Chapter 2

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Jade's POV

When I first opened my eyes I saw a blinding light. My eyelids fluttered closed again and I thought about trying to lift my head but it hurt to much so I didn't even bother.

I wonder if I'm dead. The last thing I remembered was collapsing on the stage, I remembered hearing people shouting for me, Cat holding my hand and telling me it'll all be okay.

I couldn't smell anything. I could see if I open my eyes but it's to bright to tell where I am. I can't move yet but I can feel that I'm on a bed. My head hurts and there's a funny taste in my mouth. What's wrong with me?

The pain in my head gets really bad again, it really hurts. God, I wish it would just go away.

The pain spreads and my thoughts become blackness as I pass out.

When I wake up next I can hear voices. I can hear a mans voice, and a girl. I can't quite tell what they're saying cos' they're talking in a hushed tone but they sound worried.

The pain in my head has stopped, there's still a funny taste in my mouth but that I can live with.

I can feel someone holding my hand and stroking my forehead.

I open my eyes again and I see Cat sitting in a chair next to the bed I'm lying on.

'Hey,' she whispers to me, her eyes are red and puffy like she'd just been crying.

'Cat?' I just manage to croak out. She nods and picks up a glass of water off the table. She brings it to my lips, I drink it appreciatively. I look around and see that I'm in a white room,

'What's going on? Where am I?' I ask confused.

'Your in the hospital Jadey,' Cat told me solemnly.

'What's wrong with me?' I ask nervously.

Cat's POV

'What's wrong with me?' Jade asks. Well here it goes.

'Well you collapsed in class and started throwing up blood. As soon as you were taken into the ambulance you passed out. The doctor's ran some tests and they found something...' I tell her, I can't bare the break the news to her she's my best friend.

'What did they find?' Jade asks, but I stay silent. 'Cat? Tell me!' She pleads.

'They found a tumor in your stomach. You've got leukaemia.' I tell her and tears form in my eyes again. The look on her face is heartbreaking, she's not crying but I know on the inside she is falling apart.

'How long have I been out?' She asks,

'About three days, your dad's still on his business trip and when I called your mom, she didn't answer. The doctor's let me ride in the ambulance and I'e stayed with you ever since. I only left to get you a bag of clothes and some of your scissors.'

'Thanks Cat. I owe you one.' She says,

'It's not just me though. Andre's been here all theough visiting hours and Robbie and Tori come after school.' I explain, biting my lip because I know she'll ask about him.

'What about Beck?' She asks with a few tears in her eyes.

'Well the doctor told us that you shouldn't be to stressed or your cancer could get worse. And at school the day after you collapsed Andre saw Beck try to kiss Tori, but she refused and punched him. He keeps trying to visit but Andre won't let him through the doors.' I finish speaking in time to see the tears start falling down her cheeks. I crawl into the bed and hug her.

'Everything's gonna work out Jadey, just you wait and see.' I say and we both eventually fall asleep.

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