Author note: here is the epilogue thing and beginning of the sequal! yay!


Life at the station was good. Only a select few higher ups had been informed about Shawn's special status. The Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley knew, of course and so could take care of things easily. Shawn didn't quite understand why they had to be informed, nobody knew before and it was fine. Shawn guessed there were legal complications from having a small group of muggles know how about his magic….and the entire of the wizarding society. Ooops. Well it wasn't exactly his fault.

It had been a number of weeks since Ginny had had been arrested and taken to Azkaban. Shawn had a hard time getting over it. He just couldn't believe that Ginny had been so possessed to take action herself. Killing death eaters just for bearing the mark. Shawn thought this to be unfair. And, after all that effort to get rid of the dark mark on his arm, the mark returned when he regrew it. Several of the death eaters he knew to be under the imperious curse, several had been blackmailed into obeying him and many of these were now dead. By Ginny's hand.

Of course, several of them did deserve to die. Shawn knew from experience the things that death eaters were forced to do and most did enjoy doing. He remembered them vividly as he was forced to do despicable acts too, just to avoid raising suspicion so he could use the information he gathered to help the Order of the Phoenix. In order to help Harry.

Few interesting cases had happened since the DE case as it was now being referred to. It had been linked that the black skull like tattoos and engraved letters DE stood for death eaters. Showing that they are members of this group. However no one knew how the words were discovered. It had been mentioned around the station when George had visited and people had luckily forgotten when they heard it and who they heard it by. Very lucky. Shawn suspected it was George yet he hadn't seen him since the….since Ginny happened.

Magic had been more active around the station since Shawn had been given the say so. Suddenly pineapples never seemed to run out, Lassiter's pens always went missing…. Just when he needed them most. Shawn almost let the whole station know at one point. Buzz was running along the corridor, he turned to answer someone's question. About the run into a cleaning bucket Shawn made a quick decision. Either he could move the bucket out of the way or….move Buzz. He chose the latter option. It succeeded without anyone noticing except Buzz of course. But as Buzz already knew he just nodded his head in a way of thanks and continued running.

Shawn was already thinking of ways he could "accio" objects and make it seem like the spirits were talking to him. Perhaps he could convince Peeves to come to the station, they were always good friends. Shawn missed their mischief.

Altogether though Shawn was very happy. Lassiter had forgiven him and so the people closest to him had accepted him for who he was. A fake psychic, a wizard and terrible Cluedo player as Lassie was currently finding out.

"Shawn the victim can't be the murderer!" Lassie said.

"Of course he can" Shawn reasoned, "It was suicide, he was very depressed"

Lassie shook his head smiling. Shawn cracked a grin and they both laughed.

"You completely change the meaning of a bored game Shawn" Lassiter told him.

Shawn just grinned in response and kissed him.

"I know" he whispered seductively. About to pounce, Shawn groaned internally when Lassiter's mobile phone went off.

The look in Lassiter eyes made Shawn know that he wanted to answer it. After all, work was very important to him.

"It's fine" Shawn told him.

Lassiter sighed in relief and dug in his pocket for his mobile phone.

"Lassiter here" he spoke as he answered.

"Yes…. Ok….We'll be there….See you soon…yes…bye" Lassiter stuttered. Shawn watched with fascination as his boyfriends face responded to what was being said. His eyes twinkling.

Sounded like there was another case.

Lassiter hung up the phone and turned to Shawn, "The Chief-"

Shawn held up the car keys with a smile.

"Let's go" Shawn announced.

Lassiter smiled before grabbing the keys out of Shawn's hand murmuring, "I'm driving".

Author note: yeah, i know it is rediculously short. and probably has many spelling errors. I just looked over this story earlier and though i feel like i should write a bit more.

This shall be the start of the sequal. I am gonna just keep it as one story and so just continue this one, instead of creating another story and naming it...? I could not think of a name. In mY word doc, it is named: "sequal to betrayal". I know... original.