This is a kind of chapter that is just there to get the story going along. Some drama, insight on what's happening, then transition to the next big conflict. Or the actual conflict, depending on how you look at it. It's a short chapter, probably not worth the wait, but it's something to hold you until bigger things occur. I promise to work diligently to finish the next chapter sooner. Hopefully, there won't be another 4 month wait.

"This still doesn't make any sense, Ms. Cole, physically this isn't possible."

Aeris squirmed as she tried to make sense of the situation. She and Leo had no idea how her arm broke in the first place and it was just something that was forgotten in the commotion.

"Well...You see..."

"You don't know? How can you not know?" The doctor asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Nonetheless, we expect a full recovery in two weeks. Your arm simply snapped out of position and was chipped in the process, but thanks to the surgery you should be fine." He paused to glance at Aeris.

"I'll be back momentarily with your prescriptions." Aeris's doctor over dramatically turned and exited the room.

"Prescriptions?" Aeris questioned the absent doctor.

"Five dollars you're going to be addicted by the end of the month."

"Don't talk like that Leo...Deal."

The two cats shook (working) hands and laughed at their silliness.

Silence pierced the hospital room, both felines lost in thought from the past conflict.

"So... what's next?" Leo threw out, causing Aeris to flinch. She wasn't expecting that, especially from Leo. Regardless, she was starting to enjoy the lowered amount of stupid questions.

"With you, I don't know," Aeris replied after some thought. "If you're trying to impress me, then you've done it and I should probably stop being a bitch and stop trying to hurt you. If you weren't trying to impress me, you have anyways."

Leo shifted in his chair, failing to hide the blush on his face under his soft berry colored sweater.

"Impress you based on...?" He managed to say without breaking his voice.

"Impress me by being mature for once, Leo."

Leo cheeks became bright red tomatoes and he turned away from Aeris, trying to play it off by scratching the left side of his neck.

Aeris started laughing uncontrollably as the doctor re-entered the room, and Leo joined her, both cats having trouble breathing from their laughing.

"Hello " Aeris wheezed out, wiping a tear from her eye.

"Here's what you need..."

Leo disconntinued his attention to their voices and just stared at Aeris and her features. He thought out everything he saw in explicit detail.

"Pink fur, big eyes, that curve line on her neck..."

Leo's eyes continued down, failing to notice that the doctor left and Aeris was looking right at him.

"Hey!" She snapped for effect.

"Eyes up here dude."

Leo scratched at his ear furiously before returning his eyes to the ground.

"Sorry Aeris, I'm just tired is all."

The air felt thick with awkwardness, the two both noticed it with feeling.

Think about this for a moment. Leo didn't make up an unbelievable excuse, and Aeris didn't explode in a fury of anger. In fact, the two were completely calm, minus the 'awkward' feeling.

"Leo it's pretty late, you don't haveto stay here all night, I'll be fine." She placed a light hand on Leo's shoulder.

He wiped his face before heading to the door, letting Aeris's hand fall limp at her side.

"I guess we're all sorry for something huh?" He asked without turning back.

"I'll come visit everyday until you get better, I promise. Hopefully I won't be this mentally exhausted because I've never felt more like shit in my life. I'll be honest you almost gave me a goddamn heart attack when I heard that snap and your scream."

Leo walked out the door without another comment, Aeris giving out a sigh.

"Well, shit." Aeris turned to her side and fell asleep.

Driving home for Leo was far from fun. There was a slight lonely feeling left in him that he couldn't shake off. At one point Leo thought so hard about it, he almost crashed into somebody.

Fortunately, our favorite feline made it home safely, shuffling up the staircase to his door.

He fumbled with the lock, unable to concentrate, until he finally got it open.

Leo stepped inside, as if in slow motion, locked the door behind him, and collapsed onto the hard carpet floor. Ass up, face down, the gray feline fell asleep, without another sound.