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Shawn remembered when he was 11 years old his life was changed forever. He was told he was a wizard and whisked off to another world, full of excitement and magic. Not forgetting the danger.

He wasn't always a good student, mainly he was terrible. With his eidetic memory he read all of the books beforehand so he knew everything before term even began, which really annoyed Hermione as it took her until the end of the first year to discover how he did it.

He was really good at defence against the dark arts… even though all of their professors were rubbish. The first had the dark lord in the back of his head. The second was a goon, the third was a bloody werewolf, which he didn't really mind except he missed a lot of lessons and was fired as being an endanger to the children! The forth was a death eater Barty Crouch who was using polyjuice potion to impersonate Alastor Moody, a retired auror. The fifth was Delores Umbridge, a right toad of a woman who in no way whatsoever taught actual DEFENCE against the dark arts. By the time Severus Snape became the new professor Shawn had stopped paying attention…. Unlike most who had started paying attention because of the war.

The dark Lord returned back to life, resuming his former body after taking blood from Harry Potter in the triwizard tournament. Shawn had tried to enter; he entered his name using a different school to guarantee his place. When his name was called he was so happy. People weren't surprised that genius Shawn Spencer had managed a way around the system. Unfortunately, someone else had done the same thing and Harry ad been entered too, but in his case against his will. Harry and Shawn prepared together, using Harry's invisibility cloak to spy on Hagrid to find out the first task. The tasks went well until they grabbed the port key together and was whisked off to a grave yard. A little rat of a man, Pettigrew looked at him strangely.
Both Shawn and Harry were restrained and Pettigrew used Harry's blood to resurrect his master. Harry and Shawn were forced to duel him, Harry tried hard but Shawn was quicker and knew more spells, even conjuring a snake and ordering it to attack. This stopped The Dark Lord in his tracks. Shawn was a parsel-tounge too. The dark Lord spoke to him them, asked how this was. Ordered Shawn to take the dark mark, Shawn pretended to be willing, pretended to be a traitor. Harry's face looked heartbroken at the betrayal. He received his mark and orders to take Harry back Hogwarts.

After arriving back Shawn explained he would spy for Harry. Anything to help him he would, even die for him.

Shawn had to involve himself in horrible things. As the news of the dark lord returning spread. The greater the risk began. Shawn killed people, tortured a fair few. He had too; otherwise he would be discovered as a spy. But the information he gave to Dumbledore about the Dark Lords movements saved loads of lives.

In the final battle of Hogwarts at the end of their sixth year Voldemort was temporarily defeated. Not all of the horcrux's were destroyed. Nobody celebrated, knowing that he could return at any moment. Even though dark activity was quiet. Many death eaters escaped….well pretty much all of them escaped. Only the injured ones stuck around, and they had no choice in the matter.

Unfortunately lots of people died in that battle. Harry and Fred died in the battle. As did Neville, Colin, Ginny and many others.

Shawn could barely believe it and ran. He ran away from his pain and to the comfort of his father.

"It's over dad, it's all over!" he wept. Henry embraced an arm around his son, comforting him in the only way he could.

Shawn blinked from his daze as the picture faded from his vision.

"Shawn? Gus questioned.

Shawn sighed, it was just a dream.

"You Ok buddy?" Gus asked, seeing his friend drenched in a cold sweat shivering. His face deathly pale.

"Yeah, just a dream" Shawn replied sleepily.

"You slept here?" Gus asked glancing around the psych office in amazement.

"Yeah, I was working on the case. I know who did it so we can go to the station, have a miraculous vision and collect our pay check."

"Good plan buddy"


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NEXT CHAPTER: Some one from Shawn's past comes snooping, putting Shawn's whole life at risk...