I changed it somewhat, adding stuff at the end and there's a reason for it. You'll see. I'll be skipping ahead a bit because there's something i want to explore.

Chapter IV: Trial and Error

After that first visit to Wonderland, Annora began visiting it frequently; always exploring a new part of it with Chess as her companion throughout the whole experience.

On the third time she wished her way into Wonderland she managed to meet the White Rabbit again and this time have tea with the Red Queen. True to Rabbit's words, she very nearly did chop off his head but when she was Annora, she paused and allowed the Rabbit to keep his head.

On the fifth time, Annora met the Caterpillar, who constantly puffed on a cigar. It was an odd meeting where he asked her several questions in which the main one seemed to be 'who are you?' And in each time she would answer with her name.

Eventually Chess interrupted her. "Her name is Annora Elisabeth Liddell." The Caterpillar seemed to be so shocked that he momentarily paused in his puffing. It only lasted a second however because after that he shook it off and ushered them off and began wrapping himself in something. The next time Annora saw him he was a magnificent butterfly (who was still smoking the cigar.)

Annora's life continued like this and as the years passed, she made friends with various Wonderland creatures and people.

There weren't many significant landmarks in her life, but the ones that marked it were a larger scale than any normal human being. Her first being on her seventh birthday, the second was on her eleventh birthday.

Throughout the night, Annora had been playing with her cat Shayna. She had made a discovery a couple of years ago; if someone was holding on to her while she Wished, she could take them to Wonderland as well. She wasn't sure of it worked with humans but she decided that if it worked on animals, it was probable that it would work with people.

Shayna was as fun loving as Annora was; she tried to catch the butterflies, the Mad Hatter would happily allow her to play with the ruffle on his hat whilst drinking tea with Alice and the Red Queen would allow Shayna to run after the crochet balls when they were hit.

The two would play together, along with various other Wonderland creature throughout the night, only to return to the Normal World and play together during the day. The two were inseparable.

That morning however, the morning of her eleventh birthday, Shayna was not where she usually was.

Worriedly, Annora climbed out from her bed and ran down the stairs into the dining room where her mother usually was this time of morning. "Mother, have you seen Shayna? She was not in our room this morning."

Mrs Liddell turned to frown slightly at her daughter. Annora looked nothing like her mother and at certain times, she wondered how she was related to the woman because, while her mother was kind and gentle, she could also turn for the worse.

Her bright blue eyes seemed to stare into Annora's soul and pick out what she had done wrong – whether on accident or not. It was unnerving but Annora had learnt how to distinguish the good days from the bad; if her mother was having a good day, her chestnut brown hair would be out, flowing over her shoulder and her rose red lips would hold the most beautiful smile Annora had ever seen.

If it was a bad day, her eyes would be cold, and hard. Her lips drawn back into a thin line and her hair would be tied back; usually in a bun or an old fashioned knot. It was on those days that Annora would usually spend her days in Wonderland, relying on Chess to tell her when her mother was calling for her.

Today it seemed, was a day Annora was not prepared for. Her mother's eyes were sparking, but her hair was tied back into a knot. Annora had never seen this before, she didn't know what to make of it and so she relied on her natural instinct.

"I'm sorry mother, I didn't mean to disturb you," she said quietly. "Only, Shayna is missing and I became worried for her." While wondering whether or not she should look up, Annora's glance fell on a pair of black flat shoes.

It intrigued her as her mother would never wear flat shoes, she was quite a bit shorter than her father and she disliked not being able to look her husband in the eyes.

Annora chanced a glance at the woman's legs – she knew it was a woman simple because the shoes were designed for a woman – and saw that she was old. Older than her mother, possibly as old as her grandmother. She was wearing a robe type dress, one that Annora had never seen before.

"Annora," her mother said sharply. Annora's head shot down and she apologised once again. "It's fine. This is Professor McGonagall. She is here to explain some things to you." On that note, her mother stood from her seat and walked towards the door, leaving Annora alone with the woman.

"Good morning," she said politely to the professor. "Please excuse my current state of dress. I wasn't aware that my mother had a visitor. I apologise if you were offended." Not quite knowing what to do, Annora stood where she was, fiddling with her night gown.

"You haven't offended me Annora, in fact, it's my fault. My visit was quite a last minute one but there is a reason for it." She reached into a pocket in the robe and pulled out a white envelope. It read;

Miss Annora. E. Liddell

The script was painted an emerald green, with cursive writing. It was supposed to look hand-written but, Annora noticed, there was something about it that made it seem too neat. Too perfect.

Annora opened the letter. It read:


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump,
International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Liddell,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

Calmly, Annora folded up the letter, put it back in the envelope and handed it back to the professor. "Thank you for coming, professor but I believe you should return to wherever you came from."

Minerva McGonagall was a woman who had seen many astounding and shocking things in her life. She had seen a number of reactions, from weeping, to anger to shock but never before had she seen this. McGonagall didn't even know what this reaction was.

"I assure you that this is the best place to be. The school is specially designed to help home and develop your magic. It would be in your best interest to go to Hogwarts; a Witch or Wizard's magic is unstable at this stage and could have disastrous consequences if they are not taught to control it." Annora's head tilted to the side slightly seeming to be listening to the professor, listening, but not listening.

"Now if you're concerned about fitting in or not being good enough you need not worry, many muggle born children go through the same thing."

Annora was still staring at her; it was funny. The professor believed that she didn't think there was magic in the world when she had been using it since she was seven – how else could she explain her Wonderland. It was interesting seeing her reaction to Annora's behaviour, interesting, she supposed, but it's probably best to explain now.

"Professor, allow me to explain my actions. I returned the letter because it has no use to me. I fully intend to go to Hogwarts, however, and please excuse my bluntness, I will not be needing the schools help." Annora watched as the professor's face changed from the smiling woman to a shocked face.

Professor McGonagall felt her cheeks begin to get hotter. She could only assume it was because of Annora's words however, it also had something to do with the fact that she had been disregarded by an eleven year old.

Never had it been done before and so she did the only thing she could do. Picking up her skirts, she raised her wand and looked at the green-eyed child. "I shall expect to see you at Hogwarts on September 1st. Good day Miss Liddell."

A crack sounded through the room as the professor disappeared. Annora's only reaction was to blink and move from the dining room to her mother's study.

She knocked on the door lightly, only entering when her mother allowed her to. Annora went to stand next to the desk her mother worked on, waiting patiently for her mother to finish her work. When her mother was finished she looked up at her daughter. "Yes?"

"You were not surprised that the professor was here for me where you mother?" There was not a single emotion on her mother's face at the accusation Annora had cast. She only continued looking at her, waiting for her to continue. "You knew. Why did you not tell me?"

"That knowledge was of little importance to you." Her mother told her brusquely. "It had no relevance to your current state and your father and I saw no reason to release it to you."

Annora's emerald eyes flashed so quickly, no human would be able to distinguish the emotion that sped through them. "'No relevance' mother? If you and father were discussing it, it implies that you already knew!" Her fists clenched, trying to keep the anger at bay. "Do you deny it?"

"As I have said before, it is none of your concern. On the 28th of this month, your father and I will take you to get your school supplies. Be ready promptly at 9.30 to travel into London." It was a clear dismissal; Annora knew it well however she was not yet ready to leave.

Both her mother and her father had hid a secret for her so big that it was going to change her life forever. It didn't matter that she already knew of the magic that coursed through her blood – she was unsure that either parent was aware – what mattered was that there was a different magic. And they had deceived her about it.


A soft purr awoke her gently and Annora felt Shayna's fur stroke her cheek. It had been one of the very few times she had actually slept through the night instead of travelling to Wonderland. Chess, it seemed was aware of what had happened and advised the young girl to rest instead of wondering. "It is sometimes best to have natural sleep my dear," he had told her, "lest you begin to rely too deeply upon Wonderland." And so she had followed his advice knowing that Chess was knowledgeable in those types of matters.

As she understood it, her mother and father were taking her to London to get the supplies needed for her school year.

Annora had been to London many a time over the last few years. It was longwinded as she and her family lived in Scotland. They took trains, and sometimes planes to get there so when her father told her she need not pack for anything, Annora was confused.

Still, she followed instructions and met them downstairs where both her parents were standing next to their fireplace. "Ah Annora, good. Now we are leaving for London though you have never travelled like this before."


King's Cross Station was not a clean place. Annora regarded the interior of the building with caution, making sure not to step on one of the many disregarded litter items. How could wizards use this place to transport their students? She wondered.

Now Annora prided herself on not being one of the stupidly spoiled children she had been forced to associate with at one of her father's dinner partied, however even her father was staring at the place with a certain…revulsion.

"Father, may I go?" She asked. She looked towards her father and he smiled at her. With his permission, Annora began walking down the stairs towards the platform. She noticed - with interest - that a fair few people were making their way towards the platform 9 3/4. Only, they were not stopping at them, no. They were walking through the pillar.

Cautiously, Annora walked towards the pillar and put a hand up, moving towards it. She was met with shock when her hand went through the pillar instead of resting on it.

It was a strange feeling; her hand felt like it was liquid, constantly moving around but contained within her skin. Tilting her head to the side, Annora pushed through further and once again, she felt the sensation of melting. It was odd, and she didn't like it. Annora much preferred the suddenness her visits to Wonderland gave her.

On the other side of the wall was however, impressive. A large blood red steam engine was on a platform surrounded by hundreds of people in various pieces of clothing.

It was a spectacular sight. Annora had never felt more at home – apart from Wonderland - she could feel the magic swirling around and she found that if she actually squinted close enough, she could see the small beams of coloured magic in each person. There were shades of blue; grey; greens; blacks; purples, and there were colours that she couldn't describe.

And she felt like she belonged.

There was something about all the chaos and the wonder that allowed her to feel…not so much at home, but in a sort of safe haven. It brought a smile to the girl's face - one that not even her mother's annoyance could dampen.

"Make sure that you write to us Anna." Her father said. Annora smiled at the man and pulled him down for a large hug. She couldn't thank him enough - he had taken her to get her wand, he had helped hide her mistakes from her mother. She loved her father.

"And make sure you behave." Her mother told her. Annora let go of her father and looked over to her mother. There was iciness in her mother's eyes that Annora was more than familiar with - but she refused to allow her mother to get the better of her. Not today, she thought.

"I will mother. I'll behave, I'll write and I'll do the best that I can in all my classes." Her mother gave her a stiff nod. She took that as permission to leave and with a last quick hug and I love you for her father, Annora turned and made her way to the train.

In no time at all she had made her way on to the train and into a platform. She ran to the window and waved a quick goodbye to her parents standing on the platform. Her father was smiling proudly and her mother was just looking at her. The only way Annora knew she cared was by the face that she was clasping her hands tightly together in front of her.

Annora sighed as the train began to move and then sat down on the seat and looked up. TO her surprise, there was a boy sitting opposite her.

He was about her age, and had light brown hair and a pair of brown eyes. He was looking at her curiously.

"Hello." She said a little bit embarrassed at being stared at.

"Hello." He replied back. "How are you?"

"Good I suppose. Why are you staring at me?" She asked, looking at his eyes. The boy grinned at her and his hair changed from the brown to a dark blonde before her eyes.

"Because you're different I suppose." Annora looked at the boy. He had changed his appearance so quickly and naturally and he hadn't uttered a word so it couldn't have been magic - at least not any magic she was familiar with. It was fascinating.

"So are you." She said. He grinned at her again and she smiled back. His hair changed again, this time to a bright red and Annora grinned harder. Deciding she could trust this boy Annora closed her eyes and wished for her hair to match his. She could feel the change happen as it did and when she opened her eyes she saw the boy looking at her excitedly.

"You're like me!" He said bouncing around.

"I guess so." She said.

"I'm Teddy. Teddy Lupin." He extended his hand and Annora looked at him. After a moment she took his hand and started shaking it.

"Annora Liddell. I think were going to be good friends."