-breed Earth-Kat had acted so aggressive before, and now she was releasing him?

As he scrutinized the tough female carefully, Kat was startled to realize that she was slightly smaller than him, and younger too. The female's pitch-black eyes were hard, more like a hardened soldier's than a young, half-grown female.

Had her life really been that hard? Most Earth-Cats Kat had met were overfed, lazy, cowardly, and lived with humans. This female probably was part Catnipian-Kat, though Kat loathed to admit that he shared any genetic material with her.

There was an awkward silence as Kat finished his critical examining of the blue female. He really needed to find something better to call her.

"My name is Myr," she stated, "Merrrrr."

"...And my name, at least on Earth, is Kat," Kat told her.

"...Ok. Now what, Kat the cat?" Myr asked, and Kat shrugged. "Sooo," he asked her, "Why did you, um, save me from those giant-mice?"

Myr snickered scornfully, "'Giant mice'? Those were rats. I figured you might be able to help me, seeing as you're not an Earth-Cat. And you couldn't help me if you were dead. Plus, I was bored and hungry." "...Oh," Kat stated, "Uh, Okaaay... So, do you have any powers, like me?"

"Powers?" Myr asked casually, yawning and stretching, "Yeah. I've got a few. I have razor sharp steel-strong claws, my paws can melt metal, I can squeeze through a cat-carrier door" –she almost snarled the word 'cat-carrier'- "and I can vaguely tell what others are feeling."

"Umm... Interesting," Kat told her, feeling highly uncomfortable.

"...You think I'm really creepy and you can't believe I'm related to you," Myr stated blandly.

"...Pretty much, yeah."


There was an awkward pause, until Kat asked, "Um, could we go someplace better to talk?" Myr shrugged indifferently and questioned, "Do you have a specific place in mind? I know this city rather well."

"Uh..." Kat said, considering his options, "Yeah, I know a place nearby that seems to be deserted." "Alright then," Myr replied, "Lead the way, Kat the cat."

"Don't call me that."

"Wanna rat?"


"They're yummy. I like rhyming. Kat, cat, that, rat."

Kat scrunched up his nose in disgust when Myr picked up one of the limp rodents. Smirking, the female flicked the limp creature's tail at Kat, who recoiled with a hiss.

"Ha!" Myr laughed, "You're scared of a dead rat?" "It's dead?" Kat asked, feeling disgusted. "Obviously," Myr growled, "I wouldn't be eating a live rat. That'd be cruel." And with that, the female picked up the rest of the dead, bloody rats by their ails and stalked away.

Ohhh, Kat was going to be having a long day...

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