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Kat's injured pride stung with every step he took. He did, however, feel better at the fact that he was the one leading his new... associates.

It'd be humiliating if they were leading him, so he was glad that they weren't. The two females stalked behind him, not bothering to whisper or hide their words from him as they spoke.

This both pleased and irritated Kat- on one paw, he didn't have to work hard at all to eavesdrop. But it also showed that they didn't seem to mind his overhearing, so they didn't think he was any danger to them.

Sure, Kat didn't plan on attacking the either of the females- there was no point in that. But he would've been more cautious discussing things while a stranger was nearby. These two didn't seem to care.

"I'm sorry he spoke about you that way," Myr was apologizing to Skid, "I thought he'd learned his lesson from when I... spoke with him earlier."

"Ah yes," Skid laughed lightly, "I could hear the entire thing without even trying! I also heard some concrete or something sizzling."

"Actually, it was tar," Myr told her, and Skid nodded, "Ah. I'd wondered about that smell. It was very oily."

The blue female shrugged, "Sorry. At least I didn't get any stuck between my claws this time."

Skid laughed sympathetically, "I remember the first time that happened. You were sooo angry..."

"Yes," Myr chuckled, "And when I finally calmed down, Sangre had to do that spine thing with his fur to pick out the dried tar globs."

"His 'spine thing' is neat. And when you got pricked by the spines, you nearly set poor Sangre on fire!" Skid complained in a mock-disappointed voice.

As they spoke, the two strange felines walked faster, slowly gaining on Kat until they started to pass him. The Catnipian got a good look at the scars they both had, and at their shockingly visible ribs.

And yet, this all seemed to be a part of life for them. They kept their ears pricked and talked quietly enough so that only Kat and they could hear themselves. The two females walked almost silent-footed, though their claws were halfway out, just waiting for an attack.

What were their lives like?

"Ohh you know he doesn't get set on fire," Myr chided dismissively, "He has special fur- he was fine!"

"And smelled of burnt fur nearly the entire day," the black-and-white female lamented.

Myr shrugged, "He told you he was fine! You were the one who insisted on finding some way to wash off the smell."

Skid scowled at the memory, "It stank." Myr sighed and laughed slightly, "Alright, alright. How about I go collect everything now, before we start arguing?"

Kat didn't think he'd mind that. When the freaky blue female had 'argued' with him, it'd mostly involved vicious threatening. Watching the two females fight one another would've been fun.

The blue feline turned to scowl at him, as if she'd read his mind. Oh wait. She had mentioned that she could tell what others were feeling, and she could obviously read body-language very well. Kat knew that he'd have to be more careful.

"I'll get my pelt-bag, and he can come along," the black-and white feline suggested, and Myr shrugged. "If you can stand him for that long," she scoffed/warned, and then slipped away, vanishing into the alleyways and shadows of the city.

"Come on," Skid told Kat, barely waiting before she slunk away in a different direction. This was very irritating to Kat- was he ever going to get a say in anything anymore, with these earth-cats around?

He bounded after the female, surprised at how difficult it was to keep up. 'Well, not difficult,' he reasoned arrogantly, 'Just... requiring a little more effort.' Still, it was weird how quick this earth-cat was.

After a minute or so, Kat and Skid reached an ancient-looking dumpster. The earth-cat slithered under it, and when Kat peered underneath, he saw that she had crawled into a rough tunnel.

It appeared to have been dug and burned/melted into the ground and a wall of the building that the dumpster was pressed against. Claws scraped as the earth-cat crawled out, carrying a floppy, mostly flat-looking object.

Once in the light, the object was slightly more distinguishable. It seemed to be some kind of a bag made of irregular patches, and with brown hair or thin fur all over it.

The thing was thick and relatively soft in his paws when Skid handed it to him. When he inquired as to what it was made of, the female replied as though it were completely normal, "Rat skins and fur, and rat-intestines."

Kat dropped it immediately with a yelp, and the earth-cat snickered. She folded up the bag, picked it up in her mouth, and bounded away. Kat grimaced and followed her.

The earth-cat abruptly stopped and sat down beside a garbage can next to another building, informing Kat that Myr would get there soon.

"It isn't finished yet," Skid told him, nodding toward the furry bag, "I hadn't gotten enough intact skins to make it big enough. With the rats you supplied though, it'll be even bigger than planned, and carry plenty of food."

Kat didn't know how to respond. He wasn't sure if the female was simply thinking aloud, or trying to disturb him.

About half a minute later, Myr came along, carrying several dead rats on her back, and more swinging by their tails in her mouth. Atop the dead rats on her back was the dead crow, dried blood still visible on its throat.

Kat nearly gagged. The blue female chuckled, and placed the dead things inside of the bag that was made from dead things. The Catnipian Kat found it all disgusting, and wrinkled his nose.

Myr glanced at Kat with slight irritation and told him, "It may seem primitive and unsanitary to you, but not using these would be a waste. And when you have very little, you can't afford to waste anything useful."

Kat hadn't heard of this. On his planet, or at least one of the planets his species owned, there was more than enough of everything! When things ran out, more were supplied from other planets.

"We had to work with this stuff so it wouldn't rot," Skid mentioned, "And sewed the pelts together with treated rat-innards and sharpened little bones."

"In any case," Myr finished, "I'll carry it." "Good idea," Skid agreed, "I'll need my senses unburdened while we travel."

"And I need to practice," Myr added, "Carrying a little extra weight should help."

"Practice what, if I may ask?" Kat asked, with a dose of sarcasm.

Myr smirked slightly, "Flying."