OK, guys. My first multi-chapter fanfic. Interestingly enough, this is the first story I came up with after I found out what fanfiction was. Luckily, I've much improved from my first draft. It's literally cringe-worthy. Well, hope you all find this interesting. And who knows? Maybe after this, you'll want to try The 39 Clues. Enjoy! PS: I'm not describing these characters in detail yet on purpose. They will get good description. Just a bit later.


"Guys!" Dagger shouted as he ran into our office.

'Weird.' I thought to myself, 'It's so unlike him to lose his cool like this.'

"This is bad." The red fox stated with a look of terror on his face, "This is very bad."

He really had my attention now, as well as Fang's and Madi's. Once he could see so, he announced "The Vespers have a new recruit."

The word 'Vesper' made poor little Madi gasp in fright. I knew exactly how she felt. Fang did, too, even if I could only tell by the heavily masked fear in the blue fox's voice when she said "Well, spit it out! Who is it?"

Dagger took a calming breath, then spoke the dreaded name none of us truly wanted to hear.


That made me gasp in fright. "Eggman?! W-we have to do something about this!"

"What can we do?" Dagger replied, "Compared with the Vespers, we're nothing. To even stand a chance against them, we'd need the Master Serum, and that mission's failing terribly. We can't find any more Clues, any Chaos Emeralds, we can't even find the last Ekaterina alive! How can we make the serum without all the branches?"

"Not to mention, they have EGGMAN!" Fang added "Do you see how many robots he can make?"

Time to put my silver tongue to use. "I know things may seem hopeless right now, but if we really crack down, we can find what we need. I'm sure of it." I then dropped my bomb. "I have a plan. Dagger, Fang. Learn as much as you can about Eggman's robots and how to fight them. Madi, use Dagger's computer to research Chaos Emeralds. I'll find the Ekat."

Before anyone, especially Dagger, could protest, I ran out to the hangar where our plane sat. The whole gang had made it a sort of group project to fix it up. We had finally got it working a few days ago.

Just as I was about to climb into the cockpit, I heard a small voice call out to me "Wait!". I turned around to see Madi standing there, holding her chao. "How are you going to find the Ekat, Bangs?" The black fox asked, "We've been searching for a long time and haven't found a single lead."

"If I tell you, promise not to spoil the suprise?" I asked playfully.

"I won't tell." Madi assured me, "I promise."

I pulled out a newspaper from my right tail and handed it to her before getting into the plane and taking off. I didn't see her read the title "SONIC AND FRIENDS SAVE THE DAY".

After I was out of sight of our Emerald Coast hideout, I sighed. The last thing I wanted to do was drag someone into the life of a Cahill, but if I was right about this (and I knew in my gut that I was right), the last Ekaterina in existence would be exactly who we needed at this point. But still, I felt terrible even attempting to bring this one person into our plight. If I thought about what I knew he could do, though, I could steel myself for what I was about to do.

My plan was to find Sonic and ask where his friend lived, but as I passed over a secluded jungle area called Mystic Ruins, the plane began malfuctioning. All I heard was bang-pop-shudder, then nothing was working. As the plane lost altitude, it shook so hard that I hit my head against the joystick and blacked out.


I hadn't expected anything weird to happen that day. Boy, was I wrong.

I was working around my workshop, fixing random little machines, making random little machines, fine-tuning the Tornado, stuff like that, when I heard a large BOOM in my front yard. Whatever was out there landed so hard the ground shook. I ran outside to see what had happened and found a small airplane in a newly-formed crater in my front yard. I quickly headed towards the plane to see if anyone was in there.

As I neared the plane, I could see it was really old. It looked like someone had tried to fix it up, but whoever did didn't really have any idea what he was doing. I pushed that out of my mind for the time being and checked the cockpit. I was suprised to find a fox girl, maybe only a few years older than me, slumped against the joystick, unconscious. I got her out of there and brought her inside.

I laid her on the couch (yes, I have a couch in the middle of my workshop) and took the time to get a good look at her. She had green fur, close to Sonic's eye color, with thick, sweeping bangs almost covering her closed eyes. She was wearing a fuschia halter top-type shirt, the kind that had a string sewn to the middle for the straps, a slightly ruffly black skirt, white gloves and black leather boots. The fur on her muzzle, torso and the tips of her tails was white- wait, tails?

I did a double check. Yup, she had two tails. I had thought I was the only fox to ever have two. But here was some random girl, unconscious in my own workshop, with the same mutation that had defined me my whole life. I already had so many questions so ask her, and she hadn't even opened her eyes. Oh, wait, they were starting to open.


I woke up to find myself laying on a couch in some sort of workshop. I could see large computer monitors and odd machines all over the place. I barely had time to register that thought before I heard a boy's voice say "Oh, good, you're awake!"

I turned my head to see a young fox standing next to me. He seemed a few years younger than me, maybe close to Madi's age. He had yellowish-orange fur where mine would be green and shorter, messy bangs that stuck out funnily. He wore only white gloves and red-and-white sneakers, as you'd expect of a male Mobian. He had two tails, like me. What really caught my attention, even though it should have been the tails, was his eyes. They were the same deep aqua-blue as mine and the rest of the gang, but his sparkled with an innocent, adventurous light the rest of us were missing. Eyes like that were a sight to behold.

My attention was torn away from them when he asked "Are you OK?"

"Y-yeah, I think so." I replied, "How exactly did I get here?"

He smiled a little before replying. "That old plane of yours crashed outside my workshop. I was scared you had gotten hurt."

"Well, thanks for your concern and the save...uh..." I faltered, not knowing his name.

He saw this and said "Oh, my name's Miles Prower, but you can call me Tails."

"Well, if we're giving full names, mine is Janice Cahill. But I go by Bangs." I stuck by hand out to shake. "Nice to meet you."

Tails took it. "Likewise. So, do you know how your plane crashed?"

I chuckled a little. "Do I look like a mechanic? I just heard a weird noise before everything stopped working."

"Why were you flying over Mystic Ruins, anyway?" He asked, "People barely ever fly over this area."

The whole time, my head was still slightly groggy, so it didn't click until then. "Wait. You said your name was Tails?"

"Yeah... Why?" He asked

"I can't believe my luck!" Was my reply. "I was looking for you!"

And there you have it. Chapter 1. Tell me what you think. Compliment me, give me advice, or even tell me how horrible it was (as long as you tell me why so I can fix it). I reeeally want to make a full story for this, so unless tradgedy strikes, expect this to be finished someday. And if someone could give me advice on how I should space my chapters, 'cuz I've got through chapter 6 already written, I'd appreciate it. But for now, TatlTails out. PEACE!