Prompt: Could you do a camrissa drabble where they're little kids?

A/N: I love Camrissa. This should be fun. Taylor, my OC from WtH, makes a brief appearance.

"Why do I have to take him to the park?" a Taylor whined, glaring at her younger brother.

"Because you're responsible and I have to make dinner," their mother told her.

"Fine." She grabbed the six-year-old by the arm and stormed out of the house.

"Here we are. Go. Have fun. I'll be back in an hour," Taylor said. She walked away.

Cameron had no idea what to do. He had never been at the park alone before and had no idea what to do. To top it all off none of his friends were there.

He felt a light tap on his shoulder. When he turned around he saw a pretty red haired girl, maybe a year younger than he was. "Are you lost?" she asked.

"No," he denied.

"It's ok if you are," she told him. "I lose my parents all the time."

"I didn't lose my parents. My sister left me." He pouted.

She just looked at him. "Oh. Well do you want to play with me."

He looked at her, confused. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because me and Lindsay got into a fight and I need a new best friend. Will you be my new best friend?" She offered him her hand.

He took it. "Sure."

Years later Taylor would brag to their kids about how she is the reason they got together.

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