Chapter I:The Madness Ends

It was him! The whole time I had believed that I was the cause of the fire, the cause of my family's deaths and all along it had been him! He had gained father's trust, sought out Lizzie and then killed them all leaving me suffocating in my own guilt. But no more!

"You vile, oozing sore of depravity! Children wearing their names around their necks, as if they're breeding livestock!" The anger and hate burned through me as I recall the images of the poor children in Wonderland; the expression in their dead eyes.

"A declaration of their pedigree. You could use one, they're proud to display their provenance." Those words only fuel the burning hate more as he laughs at it.

"You brute! They can't even remember who they are or where they come from! How many minds have you twisted into forgetfulness?" I ask.

"Not enough," he answers and I can hear the annoyance in that simple sentence. "Yours would have been the triumph. Still you're an insane wreak. My work is done!"

With that I suddenly find myself back in Wonderland. The anger that took over me was fuel enough to send my mind back here in order to fight and fight I will.

I run into the station and threw the doors that lead me to the Train and it is there that I see Hatter. "Hatter I must stop this Infernal Train and the evil force that drives it!"

"Everything's a nail is it miss Hammerhead? First it was a search to find freighted with fear and fragmented memories, now it's the train. Never time for tea! While you're brains on holiday, were ruined. Now were all mad here and that's a good excuse for going to hell in a teapot, but not for forgetting what your senses saw.

"Forgetting's just forgetting, except when it's not. Then it's something else. I'd like to forget what you did but I can't."

I am thrust out of the memory and glare at Bumby. "You've used me and abused me, but you will not destroy me!" I declare, almost to the point of shouting.

"No? The damage is done. The old Alice and her Wonderland retreat are demolished. You can't even recognize what's happened. And you're powerless to change it or move against me. I've made certain of that." Bumby crosses his arms, in a victorious manner.

"You corrupted my memories, but you failed to make me forget."

"I could've made you into a tasty bit. Clients out the door waiting for a piece from a raving delusional beauty, with no memory of the past, or no sense of the future. But you wouldn't forget; you insisted on holding on to your fantasies. You're mad. Like your sister." Bumby's words once again fill me with rage as he dares to speak of my Lizzie.

"Don't speak of her! You didn't know her... you have no right to mention any of them!" I yell.

"Your sister was a tease; pretended to despise me. She got what she wanted... in the end." Bumby said. He looks at his pocket watch, which had Lizzie's key at the end of the chain. The same key he used to lock her door for on the nigh of the fire.

Again a memory of my time in Wonderland washes over me as I remember.

"My Lizzie…what's the train's destination?" I ask her.

"Madness and destruction. You shouldn't ask questions you know the answers to, it isn't polite. And that noise wasn't Lizzie talking in her sleep." Horror washes over me as I realize what had been happening to my poor dear Lizzie. "And there are no centaurs in Oxford. Make your survival mean something or we are both doomed!"

"I'll see you charged. In prison, some half-wit bruiser will make you his sweetheart... and then you'll hang." I threatened him but he only laughs.

"Indeed? A hysterical woman, former lunatic, roaring outrageous accusations against a respectable social architect and scientist. My God, Alice, who would believe you? I scarcely believe it myself." Bumby states.

"You monstrous creature! Such evil will be punished!" It was a promise, not a threat and I would make sure of it.

"By whom? By what? Psychotic, silly bitch. Your madness will be punished. Now leave. I'm expecting your replacement." Bumby looks at his watch again but this time I step forward, snatch the key and turn to leave though something stops me.

I know Bumby is right. He will not be hung and no-one will believe me yet I must have my justice. My family must have their justice and as I feel the vibrations of the coming train, I know exactly how that will happen.

This time I feel it happening; the transition into Wonderland. The Alice from Oxford is pushed aside and made was for my stronger self. I know as I look down that the dirty black and white dress is replaced with a clean, silky blue one. My hair grows longer and healthier... and I become more powerful.

I turned back to Bumby and know that the shock he is feeling is due not to my sudden change in clothes but the murdering look that lives in my eyes. I step forward, the train's engine echoing in the tunnel waiting for it to get close enough.

I hear the rumble of the train and smile at him maliciously as I walk towards him.

The look in his eyes is pure fear and my smile only becomes larger as I push him onto the tracks and watch, as the train catches onto him with a satisfying crunch and I hope that he is still alive, if only a little to feel the pain that he has caused me for most of my life.

I have finally avenged my family's deaths, and it was as if a huge burden was leaving me, my mind, body and soul.

I exit the station and in shock I see that my Wonderland was no longer mine. Buildings were twisted with trees; mushrooms grew from the streets and from buildings, and the sun was shining with hope of a better day.

I walk up to where the asylum used to be and stared at its Londerland counterpart. It was blocked with no way around it and as I look around I hear Chess' voice around me.

"Ah Alice, we can't go home again. No surprise really; only few find the way, and most of them don't recognise it when they do. Delusions too die hard, only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth.

"Forgetting pain is continent. Remembering it, agonizing. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering. And our Wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory…for now.

In the dark of the night in a bed in the furthest reaches of Scotland, a young girl awoke in a cold sweat. Her dreams all but forgotten except for one thing; something dark was coming and very soon it would take over.

There only was one thought running through her mind:

Their Wonderland would once again shatter.

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