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A loud groan came from Rae as she heard her alarm clock going off, the loud beeping making her throw a pillow over her head. She groaned again as her hand reached out, knocking against her nightstand and nearly knocking over the lamp in an effort to hit the snooze button.

"God damn it." She cursed as she sat up in bed before leaning down and yanking the cord out of the wall. It was Monday. Oh god, it was Monday. Monday meant school. School meant actually getting out of bed. She'd forgotten how much it sucked to have to wake up every morning only to be stuck in classes for seven hours. It was torture. The only thing that got her through the day was the fact that she had her yearbook class at the end of the day. It made school a little bit more bearable. Apparently the principal had heard that she was into photography and had specifically requested that she be put in the class.

The whole reason Rae had gotten into photography was because of her therapist urging her to find a hobby, something to channel her stress and anxiety into. She'd picked photography because of Matt. Some of the happiest times she'd had before her mom died had been with him, his camera always included. She had been one of the first people he'd ever taken real photos of. They'd always taken silly photos together. But it was the photos that he would take of her when she wasn't paying attention, when she was off in her own little world that seemed to capture her perfectly. To Matt anyway. It was amazing how something so simple could relieve so much stress. When Rae had been studying from home, she would pretty much always end up taking a break to walk around town to take a few photos. Beacon Hills had some pretty amazing scenery.

How Rae had managed to get to school on time was a mystery. She slipped her bag over her shoulder before closing her car door and walking towards the front of the school. She squinted slightly as she saw two girls in front of her, both of them taking their time walking to the front. It was then that she recognized one of them as the girls that she and Stiles had seen butt naked in the woods. She debated on whether or not to go up and say hi when she suddenly lost her footing, tumbling down to the ground and landing flat on her bottom. "Really?" She muttered to herself, moving onto her knees to gather her things. She reached to grab her binder before a pale hand picked it up before she could. Her eyes moved up slowly before she saw it was one of the girls that she'd seen before.

"We saw you fall. Just wanted to make sure you were okay." The dark haired girl said, handing Rae her binder. Her eyes then fell to the girl standing beside her, the naked red head she'd seen in the woods on Friday. Lisa? Lila? "I'm Allison and this is Lydia. You're new here right?" Rae nodded before the girl continued to speak. "I was the new girl for awhile but I guess I've been dethroned. I'm sorry I didn't get your name..."

"Her name's Rae." The redhead, Lydia, stated. Rae frowned, curious as to how this girl she'd never even met, well, formally met knew this. "It's on your binder, sweetie." Lydia said, nodding towards the binder in Rae's arms. Rae glanced down at it, seeing that her name was indeed scribbled onto her binder in bright orange permanent marker. She laughed softly as she shook her head before looking up at them again.

"Uh, yeah, I'm Rae, obviously. I was there in the woods when you, uh, emerged..." She trailed off, quieting herself once Lydia realized what she meant. Lydia's eyes widened slightly before returning to their normal state. They then narrowed slightly as if she was inspecting Rae, deciding on whether or not she should trust this girl.

"I thought you looked slightly familiar. Walk with us." She said before turning on her heel and walking towards the school again. Allison shrugged before nodding, telling Rae to follow them.

"As I was saying before we met our new little friend, it was weird. It was almost like I was daydreaming, one minute I'm in the shower and then I'm nude in the woods... and then Stiles fell." Lydia said, making Rae chuckle as she recalled how Stiles had quite literally fallen over himself at the sight of a naked Lydia.

"You really don't remember anything?" Allison asked her friend as the walked up the steps.

"They called it a fume state which is basically what I'm saying. We have no idea why you can't remember running around the woods naked for two days. " Lydia said, sarcasm as clear as day in her tone. Though in her defense, who would really want to remember running around the woods in their birthday suit only to be found by an entire police department and two teenagers. "But personally I don't care... I lost nine pounds." She said with a smile.

"Nine pounds? Jesus, was it the meds or did you just not eat?!" Rae exclaimed, running a hand through her hair as they stopped in front of the doors. Allison and Lydia laughed softly before all three of them sighed. None of the three girls were really all too eager to go in. Lydia for obvious reasons, Allison because of... everything really, and Rae was slightly dreading the fact she had to go to school at all. They'd all rather be in bed, hiding under the covers where they'd be safe and warm.

"Are you ready for this?" Allison asked, trying to make sure that Lydia was actually ready for this. It wasn't everyday that you were attacked and admitted to the hospital only to escape said hospital and wander around naked for two days. Most people would be a little frazzled but...

"Please! It's not like my aunt's a serial killer." Lydia said with about as much subtlety as a hand grenade. Rae raised an eyebrow, wondering what the hell Lydia meant by that. Was it an inside joke between the two? Was she serious?

"What does she mean by th-"

"Trust me, you don't wanna know." Allison said as they walked in.

After seeing how noticed Lydia had been when they'd walked in, all eyes immediately falling on her, Rae had carefully gotten away from them. It wasn't that Rae was ashamed or embarrassed to be seen with them, they were both nice girls. Well, Allison was nice, Lydia was a little more complicated if Rae were to be completely honest. But, Rae had definitely had her fair share of stares and whispers back home. Though she knew they weren't directed at her, it still made her uneasy. It made her skin crawl and her heart race. It made her feel as if she couldn't breath.

Rae ran to her locker, stopping in front of it as she leaned her forehead against it. She took in several shuddered breaths, a vain attempt to calm herself. She bit her lip softly as she opened her locker, reaching into it before she pulled out a bottle of pills. The label read Zyprexa. It was the medication she'd been prescribed to treat her anxiety and depression. She'd taken them for a few weeks after the shooting before weening herself off of them. They'd made her tired and groggy, she wouldn't eat anything for days. The thing that was supposed to make her feel better made her feel worse. She closed her eyes, silently wondering if she really needed one. The label said take as needed. She sighed as she threw them into the bottom of her bag, shaking her head before looking at herself in the mirror that hung on her locker door.

"You don't need them." She said to her reflection before she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Matt. She gave a half smile as she looked up at him, closing her locker as she turned to face him. "You alright?" He asked, his brows furrowing together. She nodded as she began walking down the hall with him.

"I meant to call you yesterday, I got busy. Lacrosse, homework, you know." He said with a shrug.

"Yeah, I get it. I was pretty busy too. AP classes are already kicking my ass, I ended up studying with a friend on Saturday. He was a big help." Matt forced a smile onto his lips. He. She was already talking to other guys. Not that he was jealous. He was not jealous. He didn't get jealous, especially over an ex-girlfriend. They'd been broken up for almost two years. Rae could do whatever she wanted. It wasn't like he owned her. They weren't together. Matt cleared his throat and stopped as they came upon his next class, standing with her for a moment in a slightly awkward silence. "I guess I'll see you at lunch." Rae nodded but wasn't exactly sure what to say next. She leaned in, giving his side a small hug before separating from him and making her way down the hall way. She shook her head, cursing herself for being so nervous around him. The only thing was that it wasn't the type of nervous that she felt when she'd been around him before, not the kind where she felt butterflies in her stomach or the kind where she knew she liked him. It was more along the lines of not saying the wrong thing. Rae shook her head before walking towards the principals office, intending to thank him for putting her in yearbook class.

Rae opened the door to his office but stood in the door, shocked to see someone else besides the principal sitting behind the principals desk. He was an older man, his hair white and thinning while a smirk gave off an incredibly intimidating vibe. She looked over to see both Stiles and Scott seated in front of him "Oh, um sorry, I was looking for the principal." The smirk on his face spread a bit wider but it slowly turned into a smile, not that it put her at ease. He stood, buttoning his blazer as he walked around his desk to stand in front of her. "Well, you're looking at him, miss. Isn't that right boys?" Scott and Stiles nodded, neither of them saying a word. She raised an eyebrow as he held out his hand for her to shake. She carefully raised her own, giving his a light shake.

"I understand that you're a new student here so I'm sure this may be just a little confusing. Is there something you needed, Ms. Parker?" He said as he returned to his seat behind his desk.

"Oh, well, I- I was gonna thank prin- I mean, Mr. Thompson, I think, for putting me in yearbook committee." She said, tugging at the edges of her sleeves gently.

"Well, he's had to resign unexpectedly but I'm sure he would have been... extremely happy to hear you were pleased. My name is Mr. Argent and please, if you have any questions or if you should need anything don't be a stranger. As for you boys, I do believe we're done here." Mr. Argent said, smiling that smile that made Rae's skin crawl. She did her best not to pass judgment on him but she was finding it to be increasingly hard. There was something off about him.

As Rae, Stiles, and Scott walked out she couldn't help but notice how nervous they appeared, disturbed expressions on their faces. She began to walk away but stopped in the middle of the hall and turned to face them, needing to assure herself that they were alright. "Are you guys okay? You look kinda spooked." The looks on their faces quickly changed to surprise, as if they hadn't expected her to pick up on their distress. Scott looked over at Stiles, his mouth hanging open as if searching for the right words.

"Yeah. We're cool. Cool as ice. Cooler than ice actually... totally okay." An amused look came across Rae's face, finding it funny that Stiles got so nervous so easily. She nodded as she slowly walked backwards as she spoke. "Well, I guess I'll see you guys around." Stiles nodded before he felt Scott hit him in the chest then point at Rae, silently telling him to follow her. Stiles frowned not picking up on the message as he gave a returning hit to Scott's chest followed by Scott giving a hard punch to his arm before he pushed him in the direction Rae was walking.

"Hey Rae! Wait up!" He called out, rubbing his arm and preparing for the bruise that would no doubt appear on his skin. She turned her head as he came up beside her, a smile lifting the corners of her mouth. She brushed a piece of blond hair behind her ear.

"Hey... again. I, uh, saw you with a guy earlier... Matt? You guys know each other?" He asked, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie so he wouldn't fidget with his hands. Rae looked away from him as she nodded, her mind wandering back to when he'd kissed her cheek and then back to how she was still hanging around Matt. But just because her and Matt were hanging out didn't mean she and Stiles couldn't. She and Matt were broken up and had been for a while. It was only natural that she would eventually hang out with other guys. And besides, Matt hadn't said anything to really give her a clue as to whether or not he still had any feelings for her. Hell, she wasn't sure about whether or not she had feelings for him or if it was just nice to see him again.

"Um, yeah, he used to go school with me in New York. He's from here originally but he moved there and then he moved back. We were kind of a thing back then." Stiles nodded, a strange pang developing in his chest. He cleared his throat as he forced a smile.

"Oh, so are you and him.. back together or..."

"Oh no, we're just friends. Strictly platonic right now. I mean he's a great guy. We dated for a while but it was just hard to keep it going when we were so far away from each other." She said, crossing her arms over her chest. Stiles really didn't know what to make of the situation. Rae was really the only girl he'd noticed aside from Lydia. But even then it had taken him a while to realize that he actually had a crush on the redhead. Did he like Rae? He'd kissed her. On the cheek but still she hadn't seemed to mind. Did she like him? She didn't seem to not not like him. And she was single. He was single.

"Oh! So, I guess if I were to ask you if you wanted to hang out again, maybe get a bite to eat... you'd say yes since you're currently unattached?"

Rae's breath caught in her throat as he spoke. Stiles wasn't.. no, he couldn't be. Was he asking her out? They'd only known each other a few days and she was still caught up in being at a new school, dealing with her stuff with Matt, and she'd be lying if she said she wasn't still dealing with the shooting. A year seemed like a long time but when the nightmares never stopped and she saw her scars in the mirror day after day, it seemed like yesterday. How was she supposed to explain that to Stiles? How would he even know what to say? If he stayed long enough to say anything at all.

"Stiles... you're awesome. You're funny and you were really great with helping me catch up but..." Stiles felt his heart drop as she began to list all of his qualities, the all to predictable sign of being shot down. He had to admit though, it was better than just getting a flat out no.

"You still have a thing for Matt..." He finished for her, rubbing the back of his shaved head as he struggled to keep his disappointment hidden. He was going to kill Scott for putting him in this situation.

"No! I mean, no, it's not Matt. I just, I'm dealing with a lot. Not just school but in pretty much all aspects of life. It's messy and it's complicated and it'd be really stupid for me to bring you into it."

"So you're saying that you don't like like Matt and that if you weren't dealing with so much, I'd have a shot?" He smiled as she laughed, placing a hand through her hair as she nodded with a shy grin.. She liked Stiles. He was awkward and nervous and unbelievably simple minded at times but that... that was Stiles in all of his quirky glory.

"One hundred percent. I like you, Stiles." She leaned over, pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth before walking away from him. His mouth hung open, his eyes wide as stood frozen in place. His pumped his fist, spinning in a complete circle as had a silent celebration. She liked him. She liked him. It wasn't one sided and it wasn't just as friend. Rae like Stiles.

"Thank you, Scott!" Stiles yelled, placing his hands on his hips as he began to walk down the hall.