Title: Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me
Verse: NCIS
Genre: Crime/Family/Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Tragedy
Pairing: Mild Tony/Ziva in the beginning, possibly more later. Father/Son – Gibbs/Tony. Siblings Tony/McGee + Tony/Abby + Tony/Palmer. Tony/OCC
Rating: M for suggested violence, possible future violence. Drugs, prostitution and other graphic themes
Disclaimer: Other than the OCC, I own nothing.
Tony finds out that his estrange cousin is mixed in with an NCIS murder investigation. Why's she involved and can he help get her out of it unscathed? Or will she help him... Team Fic

A/N: This story takes place in the middle of Season 9, so before the dreaded finale, but after the affair with CI-Ray.

NCIS Very Special Agent Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo was stumped. There was something seriously wrong with this Major Case Response Team's – MCRT – current state for them to have not yet closed their present case. Three weeks in and 'Team Gibbs' had yet to apprehend the murderer of Lance Corporal Jim Damacos. Yes, there is defiantly something wrong with us… or is it me? Tony mused.

It had never taken the team more than a week, possibly a week and a half, to close a case, but there was something, the very essence on this particular case, that they had yet to figure out. Tony had checked everything and everyone he could think of as a possible candidate: the wife, the mistress, and the wife's mistress, even the butler! But to his damn luck none of them panned out. Even his younger male colleague, who was currently getting off the phone, looked bewildered. Tony was afraid this was going to turn into a cold case, which was a real shame in his eyes. Not because it was a notch lower for the 97% success rate Team Gibbs had accumulated throughout years of pushing to be the best, but for the victim; Corporal Lance Jim Damacos.

The forty-year-old Agent had seen many disfigured and dismembered bodies throughout his years, not only as an NCIS agent, but also as a Peoria, Philadelphia, and Baltimore detective, but nothing had compared to the crudeness of this particular marines state of death. Upon first arriving at the crime scene he had thought it to be a usual dismemberment of the limbs; as stated in the report he heard before their arrival. What he hadn't expected was for the Corporal's limbs to look as if they had been physically removed by the power only a human stretcher could obtain. There were lacerations all over his torso, which had been placed up right on Damacos' sofa with the remaining body part's tossed all around the living area haphazardly. Finger's cut off – discovered to be premortem later in the case – toe nails pulled out and the Corporal's genital's squished, as if stomped on, on the living room floor. It had even taken the crime scene unit a few hours to finally locate his head; in the backyard, 'guarded' by his and his wife's dog. Not even Ducky, Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, could give an approximation as to what was the original cause of death with the horrible state the Corporal had been in.

Week's of interrogations, chases, late night's spent in the office, and the continuation of having to sooth the boss' growing frustration about the case before he could lash out on an unexpected Special Agent Timothy McGee had left Agent DiNozzo stumped. For once, he could not come up with some witty banter to up lift his coworkers minds because he himself was too far within the case. He too had grown a certain respect for the marine who had saved a small Iraqi village from an American bomb that had "accidently" gone off. A man willing to jeopardize his career and be considered a traitor to save innocent lives, American or not American, was a good man in anyone of Team Gibbs' eye's, which made this case all the more important to solve.

Letting out a frustrated sign, Tony stood up from his chair, intending on getting himself another cup of coffee. "Coffee run, who wants?" He asked to no one in particular.

"I will have one if it would not be too much trouble." The team's exotic Israeli, Special Agent Ziva David, said.

"Alright. Anyone else? Boss, I'll take your disinterest in my question as a yes," Tony said, noticing his boss' smirk before turning to McGee. "Probie?" Nothing. Tony was puzzled; usually McGee answered him when it meant he'd be leaving the room. "McSilence." Still nothing. Tony was getting frustrated. It was one thing to possibly not hear his first call, but to blatantly ignore his second – defiantly audible – call was frustrating and rude. "McGee!" He shouted, finally getting the attention of the younger Agent.

"Wh– What?" He stuttered, taken aback by Tony's yell.

"I said do you coffee?"

"Oh… Uhm, no. Ac– Actually I think I found something. I'm not too sure yet though boss." The computer savvy Agent said as he turned to address their boss, former Marine; Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Everyone just looked at Agent McGee in silence waiting for a continuation, but none came as he kept his eyes trained on their boss. "Well, plan on sharing McGee." Agent Gibbs demanded rather then questioned.

"Uhm, yeah. Yeah… Oh! Yeah! O.K. So I realized that we had been looking into everything that Lance Corporal Damacos was doing after his mission in Iraq that turned into a village rescue considering it was a possibility that he was murdered for saving the people. But I figured I would run a few, on the side projects, –" getting up McGee quickly clicked the remote to open the over head screen so everyone in the Bullpen could see the Corporal's banking checks "– to see if there was anything weird going on before the Iraqi attack. Like a fixed atta–"

"It wasn't fixed." Firmly stated their boss, not bothering to listen to reason.

"Ye– Yeah, I figured that when I saw his bank notes…" McGee said, sweat starting to form on his upper brows. "Actually, I don't think his death has anything to do the attack. I think it has to do with a certain women whom he had been giving fifteen thousand dollars every second week too, until the money transfers suddenly stopped two weeks before his death."

"I do not understand. The Iraqi attack happened two months ago, how did we not see this before? We had looked into his bank account and there was nothing stink-y in there, no?" Ziva questioned.

"Fish-y. 'There was nothing Fish-y in the bank account.'" Tony corrected with a hidden smile.

"Same difference." She countered.

"Actually, it was on the Lance Corporal's mistress' account or what we thought was her account. I was talking to her on the phone not to long ago asking about the money she had been seemingly giving to another women when she told me that it wasn't her account. Apparently Damacos didn't want anyone to know he was giving– what she said –a friendmoney. So he asked to create a bank account with her name in it, but it would actually be him using it and she were to have nothing, other than the signed paperwork and occasional bill– which she gave to him to pay for –to do with that account."

"So he was paying off someone, stopped and then that person wanted to get back at him… Seems a little over kill for someone only wanting extra cash, McGee." Tony grimly stated.

"Yeah, I'm still not sure if this women is the murderer, Tony. But the fact alone that our deceased gave her money repeatedly without anyone knowing is cause for an interrogation, wouldn't you say boss?" McGee asked attentively.

"Not if we don't know who she is McGee." Gibbs was getting a little frustrated by the continued beating around the bush of their suspect's name.

"Oh, Uhm. Let me check." McGee rushed over to his computer, tapping away as if it were second nature, learned and engraved into his brain so he'd forever be one step ahead of his other teammates. "Her name is… Eleni LoGreco."

Agent DiNozzo visibly tensed. It had been a long time since he'd heard that name, practically twenty-two years.

"Know her DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned sharply.

"Oh! Please don't tell us. It was another one of your conquests, yes? Well, she is rather pretty," Ziva, stated, examining the image a smiling brunette, jealousy coursing through her veins, yet she desperately tried hiding the emotion from crossing her olive-toned features. "A little young even for you do you not think Tony? She has got to be no older that twenty-six."

"Twenty-eight actually," Tony replied grimly. He didn't want to tell them who she was and what his relationship with her was. Wanted to keep her blissfully safe and unaware of the harms that come from knowing Tony DiNozzo Jnr. But with the hard steely stare given to him by his boss, Tony confidently lifted his head to stare at the face of the little girl he once knew, "she's me cousin."

Author's Note:

First NCIS story, so feed back is always appreciated. Nothing to crude, please, but constructive criticism always appreciated. Question, comment.

Like I said in my HSM fic, I am a studying student who has recently started again, so updates are irregular.