Here's a little poem I had to write about a city I knew for school. Being the geek I am, I chose Twilight Princess's Hyrule Castle Town. I hate writing poetry, but it turned out good, so I'm posting it. Enjoy!

I look up and see majestic towers

Look down and see the cobblestones

Look left and right and see all sorts of people,

But I'm still alone.

Only my shadow here to guide me

As I fight to save the land.

None of them would ever see me

With a sword in my left hand.

Most of them just walk around

The town without a care at all,

While the rest just ask each other

Wether or not the rain will fall.

I think I'm the only one who knows,

The only one who cares.

And then I stop and think

The lives I'm trying to save

Are theirs.

Well, that's it. It seems kinda depressing to me. But that's what I get for writing about a depressing-feeling game. (3