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Story written by Rocket117

A large figure stepped out of the snow-covered house, fixing a broken sign on the way out. Staring out into the distance he could see, and hear just as well, a large storm which only added tension to the already bad situation. He brought his head up and lifted his eyebrow, as if to taunt the upcoming storm.
He was a very large muscular gray cat with an out-of-place cat bell, it was tiny compared to the rest of his body, and one could almost laugh at it, but that would get you a death sentence by yours truly.
The heavy man inhaled loudly, followed by an equally long exhale. He relaxed himself for he knew it would be a long time before he could again.

One foot in front of the other, he began his journey to the train station nearby, showing no trace of fear while turning a corner nearby.
He looked to his forward and could see one of his teammates, co-worker if you will, very slowly throwing a baseball up and down to relieve boredom. The pink cat threw the baseball up one last time, and grabbed it while looking up to acknowledge his presence, and began to walk alongside her colleagues, while he simply moved his head up and down in a quick motion, and she returned the aforementioned motion.
Said cat wore a small cap with a headset attached to it, and a small necklace with the Triforce symbol on it, that bounced around as she jumped off her post, worn as a gift by the man she walked by. She allowed herself a smile and began to bounce her ball up and down again as they both continued walking forward towards the train station.

The pair was loud enough to get the attention of another teammate, their engineer, a demon who was banished from hell for being too nice. He was colored with a very bright tint of red, which was good for them because of their team s insignia, which involved mostly red colors, allowed them to distinguish him from their enemies. Said demon looked up, almost sad to be away from his guitar, but the feeling was replaced with anxiousness almost instantly.
Quickly, he got up from his seat and grabbed a pair of shotguns, cocking them before he walked alongside his colleagues. Not much is needed to be said about the engineer.
The three walked towards a long abandoned saloon, which looked as rickety as a broken down bridge in a swamp, kind of like the ones you see in Left 4 Dead 2. The door was worn down from years of being alive and it almost looked as if it could be easily destroyed.
The Russian cat was excited by the thought of it, and swiped one of the two shotguns from the engineer to his left, and pulled his fist back to break open the door.

The power to the saloon was cut off and as if on cue, the door was broken open, revealing two men playing cards, who jumped in surprise as they saw the three mercs brandished in red clothing at the door way.
The light was blinding to their eyes for a second, but as their vision returned, all they could see was a shotgun pointed at their faces. The two men (and the woman) all had devilish smiles as they looked at the shotguns end, embracing the fear of the two men brandished in blue, to combat the red their intruders had worn.
The man with the pants on his head allowed his cigar to drop to the ground and stopped the beer he was holding in midair due to his complete shock.

His shock was further more increased when the gray cat flipped the shotgun around and threw it to the lion, who grabbed it with ease. The two men relaxed as they knew where they were headed.
The lion looked at the shotgun and smiled, and motioned to his friend to get up. The soldier didn't hesitate, and with a surge of energy got up from his seat ready to face what was coming ahead. The 5 friends and enemies walked away from the saloon, forming a neat line of fearless faces and fighters.

As they walked through the deep snow, they caught the attention of their last guest, a hooded man in a near building who was talking to his pet dove. The hooded man stroked his pet s hair and allowed him to fly away, before grabbing a strange contraption filled with nails and walked alongside his, although forced, allies.
All six of these friends had lost their jobs due to their employers being killed by robots, and now they were coming to destroy the corporation who provided the mercs with their weaponry to do battle in the first place. The corporation offered the mercs with jobs to protect the facilities from the upcoming robot force, and although it sounded silly, it was all serious, and with their jobs at stake, all of the mercenaries joined in the fight.
These were six mercenaries who were pitted in a facility with bad conditions, were lucky to have been together, as they all knew something about each other.
For once, they put their differences aside and came together to fight off a greater force.

The group slowed to a stop as they reached their destination, and anxiousness overcame the entire group. Snow began to lightly fall as they stared at an oncoming vehicle with anger and rage.
The same vehicle was created by the man who took their jobs away, and now he was sending it right towards them. The gray cat was enraged and he started to breathe heavily, while the others anxiously twiddled with their weapons in anticipation. The pink cat simply chewed a piece of gum she slipped into her mouth during the walk, the man with the pants on his head played with the pin of his grenade, and the engineer simply re-cocked his shotgun while he gritted his teeth tightly.
The hooded doctor spans the barrel on his nail gun slowly, and he too stared into the distance, with a determined look, but what he was determined about was unknown to the doctor himself. The lion, the last member, brought his grenade launcher slowly to his hands and he brought the sight up to his eyes, judging the distance between him and the vehicle. Suddenly the front of the carrier opened, revealing a large amount of robots, which they could only stare at. A jolt of live electricity could be seen going through the robots, returning the life to their metallic bodies. Then suddenly...

"FUCK GUYS HOLD ON I NEED TO GO TAKE A PISS!" Leo screamed through his microphone as he jumped from his seat.
"Damn it Leo, I told you to go before the wave started." Aeris stubbornly reminded her roommate as he rushed to relieve himself.
"I forgot to, sorry." He said idiotically, with a wicked smile that only pissed Aeris off, as he closed the door to the restroom.
Leo's friends snickered softly over their mics as Leo and Aeris yelled back and forth. Aeris could only wonder why Leo ever hung out with these rag tag bunch of losers, then she remembered it was that or they could be playing with a bunch of random unorganized players. Meanwhile in game, his character was slaughtered, and Aeris could only roll her eyes as she, fighting back her ever increasing anger, picked up the money from the fallen robots near Leo's lifeless character.

Hello everybody! I have 20 different screen names here (which is actually true) This is my first story that I've written (and the first story written completely by free will, i should add) on this website! It's a decent first chapter, though unoriginality hit me here, and I couldn't think of any other way to start the chapter, I promise no other chapters will have this type of beginning, and I used it just for the comedic value, thanks for reading, and remember to review, or whatever, and let me know how the next few chapters should be.