A Shelter For Love

Summary: AU : Magic Doesn't Exist Here 21 years ago, Narcissa Malfoy gave away her dead best friend's daughter to a poor family. Many years later, Hermione's father dies, so their family starts having financial problems. She and her brother Harry, decide to move to England to look for jobs. Hermione finds a job as a maid in the Malfoy Manor. What happens when she starts falling for Draco?


"Narcissa, you need to promise me that you will take care of my little baby... I know that I'am probably going to die, and since Bradford is in jail... I want you and Lucius to take care of my little Hermione... At least until the Ministry discovers that Bradford didn't commit the fraud he is being acussed of... I know that I can trust you..." Angelina Styles said before taking her last breath.

Narcissa Malfoy smirked at the body of her dead 'friend'. She despised her with her entire heart, they had been friends for years until Narcissa started thinking that Lucius was cheating on ther with Angelina.

That's when she started hating her. But Angelina wasn't like that. She would never do that to Narcissa, plus she was married to Bradford Styles, one of the owners of Malfoy&Style,Inc.

The Malfoys and Styles had a very close friendship. Or at least that's what the Malfoys made the Styles believe.

When Narcissa was 6 month pregnant, she found out that Angelina was 3 months pregnant,too.

She thought that Angelina's baby Lucius's so she thought that Lucius was gonna leave her for Angelina.

1 month after giving birth to Draco, when Angelina was 6 months pregnant, Narcissa put a pill in Angelina's vitamins.

This made Angelina have an early birth.

Narcissa had meant for the baby to died, but instead Angelina was the one to died.

Narcissa couldn't say that she was sad for her mistake, she was so happy,finally she could know that she had her husband all to herself.

But she knew that she had to do something with the baby, so she paid the doctor so that he would tell that the baby had died, and she gave the baby to the maid and gardener that worked in the Malfoy Manor, the Grangers. She knew that the couple would never say no to a baby, so she gave them enough money to keep their mouths shut, and told them to go as far as possible...