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"What's this?" Tony read the note attached to the stack of film reels that JARVIS had alerted him about. Tony's eyes widened. He had to call in the others.


Steve sat with the other Avengers, waiting to see what Tony had summoned them for. They had been sitting in the Avenger's mansion's movie theatre for almost twenty minutes, wondering what the genius-playboy-millionaire-whatever-he-called-himself wanted.

Steve sighed, it had been sixty-six years to the day since he had put the Hydra plane into the water, since he had been frozen, since he had spoken to Peggy. Kissed Peggy. He rested his head in his hand, he had been in his room all day, staring at the compass that had been returned to him. Inside was a picture of Peggy Carter. He carried that compass with him everywhere, it was one of the few things he had from his earlier days in WWII, the only picture he had of her.

"Helloooo Avengers!" Steve was drawn out of his thoughts by Tony announcing his presence.

"Tony, what is it now? Clint and I just got back from a mission!" Natasha said, slightly grumpily, although it was obvious that she was curious too.

"Alright, alright, there is a reason why I called you here-" Tony started

"Is there a reason why you are a half-hour late?" Natasha interrupted again, eyeing Tony's hastily buttoned shirt and mussed hair.

"Err- yes, Pepper and I were-talking. But anyway!" He started again. "I did call you here for a reason, and that reason is that something was just delivered here from Shield HQ. They sent some film reels, and one of them was recovered from Steve's crash site." Steve looked up immediately, "The other ones, I'm honestly not sure what they are or why they sent it, but they did, so I think you, especially Stevie Wonder Boy over there, have a right to see it."

"What is it?" Steve questioned, running things through his mind about what it might be, but drawing a blank.

"This." Tony said simply, withdrawing a couple film reels from behind his back.

Steve narrowed his eyes, "Let me see that." Tony obliged, handing one of the films to Steve, who examined it, before taking it out of it's case and holding a bit of film up to the light. His mouth dropped open. "There was a SECURITY CAMERA?" Tony nodded.

The other Avengers exchanged looks at different levels of bemusement: from Bruce, who looked like he had a slight grasp on what was going on, to Thor, who had probably never seen a movie before.

"Will someone tell us what's going on?" Clint blurted out, causing Steve and Tony to turn away from the reel and towards him.

"There was a security camera on the Hydra Plane that I crashed into the ice. This reel seems to show everything, from when I enter the cockpit to when it all goes black. Apparently, they were able to recover it and enhance the audio so that you can hear everything." Steve sighed, he seemed to be doing that a lot today. "I'm assuming that you guys want to watch them, don't you?" The rest looked at each other.

On one hand, some of them would be hard for Steve to watch. But on the other hand, it would help them all understand what the soldier had gone through over sixty years ago. Natasha made eye contact with everyone individually, then turned back to the front and nodded.

Steve adopted an odd expression, but nodded also.

"Alright! JARVIS, bring out the eight track player. Steve, set it up, I can't figure out how to play these things." Tony examined all of them, then smirked at one. "Let's start from the beginning, shall we?"

In a matter of minutes, the Captain had set up the complicated looking machine, then nodded at Tony, who called for JARVIS to turn the lights off. "Okay, let's get this over with," Steve said, then started it.


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