Title: Stalkery

Author: Constance Truggle

Fandom: Buffy/Batman

Rating: FR7

Pairing: None.

Summary: He lurks. She likes.

Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Batman.

Word Count: 490

Author's Note: I'm traveling today, so this is short and to the point. Still, I hope you enjoy it.

Someone was following her, she was sure. She couldn't see them, though, and everytime she searched, she only ever caught a glimpse of a darker shadow among the night. It was unnerving and unnecessary, in her opinion. She was out patrolling the cemeteries of Gotham for the first time, and someone had been following her almost from the moment she stepped through the gates. She figured it was that damned Batman again; the one that helped out with that wanna-be apocalypse in Jump City, but it didn't matter. The man was a menace.

Okay, so he was the good guy here. She knew that. And he knew exactly who she was, since they had worked together that one time. She vividly remembered it, actually. His voice sent tingles down her spine and the one time he'd had to give her a lift was branded into her memory. Yeah, she had a bit of a thing for the Caped Crusader. Shameful, she knew, but she was okay with it. Really. Well, she was getting there, at least. She didn't do so well with the broody champion type.

What she couldn't figure out was why he was there, following her around instead of dealing with the human criminal element of Gotham. But then she got distracted. Apparently, the vamps of Gotham weren't used to having their haunts disturbed. But she lived in his city now, and she'd be damned if she did any less than he did in keeping it safe.

She'd come through the fight a little dinged up, a little bit bloody but still victorious. He was leaning against a tree, watching her with a bit of smirk on his lips; the only bit of his face she could see because of that stupid cowl.

"Nice to see you chose to watch instead of help," she snarked.

"It looked like you had it covered," he replied with a shrug.

She tried to fight down a smile at that. From what she learned of him, that was like, the equivalent of him singing her praises or something.

"Well, I did. But it would have been nice all the same."

He inclined his head once. "I'll remember that."

"So, any reason for being my friendly neighborhood stalker?"

"No reason. Just wanted to make sure you were settling in alright."

Buffy rolled her eyes and threw a weak glare at him. "Please. If you wanted to check me out, there are easier ways to do it."

He goggled at her innuendo, though she'd actually meant just what she'd said. It was only after the words were out that her Freudian slip was realized, but she pushed through the blush and stared at him, blatant challenge written all over her face.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Then he was gone and she was left staring after him like some lovesick puppy or something. Bastard, she thought.