The Assignment:

Background: This is after Somalia, sometime after Good Cop Bad Cop (Lets say 5 months after they rescued her). Gibbs does not have any sort of girlfriend. McGee and Abby are dating (secretly). This is a Callen/Ziva story. Gibbs is the fatherly figure to Ziva (I love their interactions in the TV show and I love their relationship so lots of that too). So Gibbs will be in it a lot as well.

Summary: Vance calls Ziva and has a special assignment that takes her to LA to visit the NCIS LA, where she then assists on a case.

AN: This is a Ziva story, so Gibbs' team will have a case but my story isn't going to follow that one. Also, I put the times for both places just to make things easier to know around the time of day

Phone Call: Italics

Chapter 1: The Case

Washington D.C.—Ziva's apartment 4:50 am (D.C) 1:50 am (LA)

Ziva woke up gasping after another chilling dream had startled her awake. God I really need to get a handle on these dreams. She thought. She had been having nightmares about Somalia ever since Gibbs, Tony and Tim had rescued her from Saleem. Ziva sighed knowing she wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. She looked at her clock. 4:50 Am. Two hours before she needed to get ready to head into work. Ziva got up and started to put on her jogging clothes thinking that she could run an extra ten miles today before work, when all of a sudden her phone rang.

"David". She answered sharply

Hello Agent David, this is Director Vance

"Shalom Director"

Shalom. I have an assignment for you.

"What sort of assignment?"

There's a case in LA that needs your expertise

"So you want me to go to NCIS LA OSP and help out on case?"


"Do they know you are asking me?"

I was planning on calling Callen as soon as you give me an answer.

"You do realize its 2 AM over there?" (AN: Time diff, is DC is 3 hours ahead of LA)

Yes I was going to call him at 9

"Oh I see… so can you tell me which of my 'expertise' will be needed?"

We are going to need your Mossad skills, not torture, but that may be helpful with our case because one of the victims was tortured.

"Are they alive?"

One is and I thought…well I thought you would be better connecting with her than anyone else

"Okay I'll accept."

Good. This needs to be kept quiet, I'll call you into my office later this morning to give you your flight plans and the stuff you will need. Pack your bags and have them ready and in your car for when you go to work today.

"Of course director. Shalom"


Ziva sighed. This was going to be a hard mission if she was going to have to relate to a tortured victim. She figured that wasn't all she was going to be needed for though, Vance had been very vague on the phone. She went outside for a jog, and when she came back she packed up her clothes that she needed, making sure to pack a couple of dresses in case she needed it for undercover work. And then got in her car and headed to the Navy Yard.

Washington D.C.—Navy Yard 9:00 am (DC) 6:00 am (LA)

"Morning Ziva" said McGee making his way into the bullpen. He headed downstairs to see Abby.

"Hey Abbs" McGee said smiling as he kissed his girlfriend before looking at what she was working on.

"Hey Timmy."

"What are you working on?"

"Oh I'm not working on anything, I'm messaging with my friend from OSP…ya know Office of Special Projects in LA. (NCIS LA). Well anyway he said that they are working on a case that has to do with torture, isn't that horrible?"

"Yeah it is Abbs"

"Anyway I need to get back upstairs Tony will be coming in soon and I need to get to work. See ya later" He said and then left, not before kissing her again.

At 9:15 Tony came strolling into the building

"Hey McGoo! I need you to fix my phone for me."

"Tony how many times have I told you to not call me that?"

"Why not Probie?"

Before McGee could answer however Gibbs briskly walked through the bullpen and headed to his desk.

"Gear Up! Dead Marine in Quantico" Everyone started grabbing their gear except Ziva.

"Come on Ziva we haven't got all day."

"Actually Gibbs I need to talk to you and Agent David, my office" Vance said, before turning and heading back up the catwalk and into his office.

"Go we'll meet you there" said Gibbs as he and Ziva headed up the stairs.

Gibbs' gut knew that something was up but he couldn't figure out what it was yet.

"Take a seat" Vance said. However, both Gibbs, and Ziva remained standing. Vance sighed inwardly and then passed each o f them a file. They opened it and started to read.

"Last week NCIS OSP in LA got wind of a serial killer who tortured their victims before killing them. Callen and his team are reaching dead ends everywhere, their suspects are all members of the same mosque, but they refuse to speak to them. They want someone who is Jewish, and someone who can speak Hebrew. Which is where Agent David comes in, David, you will be going to talk to the suspects, along with talking to the one victim who managed to somehow escape her captors. She won't speak to anyone, and we think you may be able to help with that also. Your flight leaves in one hour, Joe here (Vance pointed to his driver) will take you to the airport when I am done briefing you two. Any questions?"

"Yeah I have a question, why do you think you can just take a member of my team?" thundered Gibbs

"She already agreed Gibbs" said Vance

"Give us a minute" Vance nodded and then Joe and him exited the room giving them some space.

"You sure you're up for this Ziver? It's going to bring back a lot of memories…"

"I know Gibbs, but I feel like I need to do this, plus it will be good for me yes?" she said

"Fine, but I want reports; call me every three hours so I know you're okay. If there's something going on in your case that's making you edgy, call me no matter what time alright? Like when you first came back okay?" Gibbs' mind drifted to his long conversations with Ziva in his basement after she was rescued from Somalia, and how he helped her through it. He knew she was still having problems sleeping though.

"Okay" Ziva said

"Hey I mean it I wanna hear from you every three; otherwise I'll come down to LA myself. I've known Callen for years, longer than I've known you, he's a good man, and you can trust him alright. Be safe"

"I will Gibbs. Thank you… Tell Tony, Tim, Abby and Ducky that I'll see them when I get back"

"Will do. Call me when you land okay?"


Gibbs kissed Ziva on the temple and then Ziva and Gibbs headed out of Vance's office, and Joe took her to the airport where she got on a plane that would take her to LA to meet Callen and his team.

Authors Note:

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