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Time Crash memorial Part 2.

Last time, on Project Magus, Janus, Piccolo, Crono, and Schala made their escape from the Demon Plane, but the world they ventured into was unlike anything they have seen before, or so they thought at first. It was a realm unknown to them, but exploration revealed it was the memorial site of Leene's Square. When things just could not get any more bizarre, The Entity beyond Space and Time revealed himself to everyone, sharing his deepest and darkest secrets, and the reason he came to earth to begin with. After the long exchange of words, our heroes demanded that he would send them back to end of time. After agreeing to their demands, he sent them where they wanted to go… except for Magus. When he thought the long journey was coming to an end, there was one last test that Janus needed to pass. Itching for a fight, they powered to their fullest, ready for the showdown of the fittest. Can the mage conquer immortality, to pass his greatest test by Super Cell? The verdict will come on this intense chapter, of Project Magus.

They stood Face to face against each other in the sacred sanctuary, ready to give their all. With his Doom Sickle positioned ahead, Janus was ready to cast the first stone. His pale face formed a smirk on his lips, snickering out, "so let's see if gods can feel pain."

Fading from eyesight, the reaping wizard with his blade in hand dashed at light speed, where he caught Super Cell completely off guard, beheading the entity instantly. As his body pummeled to the dirt, the mage reappeared at the opposite end of the Time Crash Memorial site, drawing out a brief laugh, only to notice it seemed too easy for him. Facing the decapitated enemy, he showed a sign of annoyance.

"Idiot, don't toy with me... you let me strike you down… unless you have spoken lies about your immortality." The ruby eyed warrior sounded very infuriated, but he tried his all to keep his cool.

After the insult, the fallen body stood straight up, retrieving the fallen face right next to him, and in an instant, the hands of the vessel placed the head back on top, regenerating from the sliced wound, fully healed from the reaper's strike. He turned to look straight at Magus's face. Laughing so wickedly, he seemed unharmed.

"Not bad, very clean and swift for the kill… just what I expected from you." The entity confidently uttered, mockingly complimenting the wizard. "I could feel your great strength and power, and that is quite some blade you got there… I am afraid you leave me at a disadvantage."

"Immortality has no disadvantage. You wanted to fight me, so stop wasting my time." The dark mage prepared himself again, sounding impatient with the entity's remarks.

"Very well, we can make this even, hah!" he taunted at Magus, forming in his hand an organic weapon, which became grasped around Super Cell's gripping fingers. Composed of flesh and twisted muscle tissue, a sharpened blade pushed itself out of the organic handle, where it curved into a shape of a crescent moon. It matched Janus's Doom Sickle's shape and size, nearly mimicking it in every way. Once he finished creating his own weapon, he admired his masterpiece, swinging it around and getting a good feel of it.

"There, now that is better… may the real games begin." The paradox vanished instantly, only to reappear a second later.

He glowed like the sun when he clashed his blade against the one who hastily guarded with his scythe. "CLANG!" went their weapons which echoed throughout the skies. Both fighters were in a deadlock, trying to outdo the other in their skills of reaping. Unable to change their struggle's balance, they took off into the scenery and beyond. Utilizing their scythes in hand, they clashed savagely and with such agility, that it sounded like a thousand swords colliding at the same time. Two crescent bolts of lightning was all that flashed through the open plane and into the horizon. Their great fight continued on for a few moments until they returned to the Fallen Leene's sanctuary. Taking a break from their warm up, their energy flowed equally around them.

"Yes, this battle thrills me! Janus, you are so strong." Super Cell spoke in amusement, but the mage had enough of the entity's mockery. No longer wanting to play his game, he placed his Doom Sickle aside.

"Now, let's fight with our hands. Let no tools determine this victory." Janus bluntly demanded, giving his beige gloves a tight tug, as he carefully kept his eyes upon his adversary who stood still at the other side of sacred ground.

"But we were having so much fun playing with toys. This is what you and Crono did on your journey. I suppose Piccolo and Goku gave you a change of heart. What a shame." Tossing his "toy" aside, he reluctantly agreed to the reaping wizard's demands. "Fine, we will do things your way."

Then the entity expanded exponentially into his immortal power, where a golden storm enshrouded him, but Magus reached into his maximum extent of his strength to counteract his adversary's accelerating energy. Despite standing many feet apart, their energetic aura touched one another, struggling against each other by scattering bolts of lightning everywhere. Such power was nearly too much for this realm to bear. This great storm was in a fitting place for Magus's greatest peril.

"That is the power I want to see," the paradox uttered in thrill. "Before we resume, you should know something… it is about Glenn."

The mentioning of the once frog knight caught the mage's attention, and he lifted one of this eyebrows, wondering to what he had to say about his former enemy. "Explain, so we can finish this." He asked calmly.

"You were actually meant to die by his hands after the fall of Zeal… but yet that frog chose not to fight you, and you ended up joining Glenn and his friends, to help bring Crono back to life. Ironically, there is another reality, in which fulfilled that fate. In that dimension, you perished, and there is even another world, in which Crono never returned to the living world. Your simple mind cannot even comprehend the realities that exist… I can see each world, and all the events from beginning to end." Cell rambled endlessly about his vast knowledge of the universe.

But "…" was all that came from Janus. He recalled the young man whom he transformed into a frog after ruthlessly killing Cyrus for opposing him and Ozzie. When he followed Crono and the frog on their adventure, he learned to befriend him, and chose to let go of the anger he remembered Glenn having against him. He reassured himself that they were on good terms, and he let that part of his past go.

"There are thousands of them, each one with a unique story of its own, with different events and paths that are laid out and chosen. Just imagine the countless interpretations of you and your friends, each with their own destiny." Speaking of his endless knowledge of the universe, Cell happened to notice that the wizard shut his eyes and remained in complete silence.

"What is the matter Janus? Is this too much for you to comprehend?" Lavos snickered disrespectfully.

"Are you done talking? I'm tired of hearing about your so-called "vast knowledge". These realities you keep babbling about don't concern me." Janus entered into a stance for battle. "If you're so wise and mighty, you should already know my intentions. If it means bringing down a god to bring her rest, then so be it." He valiantly declared.

Without warning, he charged at him swiftly with incredible speed, as Super Cell felt the wrath of the shadow innate. Janus swung a powerful dark fist that hurled Cell into the heightened mountains. Leaping again, he pursued the entity that crashed into the distant towers of rock and dirt, where he got buried alive from the fallen rubble. "Feel my wrath Lavos! I finally get to finish you off once and for all!" Janus hollered, aggressively catching up to him. He lined his arms and hands together, to send forth his shadow Ki blast to finish the deed, but before he had that opportunity, Cell bursts out of the crumbled mountain, retaliating by scattering dozens of beams on a collision course with the reaper. Noticing the upcoming attack, the mage countered by sending his own scattered shots against the opposing force. He managed to cancel out every wave, as fireworks of domes overtook the realm.

Before the clouds could clear away, they plowed forward, fist by fist, foot by foot, light speeding every move and counter flawlessly. Equally matched, the sonic booms and blinding flashes trailed through the sun setting skies. It was war in the heavens. As the battle continued on, they briefly became visible, and Cell took a powerful swing, but he narrowly missed thanks to the mage's slick evasion. This left the entity open for Magus to gain the upper hand by double-handed slamming Cell into the glittering river which opened her maw to swallow the paradox. Its waters rose like an erupting volcano, but the fight was far from over. The fighting wizard hovered above the waters, raising his right arm where a darkened sphere formed around his hand. It quickly expanded ten-fold. He held nothing back in forming the Dark Bomb, as his ruby eyes kept a close look into the river below.

"Come on out entity! If you don't I'll force you out myself!" Janus snarled, aiming his giant, black circle of magic towards his target.

Escaping from the river, the angered Super Cell surged out, red-hot in rage just to fall into the mage's bait hook. He sent the Dark Bomb towards the horned demon. Pushing ahead, the entity made all his efforts to break through his signature move. Before he could bring the sphere back to the deliverer, the ruby eyed reaper released his mind grip as the darkened circle unfolded, smothering the scene in a storm of destruction. But alas, Super Cell overcame it, upper cutting Magus, throwing him senselessly into the evening sky. This gave him the opportunity he needed to gain the advantage. He chased the helpless magician down, reforming above Magus to give him the spinning kick of his life, but with his left arm he guarded against it, and another round of endless blows back and forth ensued.

During the times of meditation with Piccolo, Janus easily caught on to the art of fighting. Surprisingly, it all came natural to him, since he did plenty of extreme and agonizing training of his own during the growing days and years of the mystic era. Thanks to his spiritual brother, he helped awakened all the hidden powers that remained dormant within, and his skills of fighting even exceeding the Namek's expectations. Now, let's return to the fight.

Magus dashed again at Cell, aggressively throwing blows after blows into the entity's midsection. Even immortals seemed to cough up blood, since the Entity beyond Space and Time suffered from the limitations of his physical body. Enraged from the savage strikes, Cell countered by sneaking around and behind him, taking a firm grip around his neck from behind, but the fighting mage was unable to break Super Cell's tightening chokehold. Magus could not break free, no matter how hard he tried. He desperately attempted to force his arm away that the entity tightly wrapped against his neck, but it only drove Cell to choke the life out of him even further. His headlock was unbreakable.

"It seems you got yourself stuck in a hole you cannot get out of. Come on Janus, break free!" The entity mocked him as he maintained his strong headlock.

'Great, this again… I can't break free; I should have kept my guard up. Taking on a straight offensive was a dumb tactic on my part, so how am I going to get out of this?' he said in thought, feeling his life slowly slip away.

Since he could not break loose, everything was beginning to fade into darkness, and nobody was there to help save him, so the paradox did that deed for him, by releasing his firm hold upon the mage.

"Putting you to sleep is not the way I want to finish you off!" the entity shouted out confidently, head-butting him immediately after he released him.

This attack stunned the reaper and threw him back far away, but he regained his bearings, trying to wipe the blood from his face. In anger, he pursued back to the battle scene, and Super Cell was ready, meeting him halfway, avoiding the mindless swing by Magus. He ducked with great agility, leaving himself open for the Paradox to pierce Janus's chest with his sharp horn very close to his heart, and the pain was unbearable.

"GAHHHHH!" the wounded wizard gagged out in blood and the pain which rendered him paralyzed for a moment.

"Do not worry, it is almost over, boy!" the paradox stated, placing his two hands against the mage's stomach, sending a strong energy blast that forced him off his sharp horn. He traveled across the glittering river, where nothing but grass and dirt welcomed the falling warrior.

Laying upon the ground below, Janus stared into the distant sapphire and amber sky, feeling his life force slowly slip away. He became delirious in his dying state, and he believed he saw the once rich, and thriving kingdom from the distant past, where he was simply a child, and the only person who ever loved and cared for him.

"My dear sister… you were always there for me when I had nobody to come too. No one else understood me or accepted me the way you did. You didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted to free you from this hell they damned you too. I've been through so much to become the person I am today. But I did this all for you, big sister," he said softly, no longer being able to keep his eyes opened. He had no clue that the paradox was on a downward spiral to finish him off. "If I can't see you again, then may you live on… and perhaps the next life will bring us together. Sometimes I just have to ask myself."

Then all went silent…

"Was all of this, really worth it?"

The realm reopened, showing Super Cell on a course to finish the job, but it seemed like time almost completely stopped.

"No…" the wounded wizard mumbled out. "I can't give up… Goku and Crono wouldn't give up. Neither would Piccolo or anyone else… I can't let them down. I can't let her down. I will be there with her, so we can spend the rest of our days in paradise."

Suddenly, he felt his power return to him, and all of his wounds disappeared. He could not explain it, but he felt a glimpse of all his comrades being by side. It was as if they give him their strength. As the glowing entity came closer, Magus stood tall in this final moment. "This isn't my fate… I won't ever give up! Or else this was all for nothing!"

He powered up greater than ever before. Leaping towards Cell in great confidence, the great reaper released all of his doubts, fears and worries. In an instant, his shadow aura transformed into a blazing, shining supernova, overwhelming the paradox.

"What is this?!" The entity did not even see this coming, but Janus's blazing fists threw him around like a rag doll. There was nothing that Cell could do to stop him, and the mage severed the entity into two, and then blasted him into the ground that left a deep crater. Emerging from the pit was nothing but a piece of clay, broken and shattered into bits. It was all that was left of the enemy, but it molded and reformed. His body came back together within an instant. After regenerating, the ghostly faced monster became fueled in rage.

"GAHHH! You cannot defeat eternity!" He screamed in hysteria, dashing in extreme speed into the air. He was preparing to use the move of legends.

"So gods can lose their sense of rationality after all. What a shame." Janus stood in confidence, unbroken by the desperate entity.

"I should have done this in the first place. This will wipe you and this whole universe out. Nobody makes a fool out of me!" Then Cell cried out afterward by uttering out, "Kame, Hame…" As the horned beast channeled his power into Goku's stolen move, Magus mirrored the stance, creating the Shadow KameHameha wave. This was something he learned during his training with Piccolo, who was able to teach him how to focus his magic and energy into one spot.

"Alright, let's play your game, but I'm out of here after this." He spoke calmly, forming all of his power into his cupped hands.

"HAAAAAA!" echoed loudly from Super Cell, as a wave the size of a mile wide meteor plummeted downward.

"HAAAA!" the blazing reaper shouted, sending a blackened wave equal to its size. Dramatically, and as usual for the climax of the battle, it collided halfway into the heavens, brushing away the rubble, and storming the skies. The power struggle consumed all that could see, turning the realm into a blinding flash of light. A titanic sphere of an ocean blue and midnight formed and expanded drastically. The merged beams rotated around one another, holding still in the center. This was the ending of the cosmic struggle between Magus and the Entity.

"It's time I wake up from this dream, to fulfill my oath in which I've made. Crono, Goku, Gaspar, and especially you Piccolo, my brother… thank you for guiding me to this very moment. Because of love, we can overcome!" Then even more power of greater proportions blasted from Magus. It was as if his comrades were by side while he was there alone. Janus's Shadow Kamehameha wave swallowed the entity's blast, sending everything back to defeat the opposing force.

"This is all for you… my dear sister! The time of your peace, is now!" he yelled out, letting go of everything that burdened him all his life.

"Curse you! RARRRRRRGGGGGG!" the entity roared out, as his body faced total obliteration. Into the heavens and beyond, the mighty wave trailed away into a fading memory, wiping Cell out completely.

Catching for his breath, he powered down, landing into the sanctuary where Leene's bell laid still. However, the sacred ground held together during the extreme battle.

"So… that's it, I destroyed the Entity beyond Space and Time. We finally settled the score… but now, how do I escape?" he asked himself.

The great warrior took hold of his weapon, which stood in wait during the epic battle. "At least you waited patiently for my return, oh faithful blade…" he sheathed it, returning it to his grasp. After this, he took a deep breath, gazing into the setting sun. He kept his eyes up on it, knowing that it never moved an inch. "This kind of world is for eternal resting, not for the living nor the dead. I feel nothing but emptiness here, for this is no heaven… so how do I leave this plane?"

"Glad you asked." Someone answered politely.

Reforming with the "Snap!" of a finger, the paradox resurfaced again.

"Hmph…" Magus murmured.

"Indeed, you surpass my physical being. Your determination and love for her made you this strong. You give me hope in such a corrupt universe." The entity commended the reaper.

"Get me out of here… I hope I made my point clear to you, so just stay out of our lives and let us live in peace." Magus demanded.

"Hah! Very well, enjoy your 'peace'…"He prepared to send him back to the end of time. "I have no further plans of interfering with your lives, but I shall be watching you."

"Snap" went his finger, and Janus, the prince of Zeal vanished from the lifeless dream. In a moment's time, he finally arrived at time's end, with the gang there to welcome him back.

For many years of his life, Janus only understood a life of rejection, neglect, and betrayal. His father perished when he was an infant, and the mother he thought he knew became corrupted by a power beyond her or anyone's comprehension. There was only one who stayed faithfully by his side; his sister Schala was all he had, as a sister, a mother figure, and a real friend. He could not imagine a life without her, let alone a world completely alienated from his culture. Despite his struggles of being a prisoner with the mystics, his determination to destroy Lavos kept him alive. He spent all those years waiting patiently for that opportunity to save the one who cared for him, and even though he failed countless times, he never gave up hope. He met many friends and enemies on his journey, and he ventured into a world that opened his mind for the better. Despite all of this, he stayed determined to bring her peace, even if it meant killing himself in the end. After countless struggles, sacrifices and perils, Janus, Prince of the Enlightened ones overcame every obstacle that happened to stand in his way. Because of love, patience, and determination, he and his friends went to the abyss and beyond, and triumphed. These radical dreamers can finally wake up, and see that their dream can become a reality.

This epic journey isn't quite over just yet. Do not miss the concluding chapter, of Project Magus.