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"Akira." Mystogan mumbled dully.

I didn't lift my head and the mention of my name or show any sign of hearing him. If he kept on interrupting me, I would never finish working!

"Akiraaaaaaaaa." His voice echoed nonchalantly, carrying extra tunes that did not belong.

My teeth gritted in frustration. I quickened my pace, only to let out a yelp when I pricked my finger. That effectively stopped me. "What is it?" I growled, not just because of my now-bleeding finger. More so because I've heard his disinterested voice continually whining my name.

"How long will it take you to sew my coat?" Mystogan grumbled, and I was well aware of his impatience.

"The same as before, I don't know! If you keep on interrupting me like that, I will never fix this rag of cloth!" My face was flushed with anger, which seemed to amuse him even more.

Earlier, Mystogan had the nerve to have an all-out battle with Laxus. He won, but while he was overwhelmed with his big ego, Laxus had got a huge shot at him. It fried holes straight through his 'favorite coat.' So who did he call on? His teammate, me. It was ridiculous. If it would have been anyone else, I would have punched them in the face for asking something that stupid. So why was I sewing this coat? I don't know.

He made his face fall mockingly. "No fair! It's not a rag! It's my favorite coat!" Mystogan teased.

I fumed, mending his pathetic coat as fast as I could. "Why am I even helping you?"

"Because you're my teammate." He nudged me with his elbow.

I dropped the garment, my cheeks burning. The tips of my ears turned red, and I felt like an idiot. Truth be told, I have always and forever will, be envious of Mystogan's arms. They were so perfect and sexy, wrapped in bandages that showed off there every contour.

The feeling of those God-given arms rubbing against me was out of this world. Now that's unfair.

Wait. Did I just call Mystogan…sexy?

My reddened cheeks increased tenfold. I couldn't have. That's-that's just preposterous! We're teammates! This is blasphemy.

I shot him a glance from the side of my eye, my heart pounded to find a crooked grin plastered on his face.

"Are you done?" His voice sounded ecstatic, stars in his eyes.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "No." I bent over, picking up the coat, beginning my work once again.

Mystogan slouched at little, twirling a blue strand of hair aimlessly. "You don't have to fix it. I mean, there are better things to do."

Something's not right. I feel like he's leading me straight into a trap, since he was so hell-bent on getting this fixed. So, I decided to play along. "What else is there to do?"

Mystogan leaned forward, his lips brushing against my ear. The hairs on the back of my neck rose from the contact. "Me." He whispered

Whoa. Hold on. Did I hear him right? My head lifted slowly, almost mechanically. His eyes gleamed slyly; the look on his face was primal. I gave him a quizzical stare. "Uhh…" I couldn't think of a knowledgeable response.

He reached out, setting his hand against the side of my face.

That was it.

My façade cracked.

I jumped away from Mystogan, tying his coat around me. "You want your coat? Come and get it." With that said, I turned and sprinted away from him half-heartedly.

Mystogan didn't waist a second. With no ounce of self-control left, he pounced, landing right on top of me. His warmth radiated onto me, deepening my darkest desires.

"Ah! You oaf!" I teased him, earning myself a charming grin.

"Am I really that heavy?" Mystogan remarked as if taken aback.

I wanted to burst out laughing at his expression. "Didn't you know sexy muscles weigh quite a bit?"

His shocked look melted into one of appeal. "Is that what you think of me? It's so sweet." He deadpanned.

"I could think of nothing more appropriate for your description." I joked idly.

"Who said we had to be appropriate?" His husky voice seems to growl seductively.

While I was trying to comprehend his provocative response, he undid the button to his coat, stealing it literally right off my back.

Mystogan sprang up, turning into mist, allowing him to completely escape me. I pouted, "Get back here!"

Suddenly his stunning arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me into an eagerly awaited kiss. Our mouths moved in sync, his hands freely exploring my body. I ground myself against his striking muscles, enjoying their simple amazingness. Leaning forward, I allowed him to deepen the kiss. I felt his tongue exploring my mouth, and I fought him for dominance.

I was determined to taste every single bit of him.

Mystogan tasted spicy, piquant enough to stimulate the palate. Beneath that was a delicious saccharine of bittersweet espresso.

I pulled away after having enough, ending with me tracing his red tattoo lazily. "I believe you have something else for me." I waggled my eyebrows suggestively, allowing any inhibitions to be released.

"Akira," Mystogan purred. "I have so much more."


Slowly, my eyes adjusted to the morning light. Sighing in disappointment, I realized it had just been a dream. What did I do to deserve such torture? It seems so real, I could even still taste him. His hands had burnt trails along my bare skin…

My face flushed and I banished the thought. There was no room for hoping and dreaming. In reality, Mystogan was Mystogan, and he was likely still a think-skulled wizard. Who was my partner. So I shouldn't be having fantasies about him. Not even dreams.


It was a normal day at the guild. The only thing that was different was that Mystogan's coat was half sewn…