I was about to leave the class room, when Mr. Banner stopped me with, "A word Miss Stanley."

I fucking knew what it would be about.

Everyone left the class, and then he slowly closed the door shut.

"Miss Stanley, it is very unfortunate to see that your improvement in my subject is equal to zero and again you have failed."

I expected that so I kept looking at the floor.

"Why don't you sit down Miss Stanley."

As I took my seat, he came and stood near me, his arms on both sides of my chair. He leaned forward. "Why do I feel like you are not interested in what I teach?"

"Um, it is not that sir..." I say beating my eyelashes.

"Let's hope not. Now you have already failed. What are you planning to do about it?"

"Anything you say sir."

His expression told me that he was dearly expecting that I would say something like that.


I nodded.

"Fine. Then I will teach you a lesson now and by Monday you will submit an essay on it."

Fuck you. An essay? I hate biology. No way in hell, I would do it.

He leaned forward, until his lips are hovering over mine. "Don't worry you are so gonna love this lesson." He smiled evilly.

What he did next startled me. I never expected it. He attacked my lips with hungry kiss. Strange thing, I liked it.

"What are you doing sir?" I asked in between the kisses

"Teaching you the most important chapter of biology. Now Stand up."

I did as he said.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. His hands travelled up to my boobs and he started pressing them. I could no longer control myself. I relaxed under his touch and started to moan. My pussy was wet by the time his lips kissed my boobs. I was still wearing the shirt and underneath there was a green bikini bra. He yanked open my shirt. He did not bother opening my bra; instead he started biting my nipples. My bra was wet with his saliva. First right, then left, he enjoyed my both boobs to the fullest. I was dripping down there by now. My hands were clutching his arms for support and my legs were shaking.

Without any warning he plunged to fingers into my pussy.

"You naughty girl! I see you have no panties on." He said with a wink.

He pushed and pulled his fingers in my pussy. I was very near orgasm when he suddenly pulled them out and said, "Your lesson for today is over. Write an essay about it. I will meet you on Monday after class."

I begged him not to leave me like this. A strange kind of feeling was there in my body. It was like taking some body high and then leaving them there.

He did not listen to me and ushered me out of the class. My shirt was still unbuttoned when Eric saw me. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked in a voice that was a combination of lust and shock.