Thank you to the people who read the first chapter and are still reading. A few of the events in the episodes will be changed so that Rae will be able to interact better with the characters. Enjoy. :)

September 19th, 2011

"Sixteen, female, bullet wound to the left arm and lower right abdomen." She could just barely make out what they were saying, unable to keep her eyes open for more than a few seconds. She could feel the unusually slow thud of her heart, her arm going numb as the pain in her side pulsed. The lights above her were bright, blindingly so. They reminded her of the ones in her classroom, shining down on her and classmates as they did their work That was the last thought before her mouth opened in a loud shriek was heard, taking a minute to realize it'd come from her. Jesus, she could feel g. It felt as if a fiery knife was being plunged into her and twisted at every possible angle making a dull but unpleasant pressure. And then everything had gone dark again.

"Rae, relax , I'll be in the admin office the entire time." Rae wasn't exactly ecstatic to have her mother with her that day. While they were close, closer than most mothers and daughters, Rae harbored the same fear as most teenagers that her mother would either do or say something embarrassing, thus ruining her so far untainted reputation. "Okay, mom. Whatever." Rae rolled her eyes with a nod, pulling the headphones connected to her Ipod out of her ears. Had Rae known this would be the last conversation she would have with her mother, it would have been much longer and much more meaningful. The eye rolling would have been omitted, along with the obvious annoyance in her mannerisms.

It was the period before she'd get to chow down on one of the delectable meatball subs n the cafeteria, that the students were suddenly brought out of their tired Monday morning haze. Loud popping noises that most would mistake as fireworks were heard but Rae had heard these noises before. These were gun shots. Rae hadn't even managed to open her mouth to alert anyone before screams could be heard from the down the hall, a single bullet shattering through the classroom window. The girl shrieked while the boys let out a string of curse, the teacher doing his best to keep them calm and failing quite miserably. Rae, along with her classmates, rushed out the door; backpacks and their contents long forgotten.

Rae had all but made it out of the building when she'd passed the admin building, backtracking to find her mother. She walked through the scattered papers, the secretary laying face down on her keyboard. She heard soft speaking from the backroom, quickly walking back to find her mother. "Mom!" She exclaimed, sighing in relief as she her mother standing in front of the copier. She reached out, latching onto her mothers hand, pulling her into the hallway. Their escape was cut short when they realized they weren't the only ones in the hall. She turned slowly, her heart sinking as she him. He held the gun in his hand, raising it up and pointing it toward them. She screamed as she watched the bullet penetrate her mothers skull, the petite woman collapsing instantly, dragging her daughter down with her in the process.

"Please, oh god, please... mama, please! Please don't leave me!" She cried out as she watched the blood pool around her mothers head, her mind not able to process the clicking sound behind her. She turned her head, eyes widened in fear. "Please don't kill me." She breathed out. That was when she felt the sharp, shooting pain in her shoulder.. and then her stomach.

Present Day - 2012

"Fuck.." Rae muttered as she sat up in bed, clutching her chest as she gasped softly. More than a year had passed and she still couldn't get a full nights sleep without a nightmare waking her. A fucking year and she still remembered every single detail. She couldn't have one night where a nightmare didn't invade her mind, haunt her with the crimson color of her mothers blood, the sound of a bullet slicing through flesh and scraping against bone sending chills down her spine. Rae just wanted to forget, needed to not remember every single detail all the time.

She needed to not remember the reason why she and her father could barely even speak to each other now. Their relationship was shot to hell. Every time one of them had tried to initiate a conversation, it always ended in an awkward silence. Neither of them knew how to act around the other now. They'd both lost someone that day. Her mother, his wife.

Most nights, she'd awake from her night terrors and just do her best not to fall asleep. Read, write in her journal, even take a walk around town some nights . Anything so she wouldn't have to face those painful memories. She'd been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder a few months ago and had also stopped attending therapy a few months ago. She found it useless to keep bringing up old memories, painful memories. She got enough that with her nightmares. She didn't want to have to relive that day while she awake as well.

Soon enough it was morning. Rae laid in her bed, just watching the sun come up as she pondered what the day might hold for her. It was her first day at a new school, Beacon Hills High. Her old school had held too many memories, too many triggers. She'd finished out her freshmen year before deciding to transfer out. Her father hadn't been too happy at the thought of her going to another school, one in a different state no less. The only way would be for her to live alone... and Rae was just fine with that. She didn't need anyone around, reminding her of everything she'd lost in the past year.

She sighed as she got up to get ready. She turned on her stereo as she did her hair and make up, moving on to decide what to wear that day. She settled for jeans and a white long sleeved shirt with a black design wrapping around the torso before slipping on her converse. She'd only taken twenty minutes to get ready but somehow she still managed to find a way to be late on her first day. Everyone else had been going to class for about an entire semester but Rae had enrolled late so she'd definitely be catching up for the first few weeks. She'd decided to get used to her new apartment before starting school. Or she was just lazy and was making the most of her new living situation. What sixteen year girl wouldn't? She sighed as she finally walked into the school, a rush of too cool air making her shiver.

"Ms. Parker, so nice of you to grace us with your presence. Have a seat please. The principle is assigning someone to show you around for the day." The secretary said before continuing on with what shed been doing before.

"Actually, that's not necessary. I do need to learn how to get around myself." She said, watching as the secretary eyed her up and down as if she was trying to decide whether or not to trust her. After a moments hesitation, she exhaled loudly before handing Rae her schedule and tardy slip.

Rae looked down at her schedule as she walked out of the office, she'd missed first period so she walked until she found her second class of the day, Mr. Harris' chemistry class. She stopped in front of the door, making sure she had the right room before opening it and walking in.

The teacher, Mr. Harris she assumed, was handing out an assignment but stopped when he saw her standing at the front of the class.

"And you would you be..." He trailed off, a slightly condescending tone to his voice.

"Oh, um, Rae. Rae Parker, I'm a new student here." She explained as she handed him her tardy slip. He looked down at the slip of paper before turning to face the class.

"Class... this is Rae Parker. She's a new student here, make her feel welcome." Ironic since his tone was anything but welcoming. "You can take a seat by Mr. McCall." He said as a pointed to a tan guy, an open spot next to him. She nodded as she walked over, taking a seat next to him. She pulled out a pencil before beginning her assignment. She frowned slightly as she heard the boy next to her whispering something to someone behind them. She could just barely make out what they were saying before Mr. Harris caught on.

"This is a pop quiz, Mr. Stilinski. If I hear your voice again I may tempted to give you detention for the rest of your high school career." He said, causing Rae to raise her eyebrows. Well, he was certainly a charmer.

"Can you do that?" The boy behind her said.

"Ah, there it is again. The only voice that has triggered me to hit a student repeatedly and violently. See at you three for detention!" He said, making the raven haired boy beside her turn his head in surprise.

"You too, Mr. McCall?"

"No, sir." He said before moving his attention back to the assignment in front of him.

Rae looked up, making sure that Mr. Harris wasn't looking before turning her head to whisper to the boy seated beside her.

"Is he always like that? Viciously condescending, I mean?" He chuckled as he shook his head, before turning to look at her.

"Always. Especially with my friend, Stiles. I'm Scott by the way..." He trailed off as another student all but ran out of the room, clutching his nose. "...and that's Jackson but he's a bit harder to explain. But, yeah, Mr. Harris is a dick like all the time." He said, running a hand through his dark hair.

"Good to know, I guess." She whispered, taking a second to peek over at Scott's friend, Stiles was it? She quickly looked away as their gazes met, slightly surprised that he been looking at her as well.

Rae spent the rest of class, doing her work, not willing to make a bad impression on her first day.

A groan left Rae's lips as she struggled to open her locker, the door not willing to open for her. She leaned her head against the cold metal in annoyance before she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to face whoever it was, seeing that it was Stiles. She remembered him from Chemistry earlier that morning, his little dispute with Mr. Harris coming to mind.

"Uh, may I?" He said, gesturing to her locker. She nodded before stepping aside and watching him go to work.

"What's your combination?" He asked before she handed him the piece of paper she'd written it on. He turned the dial on the lock, entering the given combination before hitting the locker twice in the middle, watching it swing open.

"Thanks! I didn't think it ever open..." She said, smiling as she moved to put her books inside. "I'm Rae by the way, we're in the same chemistry class." She said, adjusting the strap of her messenger bag on her shoulder.

"Stiles Stilinski. Yeah, I saw you walk in. Nice shoes." He said, grinning as she looked down at her black converse.

"Yeeeah, heels aren't really my thing. Anyway, um, thanks for helping me..." She said, watching as he nodded and turned on his heel. She bit her lip as she debated on whether or not to ask the question that was floating around in her mind.

"Stiles!" She called out, watching as he turned and stopped, waiting for her to catch up.

"Listen, I'm almost positive I just failed that pop quiz. I've been doing my studies through correspondence with my old school but apparently I'm still pretty behind. Would you mind helping me catch up or letting me borrow your notes?" She asked, eagerly anticipating his response.

Stiles stood there, frozen for a moment. Though he knew he'd pretty smooth with the whole locker bit, he hadn't expected her to say anything else to him. Most of the schools female population all but ignored him so he couldn't help but be surprised that she was asking him for help.

"Oh, me? I mean, uh, yeah sure if you want. Well, I mean, you do want... you did ask after all. I mean, yes. The answer is yes." He saw a grin pull up the corners of her lips, revealing a perfect set of pearly whites. Stiles liked her smile.

"Thanks. We can meet up at your house after you detention. Cool?" Stiles nodded at her offer before it hit him. Detention! Shit, he'd almost forgotten. He nodded though, taking out a pen and paper to write down his address for her.

"Just stop by around four and I'll be there." Stiles said, smiling as she nodded and walked away.

Rae couldn't help but feel proud of herself. Her first day wasn't going so bad afterall. Maybe she'd actually have a good experience at this school. Her happiness was cut short as she suddenly ran into someone, both of their book bags emptying onto the floor.

"Shit, I'm so sorry! I wasn't even paying attention. Here, lemme help!" She said, her words flying out of her mouth as she rushed to pick up the other persons belongings before something caught her eye. A Canon camera, an expensive camera for a high schooler. He must have been dedicated.

"Nice camera.." She said, her brows furrowing when the other person said nothing. She looked up and she had to force her jaw not to drop.

"Matt..." She said, shock embedding itself in her voice.

"Rae?" He said at the same time, his tone equally shocked.

Well this would be a fun day.