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Block Estate

August 31st 3:45 PM

Massie POV

We were expelled. That was what kept reappearing in my head after the PC and I were kicked out of school. My parents took it okay, but decided that they would not try and get me back into OCD, but instead to find a new school for me. I was fine with it since they were probably sending me to school in Manhattan. So, as I was waiting for my father to announce the news to wear the Pretty Committee would be going, I started to space out. Once I was close to being asleep, my father's voice woke me up.

"Girls, now, I'm sorry for the long wait, but your parents and I had to find a school for you to go to for the school year. OCD has decided that they would let you in next year. So, for now, us parents have decided to send you to Claire's old school in Florida and live with her aunt, Kasey. We tried getting you guys into some private schools, but, being into the school year, the admission was too late," William explained.

Now this shook me. "What?! Dad, I do not want to go to PUBLIC SCHOOL! And in Florida? Ugh. When do we leave?" I asked.

"You leave in one week," my father told me, as if nothing was wrong.

My life was officially over. I was not going to be able to see Derrington for a year, and I only had a week to pack.

Suddenly, I started to hear Dylan and Alicia complain about moving to Florida. 'What did I ever do to you?' and 'This is so unfair!' they would kept saying.

Massie: Kuh-laire? Did you know about this? This is the worst news ever!

Claire: Nope, I never knew until now. And this news is NOT horrible! You'll get to meet my friends J

Massie: You say that like it's a good thing. Well g2g I must make a packing list. Emergency PC meeting 2morrow nite.

Block Guest House

Claire's Room

August 31st


Claire's POV

When I walked into my room, I started texting one of my Florida friends, Sari.

Claire: Guess wat?! My friends and I are going to your school next week! Yay!

Sari: That's so cool! I have to tell the girls…. But Claire, remember Ava?

Claire: Uh… yeah, why?

Oh no, I forgot all about Ava Williams. She tormented me throughout my school years and I do not want that to happen EVER again. Hopefully (probably) Massie will dethrone her as Queen Bee and she will finally know what it's like to be on the bottom.

Sari: Well she is still at our school, and has gotten way worse.

After the message, I started feeling a bit lightheaded from the terrible news and decided to contact Massie as soon as I could talk to her.

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