Hi! I'm Isabella Swan - 17, straight, single and VIRGIN.

Have no intention of changing the sexual orientation or relationship status for now. Only in desperate need to change one status – from 'virgin' to 'already fucked'.

I have a list named- 'GUYS I WANT TO FUCK' and neither of the names have a tick mark beside it showing 'mission accomplished'.


Top 5 members of my list are-

5. SAM ULEY – the captain of the basketball team.

4. EMMETT CULLEN – state level wrestler, one of 'THE TRIO'.

3. JASPER HALE – richest guy of our school, another member of 'THE TRIO'.

2. JACOB BLACK – manly, self-dependent, hardworking, talented, handsome, friendly, helpful, charismatic etc. Etc... Got the idea? In short a guy whom every parent would choose as a son-in-law.

1. EDWARD CULLEN – the smartest and most handsome, no smartest and most beautiful and sexiest loner of our class. The leader of 'THE TRIO'.

LONER without a BONER, I would say. He never dates. He cannot be gay or something, can he? Or impotent? NOPE. I refuse to think so.

Well thinking about these five is tormenting for me. Their images in my mind triggers all sort of unwanted reactions in my body – erection of nipples, wetting of pussy, accelerated heart rate and breathing, dry mouth and throat etc. All these would not have bothered me if I had managed to shove one of their 'love-rods' up my pussy. But no, I did not get any and so my poor fingers are working overtime. The bell is ringing and it is time for my fingers to work.

Sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, with several 'gossip girls' and 'video-game-crazy boys' gives you enough time to remember the 'sweet-salty moments' of your recent past. I'm not talking about little fight- little cute - little emotion friendship scenes. I'm talking about my 'short self fulfilling act' in girl's washroom.

Earlier, as soon as the bell did ring, I almost ran out of my class to the washroom. The stalls were still empty but I knew, soon it would be too crowded. Bitchy girls would bang the doors, asking me 2 come out fast. So, I choose the last stall(which people normallt avoid), at the farthest corne of the long washroom and locked the doors. The first thing I did after locking it wa - unzipped myself and put my fingers inside. One benefit of not wearing panties is that you can rub yourself without wasting much time on opening your trouser and panty. I dug my fingers deeper, rubbing my clit. It was so wet. My nipples were showing through my tank top and I was already hyperventilating. I leaned on the door and pulled and pushed my pussy lips.

I could not stop myself from thinking about 'the fantastic five'.

I could vividly imagine Edward's cock in my mouth, his hands on my hair, while he moaned in pleasure. As if that was not enough, I pictured Jacob and Jasper taking me together. Double penetrating me. To reach the peak fast, I deliberately imagined Sam and Emmett, completely naked and jerking off around me. I was sure, the image that my mind had conjured up was a by-product of all those porn movies I had watched. 1 girl and 5 men – you know what I mean? ;)

Anyway, that pretty mental image helped me reach my peak fast. When my breathing returned to normal, I zipped my jeans and licked my fingers. I unlocked the door and stepped out. Outside Lauren and Leah was giving me real dirty looks, like I have robbed or abused their fathers. I don't know, even now, the reason behind such reaction- was that because I didn't hear them banging my toilet door or because they heard me moaning. I think I clamped my mouth to stop myself from making any unintentional sound. Whatever, who cares!

I enjoyed myself and I'm satisfied with it. And now sitting in this noisy boring cafeteria, I'm reliving those moments. WOW. Only one grief -those were mere fantasies.