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I have to give Dagger his props. Even though he was being flown high above the ground with only a ten-year-old's skinny hands and spinning tails keeping him from his doom, and I could tell he was totally freaking out on the inside, he acted pretty calm.

Until we landed and he started hugging the ground.

Since the sun had gone down and we had the cover of night on our side, I gave him a well-deserved minute. After it was up, he was back on his feet with a deadpanned "We will never speak of that again" and we set off toward the base.

I knew this base pretty well. It was one of Eggman's favorites, especially back in the day. Since Dagger didn't, I led him to the best scouting spot for the area; a set of thick bushes at the edge of the clearing, where we could see the front entrance, but no one could see us. Sonic had found the spot years ago, but Eggman still didn't know about it.

As soon as the base was in sight, Dagger went into some sort of 'strategy mode', eyes searching everything like he was a secret agent. He broke out of it for a second as we approached the bushes to mutter "Not a bad spot, Miles," then went back to scanning the base with his eyes like he was some sort of supercomputer.

He held a staring contest with the base for another few minutes, while I tried to come up with a plan of my own. Eventually, he turned to me and hurriedly asked "Hey. Miles. Bangs told me you have techno powers, is this true?"

"It's Tails," I corrected. I was not going to be called Miles within close proximity to Eggman, poison or not. "And yes it is, though I have little to no experience with them."

"Good. Can you tell whether those security cameras are color or not?"

I rolled my eyes at that. "I can do that without 'techno powers'." I squinted at the cameras near the entrance. "Those are Eggman's black and white cameras. He usually only uses one type of camera per base, so they should all be the same. Why?"

When I looked back at Dagger, he was taking off his jacket with one hand and spiking up his bangs with the other. He spotted me staring at the odd sight and said "Give me your shoes."

"Why would you need my-"

"Just give me your shoes!"

He must've done something with his voice, because before I knew it my shoes were being handed to him. He handed me his jacket in exchange.

I took it, still confused, and said "One, whatever you just did, please never do it to me again. Two, you didn't answer my question, why do you need my shoes?"

He sighed a long-suffering sigh, even though he hasn't suffered me very long. "If those cameras are black and white like you say, then we can fool Eggman into thinking we're each other. We look similar enough."

I looked him over. With his hair stuck up and his jacket off, he did look pretty much like an older, red me. It was kinda creepy.

"I'll look like you and cause a distraction, fighting robots and such. Eggman will concentrate on me since he'll think I'm you, AKA his long-time enemy. You'll look like me, so Eggman won't find two of you on the cameras and get suspiscious, and sneak into the control room. There, you can do your Ekat nerd thing-"

"I resent that."

"I don't care. You'll shut off all the cameras, find where the girls are, and shut off whatever else is in that base. Then we'll rendevous, free the girls, and escape. If they're hurt or something, we can find where they parked your plane and fly them back."

"That..." I trailed off for a second, mulling the plan over in my head. "Is actually a good plan."

"Of course it's a good plan." He almost sounded offended under that pride. "I'm the best plan maker currently alive. Plans are to me what mechanics is to you. Now, put on my stuff."

He kicked off his shoes and slid them to me, while he comically started squeezing his feet into my shoes. A Mobian's feet don't grow as much as a human's, so he was able to get them on, barely. I tried on his shoes as well. They were definitely loose, but they fit enough to not fall off my feet.

I slid on the baggy (on me, at least) blazer as he finished with the shoes. Then he immediately reached for my head and started combing down my bangs with his fingers.

"Hey, stop that!" I pulled away from the random personal space invasion.

Another long-suffering sigh. "I'm just getting your cartoonish bangs to stay down at a reasonable level." He then proceeded to rake his fingers through my hair again.

"It's not gonna work." I warned him. "I've tried many times over the years, and it never works."

He ignored me. A couple seconds later, "Aaaand done."

I looked in the shiniest thing I could find, which was Dagger's overly-polished shoes, and lo and behold, he had actually done it! I just looked back up at him and said "You must be some kind of miracle worker."

"I know." Well, that just fed his ego.

Then Dagger set off into the base and started smashing robots. I waited a minute or so, then snuck in myself.


We'd woken up a couple hours ago, tied to chairs that had been circled up like we were playing musical chairs or something. I was facing Eggman and his stupid computers, Fang was facing a blank corner, and Madi was facing the door.

Madi was the first of us to wake up. Her whimpering was what woke me up, and Fang woke a few minutes later. As soon as she did, she started yelling and threatening and cursing Eggman out so badly that he had a robot gag her.

Not wanting my only power rendered useless, I stayed quiet in case he'd do the same to me. Madi was so scared she couldn't talk even if she wanted to.

We had tried to break the ropes many times, but they were really strong and extremely well-knotted. Stupid ropes. They had really gotten on my nerves by now.

I was so bored. I hadn't said a word since I woke up. Fang had tired herself out trying to yell through the gag and was now pouting. Or seething. Hard to tell with her sometimes. Madi hadn't stopped trembling for hours, which couldn't be healthy.

We had been here so long, Eggman had actually fallen asleep at his chair. Chaos, he was an idiot. And his snoring was grating on my ears.

I was so booored. I looked around for something, anything to relieve my boredom, and my eyes settled on the computers. It seemed most of them weren't computers. They were security monitors. I could see robots patrolling the halls, aaand not much else.

'Well, it's better than nothing.' I thought. Then I saw something that was definitely not a robot. My jaw dropped. 'Is that...?'

The stupid cameras being black and white made it hard to tell, but it looked like Tails. At least that's what I thought, until I saw him actually beat some robots.

He clawed and kicked at the 'bots with a ruthless glint in his eye, aiming right for their weak spots. That fighting style was familiar. He was fighting like a Lucian. That wasn't Tails, it was Dagger! A grin spread over my face before I even knew it. He had come for us!

That joy was short lived, however, because the alarms started going off. That woke Eggman so harshly, he toppled out of his chair. He recovered surprisingly quickly and raced to his monitors. He immidiately spotted 'Tails', growled maliciously, grabbed a microphone and shouted "All troops to Sector 3! Get that fox brat by any means nessecary!"

My heart sunk a bit. I looked away from Dagger's screen, not trusting myself to look. My eyes found their way to the monitor for the control room. I passed over it, then did a double take. There was someone in there, too! A smaller fox in a baggy blazer, looking all too at home.

Dagger's plans never cease to amaze me.

Eggman wasn't even glancing at any other screens. He was cheering at the Dagger vs. Robot Army screen like it was the Superbowl! He had even made popcorn!

I shook my head shamefully at him and looked back at the control room. Tails was walking up to what looked like the main computer. He put his hands on the control panel and froze. A second later, all the cameras shut off!

The first thing Eggman said was "Aww, I was watching that!". Then he shouted "Wait, what?! How did this happen?!" and began typing furiously at the keyboard in front of him, grumbling to himself. He was at this for a few minutes, getting so into it he didn't hear the door open. All three of us did, though, and Madi gasped.

I craned my neck to see what she was looking at. It was the boys! Hehe, they both looked so cute dressed like each other. I was never going to let Dagger live this down.

They both looked nervously at Eggman, then Dagger spelled something in sign language. C, O, D, E, B, A, N, G, S.

I gasped when I got it, then grinned devilishly. Finally, being silent would pay off. I nodded at the boys, who plugged their ears, then turned back to Eggman. I took a deep breath, and...

"I'm gonna reach for the staaaars

although they loook pretty faaaar!"

I sang my hardest. Eggman was out pretty quickly, but I sang the rest of the song for good measure. The boys rushed over and untied us. Then I realized, we had been tied up. The other girls' hands had been unable to reach their ears. And they were extremely close to me.

"Every time! Every time I sing that song, someone gets knocked out unintentionally!"

"It's fine." Tails said. "We'll just fly them home on the Tornado."

"Which is only a two-seater."

"...We'll work it out when we get there. For now, let's get out while Eggman's down."

I grabbed Fang and Tails grabbed Madi. Dagger was too tuckered out from fighting all those robots, so he just followed us.

Tails lead the way through the base, then after we got outside I lead the way to the plane. It was a good bit away, so no one had touched it, thank goodness.

We laid down the still-unconscious foxes (yeeeah, I think I sang a bit too hard) and looked at the plane.

"OK." Tails announced. "I think I've worked something out. Fang can sit in the back, and we should be able to put Madi in her lap. But only one person can fit in the pilot's seat, so I'm gonna have to fly one of you back myself." I didn't get it, wasn't he going to fly all of us back?

Apparently Dagger did get it, because his eyes widened in sheer terror for a second. He never liked showing emotion for more than that. After the second, he piped up "Well, it's not going to be me!"

Tails chuckled at that. "Fine." He then turned to me. "I guess that leaves you, then."

"For what?"

"For this." He started spinning his tails like they were helicopter blades. They got really, really fast, then he jumped in the air and stayed there. My jaw dropped for the second time today. He chuckled and stopped spinning his tails, letting himself fall. "I'll carry you and fly back."

I was silent for a minute, to build dramatic tension. I love dramatic tension. Then I said "That... looks AWESOME! I'll gladly do it!"

"Great!" He smiled. "That leaves Dagger the pilot's seat."

"But I can't fly a plane." He said.

Tails thought for another minute. Then his face brightened up. "I think I've got it! Lemme try something!"

He walked up to the plane and put his hand on it. We could hear the clicks and whirs of things turning on. Tails slowly backed away, his hand leaving the plane's hull, his face screwed up in concentration. The plane roared to life, its engine purring.

"Whoa!" He shouted. "I actually did it!"

He looked so happy I wanted to tear up. But instead we piled Fang and Madi into the passenger's seat and Dagger lifted himself into the pilot's seat.

Tails turned to me. "I'm gonna have to concentrate really hard to fly myself and fly the plane, so you're gonna have to do most of the holding on."

"Got it." I acted like that totally didn't make me nervous for my life at all.

He spun his tails and jumped again, going higher this time, and reached down with both arms. I grabbed them with as much of a death grip as I could manage, and he returned it. His grip loosened slightly as the plane lifted off, without a pilot. Seriously, you don't know how awesome that is until you see it with your own eyes!

He managed to keep the plane and himself in the air and going forward all the way home. By the time he got there, he was ready to collapse, the poor dear. Me and Dagger dragged him to bed (I think he fell asleep before we even reached it), then repeated the process for Madi, Fang, and ourselves. What a hectic day, huh?

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