The Miracle

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Chapter 24: Epilogue…

The story picks up as Becky and her mom, Rapunzel, are preparing the younger Fitzherbert for a very special event…

"Mom! Why are you crying?" Becky asked her mother, the queen of Corona.

"It is just that my little girl is getting married today to the most wonderful man from the Republic of Olvastavia!" Rapunzel dreamily sighed with a small trail of tears running down her face as she took in the sight of her eldest daughter in the most beautiful of wedding dresses. Of course, as this wedding dress had been used by both Catherine on her wedding day and Rapunzel on hers, it was no surprise that it was the most beautiful dress not only in Corona, but also all Io.

"Mom!" Becky blurted out as she rolled her eyes at her mother, the queen and turned back towards the mirror as she applied the finishing touches to her makeup. She could be so infuriating some times.

"What…?" Rapunzel asked with a large and happy grin on her face. She was fully aware of what had Becky's goat, so to speak, and took an almost perverse pleasure in pushing the crown princess' buttons every chance she got. Of course, Becky was just as skilled at pushing those of her mom as well.

"Mom, I am 23 years old, and the Crown Princess of Corona. I do not think that qualifies me anymore for the title "little girl. Now, for the Princess moniker, maybe."

"Whether you are eight years old or 58 years old, as long as I am alive on this wonderful planet of Sonnen 3, you will always be my little girl."

"I guess so…"

"And, never forget that you are the rightful crown princess of Corona. Your dad and I carefully reviewed all the appropriate laws, rules, and regulations of not only Corona, but also Constella, Estrella, and Orion. We also sought the council of the nobles from all three kingdoms and they actually found themselves in full agreement with each other; a first. As my daughter, you are the rightful Crown Princess. Do you remember the joy of the people on that special night about 15 years ago?"

"Yes. It was the second best of my life!"

"Soon to be the third…"




Fifteen Years Previous…

Little Becky was terrified, of that there was no question. She had not had any idea what her simple request of Eugene was to entail. That Rapunzel had also happily offered to become her adoptive mom greatly simplified the object of her fear as she clearly knew her future proper placement within the hierarchy of Corona; she was to become the crown princess. She was sitting at a wonderful bureau in her new bedroom in the Royal Palace of Corona nervously giggling as her new mother brushed her wonderful blonde hair; blonde hair that, with Rapunzel's unlikely transformation a couple days earlier, was indistinguishable from the other.

"Becky, please relax, everything will be fine! Trust me!" Rapunzel stated, as her emerald green eyes, so full of love for the young girl before her, locked with the sapphire blue eyes of her daughter.

"I know, mom. It is just that I did not realize what asking Eugene to adopt me would mean. When I made the request I was so happy that I was going to live and I did not even think about the chances of you wanting to become my adoptive mom. I knew that you cared for me a lot, but I did not realize that the happy smile I received from you was different from those you showed the other orphans. Now, I am about to become a princess of Corona, and I am scared. What if they don't like me?" Becky asked.

"What if they…? Are you serious, Becky? Do you not realize that the people of Corona will be absolutely thrilled to know that Eugene and I will provide an heir for the kingdom?" Rapunzel asked.


"How is my little grandchild?" A voice called out as Becky looked up and saw a second set of emerald eyes looking back at her from the mirror; eyes that were framed in the most wonderful crop of chestnut brown hair.

"Nana!" Becky happily called out as she rose from her seat and gave Catherine a big hug; a hug that Catherine happily returned.

"How is the future Crown Princess of Corona?"

"Scared." Stated her mom, Rapunzel.

"Scared? Why, for heaven's sake?" Asked her new adoptive grandmother, and queen of Corona.

"Our adorable little Becky here seems to have doubts concerning the adoration for her that the people of Corona feel.

"Well, I know how to fix that!" Catherine stated.

"You do?"

"Of course! Let's go see the artist formerly known as Hookhand in the Royal Conservatory."

"Of course!" Rapunzel happily remarked. She thought back to the events of just two days ago and the look of wonder worn on his face has he took in the sight of his fully restored hand.

Two Days Previous…

"What happened?" Hookhand asked Big Nose and Thor as they all recovered from the shock of the blast of benign golden light as it swept through Corona in the aftermath of the miracle at the Orphanage.

"I don't…, what happened to your hand?" Big Nose asked with perhaps the largest look of surprise that anyone, in the aftermath of the miracle, wore.

"What do you…?" Hookhand asked before passing out from the shock of the sight before him.

"Hookhand!" Big Nose called out as he took a nearby bucket of water and flung it on him.

"What happened?" Hookhand asked as he shook the excess water from his body and looked at his hands without really seeing them.

"Look!" Thor shockingly stated as he gestured for him to look at his two hands; hands that were perfect mirror images of their opposite. He gingerly wiggled the fingers on his newly restored hand.

"Let me try out my new hand…!" Hookhand excitedly shouted as he got up and ran towards the Royal Conservatory.

To say that the residents and staff of the royal palace were shocked was to seriously understate the matter. As soon as Hookhand; oops, the musician formerly known as Hookhand; sat down behind the ebonies and ivories and began playing, possibly everyone within earshot rapidly made their way towards the Royal Conservatory to determine the source of the wonderful notes. As he finished the first piece, the cheering and applause was so thundering that it left him speechless and in tears; especially when William, Catherine, Eugene, Rapunzel, and little Becky added their cheers to his masterful playing as they listened with complete rapture the following day…

Two Days Later…

"What an amazing event. Don't you think?" Rapunzel asked the combined audience of her mother and her daughter.

"Yes. So, what are we waiting for? I want to hear him play again…!" Becky called out as she ran in a very un-princess like way to the open door to her room and began to tear down the hallway before very quickly running into an immovable object.


"Eugene!" Rapunzel called out as she recognized the voice.

"Are you ok?" Catherine asked as she walked out into the hallway and saw a sprawled out Eugene with a blushing little Becky sitting astride his chest.

"Of course. I did not realize how much energy an eight year old could contain."

"Well I am glad you are here, Eugene." Rapunzel said as she gave her fiancé a hug and kiss.

Author's Note:

Oh, yes! The Royal Engagement! How could I forget to mention that? You see, it occurred on the evening of the miracle as Eugene and Rapunzel sat side by side at the Royal Gazebo. That said, you will have to wait a little longer to read about it! Sorry!

"What is wrong, Becky?" Eugene asked.

"What if they don't like me?" Becky shyly asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"What do you…? Are you kidding?" Eugene asked; the surprise very prevalent on his face.


"Everything will be fine. Trust me."

"Ok…" Becky replied, her confidence still lacking.

"Tell you what; let's go out on the town and I will show you how much the people of Corona absolutely love and adore you."

"Ok, dad." Becky shyly stated.

"It'll be fine!" Eugene replied as he gently hugged her and gave her a quick peck on her forehead.

"Please be back by 7:00, Eugene. The ceremony begins promptly at 7:45." Catherine stated.

"Ok, Catherine; I will ensure that we will not be late. Let's go, Becky!" Eugene happily called out as he stood back up after Becky got off him and gently took her by the hand and led her down the long hallway and towards the front entrance of the palace.

"He is such a good dad for her." A familiar voice called out from the hallway as she walked up as Eugene and Becky turned down a second hallway.

"Yes, Kimberly, he is. He is such a treasure himself." Rapunzel replied as she turned and walked over and gave her future mother-in-law a warm hug and a kiss on her cheek.

"I think that you will both be a great influence on him as it is in his nature to care deeply for those around him."

"You can say that again!" Another voice called out. This voice, belonging Amanda, brought an even larger smile to the faces of the other three women currently standing there. The four women went down into the Royal Garden to enjoy a few moments of quiet before getting prepared for the ceremony to follow.

The visit to the village went far better than even Eugene had hoped it would. Everyone, and I mean everyone, went out of their way to meet with and welcome the new princess of Corona. Each individual and family that came up her with large smiles on their faces and the kindest words all served to increase Becky's confidence.

Needless to say, the ceremony went off without a hitch. A promptly 7:45, as the light of the sun had fully surrendered to the darkness of the new moon, King William began his welcoming remarks.

"Good people of Corona! Tonight we celebrate three amazing events!"

The cheering of the crowd was amazing. Becky's confidence rose even higher and surpassed that of Eugene on the eve of the celebration that lasted a week.

"As you know, an event occurred two mornings ago that drastically altered the destiny of not only our good kingdom of Corona, but also that of all Io and perhaps the rest of Sonnen 3."

"Eugene! Eugene! Eugene!" The people called out. They were eager to see not only their saviour but also the future Prince Consort. Eugene gracefully strode forward and waved to the crowd. His parents, Amanda's parents, Colonel Rupert and Amanda MacIntyre, Lord Andrew and Lady Annabella and their sixteen year old son Andrew junior and fourteen year old daughter Anna Marie, Lord Marcus and his wife Lady Marianna Celeste, Mistress Cassiopeia, Marcus junior with his new girlfriend Crown Princess Stephanie, and Robert with his new girlfriend Crown Princess Chelsea all stood beside Queen Catherine, Crown Princess Rapunzel, and little Becky.

"Yes. Eugene, tonight's ceremony actually begins with you." King William remarked to the quite surprised young man as he grinned at both the warm welcome and the look of wonder upon the younger man's face.

"It does..?" He replied. He had thought the uniform he was wearing was because of his role in Becky's coronation ceremony.

"Yes, it does. Please come forward."

"Of course."

Eugene strode forward towards the low railing encasing the lantern balcony as it was called by both the royals and those who ensured the smooth operation of the palace. The people's cheering deeply affected him and warmed his heart, as he realized that Flynn Rider was truly gone forever. He was immaculately dressed in the purest white uniform; a purple sash running from over his right shoulder to his left waist; around his neck he wore the golden sun symbol of Corona on a beautifully designed and crafted necklace. At his side, in an ornately decorated scabbard, he wore his favourite sword; one of the pair of twin Katanas he claimed as his own at the Battle for Olvastavia Liberation; as it was now called, five years later and fully known to all citizens of Io.

"Please kneel." King William commanded as he gestured for the quite surprised Eugene to kneel on a finely sewn pillow sighted in such a way that all the people observing the ceremony could see all.

The crowd murmured as they waited for the ceremony to commence. The village grapevine had actually gotten this story right for once. There was minimal surprise, therefore, that Eugene was to be so honoured, although they did miss a couple minor, and not so minor details.

"Good people of Corona," King William began, "as you know, at daybreak two days ago, Sir Eugene responded to a crisis with the bravery and selflessness expected of a member of royalty or nobility. His actions, taken despite the risk to himself, ensured that not only Corona and Io, but perhaps even all of Sonnen 3, were saved from the scourge of the Black Death. He accurately deduced the source of the infection and not only ended the threat dead in its tracks but also saved the potential first victim. Additionally, he also managed to save not only the severely drought withered crops but also our famished livestock. Finally, as you can see by the still orbiting passive orb of energy bathing Corona with its benign aquamarine light, there were additional miracles that occurred, perhaps most important, the return to health of even the most ill individuals. Corona has never been better, or happier. It is therefore fitting that he be rewarded for his efforts. Eugene, it is my extreme honour to extend you the very fitting honour of being promoted from Knight of the Realm to Royal Knight Plenipotentiary of Corona, with the powers commensurate with mine as king of Corona.

King William, moving away from the podium, moved over to an ornately decorated pillow and lifted the Sword of the Sun from it. He grinned at Lady Annabella as it had once been her favourite sword. He moved over to Eugene and stood before him in such a way that the crowd could still easily see what was going on.

"It is my privilege to appoint you Royal Knight Plenipotentiary of Corona and the new commander of not only the Royal Coronian Army but also the Royal Coronian Navy as well," King William stated as he gently laid the sword upon first his right shoulder and then his left before repeating the movements. "You may rise, Sir Eugene Fitzherbert, knight and general."

King William waited a moment while the crowd cheered and cheered for their favourite son.

"This is not all, however. Eugene is to be honoured by our two neighboring kingdoms of Constella and Estrella. We will begin with the Royal Kingdom of Constella; Princess Stephanie, if you could please step forward."

"Of course, your highness. It would be my pleasure."

"Good people of Corona, as the crown princess of Constella, it is my extreme honor to be able to honor Sir Eugene in a manner similar to that bestowed upon him by your good kingdom. I received a royal dispatch this morning from my father that happily stated that the health of all of Constella's population has never been better. Additionally, the miraculous salvation of your own drought withered crops has been mirrored there in Constella as well. The grain siloes, smokehouses, and bakeries are also running around the clock keeping up with the output from our farmland. Our people shall not have to worry about the coming winter as our stocks have never been higher. Therefore, and in extreme gratitude for the drastic change in fortune experienced by our population, it has been decided that we too shall bestow our highest honor upon your saviour. Eugene could you please kneel before me?"

"Of course, Princess Stephanie."

"Sir Eugene Fitzherbert, it is my extreme honour, as the crown princess to have this opportunity to bestow upon you our highest honor as well; that of Knight Plenipotentiary of the Royal Kingdom of Constella, with all the rights and privileges thereof." Princess Stephanie stated as she too gently tapped Eugene's left and right shoulders in turn. "Please rise Sir Eugene Fitzherbert, the hero of Constella."

Eugene, becoming quite overcome by emotion, quietly said to her, "thank you, your highness. I am quite humbled by the outpouring of appreciation."

"It is I, Sir Eugene, who should be thanking you. We, the grateful peoples of Constella, will hold you forever in our debt. Finally, I yield to the wonderful crown princess of Estrella, Princess Chelsea; princess?"

The crown princess of Estrella, Chelsea, gracefully swept forward and humbly spoke, "Thank you, Princess Stephanie. As noted by the others, the wonder of Sir Eugene's actions, as well as the massive explosion of golden light, carried as far as the Kingdom of Estrella and caused the remarkable miracle of the sick and even the deceased to arise. Our sick houses and orphanages are remarkable empty. These events, coupled with similar revivals of our withered crops and starving livestock, have caused spontaneous and wide spread celebration. So, if you could please kneel Sir Eugene…"

Eugene, with small trails of tears running down his cheeks, quietly replied, "Of course, your highness."

"Sir Eugene, it is indeed a great honor for me to be able to take part in this amazing ceremony. It is times like this that one is so happy to be able to recognize the selfless actions of a son not only of Constella, Corona, or Estrella, but of all Io. Please rise Sir Eugene, Royal Knight Plenipotentiary of Royal Kingdom of Estrella and new Estrellan adopted son." Chelsea gracefully stated as she, following the lead of the others, gently tapped Eugene on each shoulder with the same sword prior to asking him to rise.

The crowd went crazy, shouting out his name over and over; especially as Rapunzel came forward and gave him a very passionate kiss and stated; "My wonderful knight in shining armour."

"If you say so…" Eugene meekly replied as he returned her passionate kiss, his cheeks turning a rosy shade.

"I do say so, Sir Eugene. Now, good people of Corona, we have a second ceremony to perform. This ceremony is also driven by the events of two morning's ago." Rapunzel began.

"Yes. We have a new member of the royal family to introduce to you, good people of Corona." Queen Catherine continued.

"Becky?" Amanda asked as she gracefully moved forward and took over leading the ceremony.

"Yes, Aunt Mandy?"

"Could you please step forward?"

"Yes, of course." Becky replied as she moved up with the most confidence she could muster and stood directly behind a lantern as one of the palace guards carefully lit it.

"In the aftermath of the events of that morning, Eugene and Rapunzel, taken aback by the kindness and generosity displayed by little Becky here during innumerable previous orphanage visits decided that they would honour her wish and become her adoptive parents. It is therefore my privilege, as the personal assistant to Queen Catherine to lead this ceremony."

The people leaned forward as their excitement grew. They knew that the adoption of a child by the Crown Princess would ensure the future stability of Corona for at least another generation as the question of an heir would be answered in the affirmative.

"People of Corona, the necessary documentation and approvals being completed and approved earlier this very day, it is our honour to present to you the new daughter of Crown Princess Rapunzel and General Sir Eugene Fitzherbert; Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert, the future heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Corona." King William stated as he moved forward and gently placed the custom made tiara of a princess upon her blonde locks as they cascaded in waves off her head and down her shoulders and back and then followed with a kiss to first her left and then her right cheek.

"Thank you, granddad." Becky whispered.

"Hail Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert; future Crown Princess and heir to the throne!" The crowd happily yelled out over and over as they awaited the release of the lantern.

"Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert of Corona, would you do us the honour of releasing your coronation lantern?" Kimberly asked as she moved forward from where she was standing with her husband Keith and Katelyn and Kevin.

"It would be my privilege, gran." Becky confidently replied as she gently lifted the lantern upward and free of the strings holding it fast.

The lantern, gracefully rising into the darkness of the new moon was soon joined by thousands more as the people, somehow knowing what was to occur, had brought their own. Little Becky was overcome by emotion and gently sobbed in absolute joy at her acceptance as the new princess of Corona as she was embraced by her new parents and both pairs of grandparents.

"I told you everything would be fine, Becky." Rapunzel whispered as she comforted her.

"Thank you, mom." Becky whispered back.

The crowd, expecting this to be the conclusion of the ceremony were shocked yet again when Rupert motioned to the people to remain where they were.

"Good people, the good news continues as we move onto the final portion of tonight's ceremony." Rupert said.

"It continues…?" The crowd asked themselves as they eagerly awaited what was to come.

"Yes. People of Corona…," Sir Eugene began.

"…it is our privilege to announce a royal engagement…" Catherine continued.

Fifteen Years Later…

"You just do not know the important role you played in your dad's full redemption and rebirth as Sir Eugene Fitzherbert; Royal Knight Plenipotentiary not just the Royal Kingdom of Corona, but that of Constella, Estrella, and Orion; not to mention the honor the wonderful little Republic of Olvastavia bestowed upon him. He is the only individual in the recorded history of Io to be so honoured, and Io in general and the four primary kingdoms in particular have never had it this good or for this long."

"I did?"

"Yes, you did. The way that Eugene absolutely doted on you and almost completely spoiled you while ensuring your full and complete training as a princess of Corona endeared him even more to the varied populations of Io than the miracles performed."

"So, your little girl. Huh?" Becky said with a grin as she reconsidered her mom's words.

"Yes. You, Crown Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert, are still my little girl and forever shall be; along with your two sisters, Stephanie and Chelsea, they named in honor of my two best friends, the Queens of Constella and Estrella respectively. It is therefore very fitting on this special day that you receive from me, what I received from my wonderful mother-in-law, Kimberly Fitzherbert, via her son, 15 years ago last week."

"No!" Becky exclaimed in surprise as she had had no idea that such a remarkable item would come into her possession on this, the most wonderful day of her young life.

"Yes. The very ring that I received on the day of my engagement to Eugene, will now be passed on to his wonderful eldest daughter."


"No buts, Becky. Do you remember that very special day?"

"How could I forget? It has lived with me for the past 15 years. That is the day that my life turned 180 degrees and improved a thousand fold, or more! One minute I am dying, about to be responsible for the death of perhaps 1.8 million Ioians at the hand of the most dreadful disease then known to man, and the next I am not only fully healed and healthier than ever but I also receive the wonderful news that not only would Eugene be honoured to raise me as my dad, but that I also find out that I too have a mom, as well. But, what happened after we all went inside? You were out there for almost 30 minutes!"

"Well, after you all went in, and while we were bathed in the warm light of the glowing aquamarine glow as the orb continued to orbit Corona in such a way that it remained overhead, Eugene sat me down and…"

Fifteen Years Previous…

Eugene and Rapunzel sat there quite contentedly in silence for about ten minutes. Hazel gazing into emerald and emerald gazing into hazel. They were quite content to just sit there, basking in the wonder of being totally intertwined with the other and bathed in the warm aquamarine light. Unknown or unrecognized by both, perhaps every single staffer in the Royal Palace had their faces glued to every available window facing the Royal Garden and the centrally located gazebo. To say that they were impatient to see what was to happen was to understate the matter. They were desperate to be able to be the first to add their version of the tale to the palace and village grapevines.

"Wow! What a day!" Eugene finally and happily remarked after the ten minutes of silent contemplation as he took in the sight of his beloved Punzie and then reached out and gently grasped her hands in his. He could not imagine his life turning out any other way. She truly was a princess worth waiting for.

"Yes. Yes it is." Sighed Rapunzel. She too was very overwhelmed at the feeling of completeness she now felt. Well almost complete. There was but one thing left to see her new dream become a reality just as her quest for the lanterns had led to another dream as it was realized.

"There is only one thing that would make this a day to remember forever..." Eugene cryptically added.

"What is that, Eugene? I mean you saved the entire continent from devastation at the hand of the Black Death. You also saved all the drought withered crops and famished farm animals not only in Corona, but apparently throughout Io. What more is there?" Rapunzel remarked. She, as any good princess could, hid the tangled mix of emotions she was currently experiencing. On the one hand she couldn't wait for her next dream to come true so she could find another, but on the other, she had only recently been reunited with her true birth parents and was still catching up on 18 years of forced separation. Needless to say, Eugene was well aware of the tangled mix of emotions as he had discovered them when they linked their minds earlier that day. So his carefully chosen next words were to totally shock Rapunzel and set off yet another celebration; one to absolutely dwarf that of the celebration in honour of her return.

"Well, Punzie, what more there is, is really quite simple. Now that we have a full understanding of our intertwined destinies, I feel, that while the actual date can be set further in the future to allow you time to become fully reacquainted and reintegrated with your parents, there is no reason why we should wait any longer for the initial steps and go ahead and formalize things. This will also allow me to begin my own formal training regimen."

"What training regimen?"

The staffers, seeing the perplexed look on Rapunzel's face, accurately deduced what was about to happen.

"He's going to do it. Isn't he?" One staffer mumbled out loud.

"Yes, I believe he is." Another answered.

"Well, Punzie, my formal training regimen required of any Prince Consort. You see, it is just that I have never felt closer to anyone as I have to you and I cannot imagine my life turning out any other way. Everything occurring in my life was but a step on the path to the most wonderful woman a man could hope to be with, so…"


"Would you Rapunzel Catherine, the crown princess of Corona consider becoming the wife of a simple man from Avandell whose destiny from birth was to come to the rescue of said princess in distress; slaying the dragon as it were?"

"Eugene!" Rapunzel shouted, her voice easily carrying to the staffers and residents of the palace as they all eagerly awaiting her next words.

"Yes, Rapunzel…," Eugene began as he gently grasped her left hand in his as he went down on his left knee before her, "would you make my new dream come true and do me the extreme honour of marrying me?"

"YES! YES! YES!" Rapunzel shouted out so loud that all in Corona and probably Constella and Estrella as well could hear her as she impatiently awaited Eugene to place the beautiful heirloom ring on her left ring finger.

"YES!" Everyone who witnessed the event shouted as they took in the wonderful sight of Rapunzel and Eugene passionately kissing and beginning to glow a wonderful aquamarine hue.

"They will be so happy, won't they?" Catherine tearfully asked her own dream of over two decades as she watched from the same Royal Study that they had witnessed the wonderful proposal of Rupert and Amanda three years earlier.

"Yes, I am very sure that they will be." William replied as he wrapped his arm around Catherine's waist.

"I wonder how long they will give us to get reacquainted with our daughter." Catherine wondered aloud.

"I am sure it will be plenty. Besides, it is not like they are moving to the far side of Io." William confidently answered.

"So true…"

Fifteen Years Later…

"Awww…" Becky sighed, "What a wonderful proposal."

"It was the most incredible end to a most incredible day. So, it is fitting that on this very special day in your own life that you receive from me, as your 'something old,' this ring." Rapunzel said as she gently placed the ring on her daughter's right ring finger.

"I don't know what to say…" Becky said as fresh tears gently trailed down her face.

"No words are necessary, Becky. I know you will be so very happy as you realize your own special dream." Rapunzel replied as she gently dabbed the tears from Becky's face to save her elaborate makeup job.

A soft knock at the door shook them from their reminiscing.

"Please come in Genie." Rapunzel replied as she easily sensed who was on the far side of the door.

"Of course, Punzie."

"I guess we are ready." Rapunzel replied.

"My darling, it is time." King Eugene said to his eldest daughter as he took in the sight of two of the most important women in his life as he too attempted to keep his tears at bay.

"Yes, daddy. And, thank you for everything…" Crown Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert answered as she adjusted her tiara a final time and lowered her veil over her face as she took one last look in the mirror and stood to walk over to her dad, the king, and held her arm out as he prepared to walk her to her new destiny.

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