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Jade's POV

I step into my house for the first time since the day I collapsed, Andre following close behind.

I kick off my boots and hang my jacket up on the coat rack. I walk into the main hallway and open the door to the living room.

As soon as I step inside I'm greeted with balloons, streamers and party poppers being popped in my face.

'SURPRISE!' Tori, Cat and Robbie shout at me, pulling me into a tight embrace.

I stand there shocked before shaking the three off me, I catch something out of the corner of my eye. It was Beck, he was awkwardly standing there with his hands in his pockets looking down at his feet.

Cat squeals and jumps up and down on the spot, her red hair bouncing around on her shoulders. 'Yey! A party!' She sings in her high-pitched voice, she tugs on my arm dragging me towards the couch. 'You can't have party without presents!'

Andre hands me a black envelope and written on the front in gold, loopy writing is 'To Jade, we hope you get well soon, lots of love, Andre, Cat, Tori and Robbie.'

When I open it up I find two tickets to 'The Big Summer Gig', the concert that had sold out five minutes after the tickets had gone on sale.

'Oh my god guys! Thank you so much.' I say, actually surprising myself at how nice I sound. A chorus of your welcomes are passed around and I get another present from Cat and Andre. A new pair of scissors with my name engraved on the blade. I hug them both then sit back and twirl the scissors around in my hand.

An awkward silence settles upon us as I spin the scissors around and around on my finger. It stays like that for a few second until someone behind me coughs. I turn around and see Beck, wow I forgot he was even here. He's holding a rectangular box wrapped in purple tissue paper.

'I, err, got you this... I-I just wanted to apologise for not visiting you and trying to kiss Tori and freaking out and generally just being a dick.' He says sadly, running his hand through his hair, a nervous habit he's always had.

'Thank you,' I say and take the box from him, when I open it I gasp. He's gotten me a beautiful necklace with a Jade stone and a silver chain. It was beautiful. 'Beck, I love it, it's beautiful!' I say and throw my arms around his neck, kissing him full on the lips.

Maybe things would get better from here on?

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